Steemit Is Changing - How It Affects You

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Steemit is changing...

A small change just happened.
A bigger change comes soon.
The future of Steemit gets crazy

Press Play For Max Steemit Info
Enjoy The Vid

Part 1
We had a small change. The views tally is gone. It wasn't counting correctly so it's gone until it's updated.
This will also help the Steemit site run better.

Part 2
Changes on the horizon.
Hard Fork 20. It seems to be centered around bringing new users on board.
They will streamline the signup and allow us to invite other users. Here comes grandma.

Could hard for 20 be when we see communities? That would be cool, but I haven't heard a timeline yet.
Communities would be like Reddit subreddits. Imagine how that would work on Steemit.

Part 3:
Lets go into the future.
1st We need to understand Ned's vision.
Crypto as a human algorithm to sort the best content to the top. That is the goal.

Currently we use a stake weighted voting system. People who have more tokens have a higher vote. This was supposed to benefit the best content.

Does the current stake weighted voting bring the best content to the top?
Here's a quote from Ned,
"With Steem we didn't quit find that was the case. To truly realize a future where cryptocurrency helps us identify great infromation we need to leverage not "stake-weighted" voting, but "account-based" voting. 1 person, 1 vote. It's much more democratic that way. That in combination with super linear rewards curve.

The wording is subtle. This is just a general direction. We won't see a big change in vote weight, but we see many small changes over time that push toward this account-based style.
This is one benefit of SMT's. Steemit Inc will have hundreds of experiments they can learn from as new apps launch and tweak their own systems on Steem.

There are far more details in the video. Go back and press play if this piqued your interest. What does your Steem future hold?

Bottom Rocker. Me and Ned.jpg


Sometime i feel its better to have the same steem power to everyone.. no whale no minnow anymore..

No one should beg for votes. No one should pay for votes.

Everyone should really value their votes for good content.

Here who has more wins more.. though some contents are really good not getting even a single vote.
Though i joined todayto steemit i should get paid for good content.

Making Repo with followers shouldhappen in a sec.
I wish ned should read my comment atleast.


Great update. Thank you.
Steemit just keeps getting better.
I don't care that it's not perfect... I care that they keep working on it.
And they do! It's a great place to be.

Just when I thought I was understanding how the weighted voting system worked. :) Well I suppose this will be better, but I guess we will have to see as it is implemented.

favours those who have been steeming on the longest -- is this not inherently age-ist?
discriminates against new users, or subtly encourages them to steem harder (in my experience) 😌

yeah, its rather a popularity contest, but with a user base of 60k daily users, those that create amazing content will have no problem standing out.
My fear here is that it might shift the balance from "how good your content is" to "how many people know you"

Funny how those "fixes" are like trying to fix old fix one leak and another pops up.

It isn't about quality, it is about engagement and networking. It is a social media platform, not an Author's guild.

Very well said. Unless you have spent the last year becoming part of the Authors Guild, but I think you are right.

I can’t work it out, even the different tokens, SBD , power down; what’s the best way to use them?

I agree man! What a time to be on Steemit!

thật tuyệt khi steemit vẫn hoạt động và tạo thu nhập cho rất nhiều người.

I agree with you all but I am very curious about seeing how will fix the leverage, not "stake-weighted" voting, but "account-based" voting. 1 person, 1 vote. It's much more democratic that way. That in combination with superlinear rewards curve...

1 person 1 vote is what I don't understand

for making impact, decissions...

right, we can't expect to be perfect but a work in progress, steemit is still just a baby compared to other platforms, and they are still working on better those other platforms as well, but steemit has way much more to offer IMO

Hello good contribution, I am new in this wonderful world steemit from Venezuela I give a greeting thanks to your post to enrich the new people :)

the way to the future is forward. we must keep moving forward. steemit i think is one of the vessels that can take us there.

it should be like this

Does the current stake weighted voting bring the best content to the top?
Here's a quote from Ned,
"With Steem we didn't quit find that was the case. To truly realize a future where cryptocurrency helps us identify great infromation we need to leverage not "stake-weighted" voting, but "account-based" voting. 1 person, 1 vote. It's much more democratic that way. That in combination with super linear rewards curve.


Indeed it is getting better thanks to the people behind it and to all steemians

The truth that since steemit entered had undergone some changes but are already becoming more drastic, clear for a welfare to the community.

Im just a starting steemer, If you guys could check out my post about my friend who was robbed at gunpoint for crypto, that would be awesome! thank you!

Clickbait pro.

It was only a matter of time before Buzzfeed and fake news invaded Steemit lol

It seems a pretty interesting solution to the current problem. Unlike, some of us are thinking, inflationary systems is not always adherence to the value of the system.

Ok so devs have taken a step in the right direction to help curb some of the foolishness, but we still have a VERY long way to go.

How sure are you about that. Right now I don't think anything is happening about weighted voting, maybe soon.
please tell me am so wrong and it will make my weekend.

You should watch the video in the post, it explains.

ive been here since day 1 almost, i love changes

Hey @happymoneyman, thanks for the video!

Would you mind sharing the source of @ned's quote from Korea? Do you have a video link or something? It's interesting to know that he considers an account-based voting system for steemit, I don't think this has been mentioned before in the communication with this community.

Actually the vision that was defined for Steem in the very beginnings was this one here:

Steem was created to return value to those who create value. [Keynote Speech Ned Scott Steemfest Amsterdam 2016]

Now on one hand that refers to content creators (as you perfectly mentioned in the video), but on the other hand it also includes the curators who provide their valuable attention.

So the vision wouldn't just be to sort or organize content (bring the best to the top as you said), but to create a self-sufficient eco-system where value is created and evaluated through the members of the community.

With excessive vote buying that vision has been currupted lately, since attention doesn't necessarily have to be earned (through value creation) but can be easily bought now.

Steem actually aims to be the modern version of local communities we all know from real life - where one can meet and interact with like-minded people. In contrast to centralized systems, the value that's brought into the network by the members of the community, doesn't belong to one single account who runs the network but to all participants - and is then distributed among those who contribute most.

Lately, we've distanced ourselves a bit from the original idea of Steem. While value creation, community building and the overall growth of the network were the main ambitions of Steem in the first year. Now personal financial benefit, immediate return and inflated follower statistics seem to be trending.

I by myself believe that only organic growth is sustainable growth, and that we need to be careful to not become one of these unsubstantial platforms where no real social interaction is taking place anymore.

If I had to define one single goal for Steem in 2018 then it would be: retention. The user experience is the single most important KPI for a social network - whether it's decentralized or not.

Enjoy Yosemite @happymoneyman!!! I'm a bit jealous now. Was there for the last time at the age of 5 and loved it :-))

Hey @surfermarly.

I think this video is what you're looking for.

Personally, I have a strange feeling much of what was said has been misconstrued and people are jumping to conclusions.

I'm looking at the SP I earned. I can't see why Steemit Inc. would want to make that worthless. So I'm guessing, maybe the most organically popular to the point of trending post could have $2 worth of rewards next to it, but since it received 10000 votes, it sits in the number one slot. That would solve many problems(at least in the reward pool department). These folks could then spend $1000 for their 5 votes and stay at the bottom and from there they can stop misleading other members into thinking they are popular and good at what they do.

People seem worried about abuse but imagine if someone made 10000 accounts just so they could trend every post while their post only has $10 beside it. They could just sit there and look foolish. It would be incredibly easy to figure out if someone is using a trail of sock puppet accounts. We wouldn't have to sit around arguing about whether or not that member is exploiting the system because it would be painfully obvious. And their rewards would be much easier to flag away. They'd be left with one option. Organic growth.

I'm not saying this is how it's going to be. I'm saying that's how it could be. A wild guess. A shot in the dark. We wouldn't have to be guessing if these communications were clear.

Clear communications would relieve a huge pain point for the community. I should have to watch a 2 hour talk that is half in Korean for a 30 second quote about Steemit Inc's vision. Agreed

I think there are a lot of solutions on the board for blockchain identity that may help with the multiple sock puppet account. It will be really interesting to hear how they solve for that. It will need to be addressed or it won't make sense.

Moving from one experiment to the next just means leaving old problems behind and creating new ones. The issues many face now could be easily solved by placing posts like yours(don't take it personally) into the promoted tab when the use of these bots is detected. Then make the self vote something that can't contribute towards trending status. Those tiny changes would help push all of the organically popular content to the top. Something so simple yet seemingly unimaginable to so many. The common sense approach. Your post here today would be marked as an advertisement/paid programming. The high value self voted content would lose it's automatic advantage over everyone else, and from there everyone is given an even playing field. From the wealthiest to the poorest, it would be the content coming first, not the bank account or the false image presented when one purchases their fame.

The issues many face now could be easily solved by placing posts like yours(don't take it personally) into the promoted tab when the use of these bots is detected.

That would be indeed an excellent solution.

Ned gives a talk in the beginning and then speaks a panel for quite a while. It's great info. I used the 10 second skip ahead button a lot to get to the english parts.

Yea, I was really interested to hear him talk about his vision. He answered a lot of questions I had in my own mind for the future or Steemit. He also mentioned the "super linear rewards curve" This lines up to your good point about being rewarded as curators. It sounds like it will be shifting towards rewarding people who vote on content first, get the biggest reward.
Now some speculation:
I would guess that the number of votes per day would need a cap. Let's just say 10 votes per day per account. Then curators would need to be careful to only vote on the very best content. If they were using bots, their bot may waste the 10 votes on sub-par content. So real curators would have an incentive.

I love the analogy of "local communities". It's true. I interact with people on Steemit, who I would want to be around in the real world. That's definitely different from my Twitter account. It's a special thing about Steemit that shouldn't be lost. Ned's north star seems to be curating content with cryptocurrency incentives. His main goal is to find a way to sort the best content towards the top. He will keep tweaking the algo to make that happen.

You make a great point that retention is a big part of it. I was recently a little discouraged with the overall state of the platform. I felt the shift you mentioned away from community, content, and curation and towards gaming the system. I would imagine a lot of others felt the same. I've been more optimistic lately because the community stepped up and slowed the spam. It's constantly changing. I'm happy to know Ned's vision and that he's going to continue to tweak Steem to help it thrive. It was really interesting to hear him talk about the SMT's as an experiment ground for changes we may use on Steemit someday.

Yosemite was wonderful. I did ice water dips in crystal clear ponds under waterfalls. I just freaking loved it. That place is stunning. Nature and moving water is energizing for the soul as you know very well @surfermarly Cheers

And I’m happy to be part of it through the change and can’t wait to see what more is to come

That's right. We're really lucky to be a part of Steemit in general. It will be interesting to see how it changes.

i'm always interested in seeing new implementations...not just how they work but how they are recieved by the community.
Until then I'm just going to keep on grinding.
Steem on!

for sure. Just enjoy the ride. We're breaking ground. It won't be perfect, but that's the point. Keep grinding, keep learning.

As others have already stated, if account based voting means that all votes are equal, then those with multiple accounts will have the power bias. Currently, accounts can be bought - so we will just see a shift in the way that manipulation of the system takes place (many more accounts).

If the new onboarding system includes a strong form of identity verification then this problem maybe lessened, but it seems impractical to me currently.

I know there are some strong blockchain identity solutions out there. Hopefully Steem can use them to combat the issue. Definitely a work in progress

i like the idea of bringing the best content at the top, but it depends of who are curators and who are the readers who decide what is a good content, because everybody has an opinion, so this could influence the future of steemit , we need to choose who are the right curators and the readers because this could bring to another issue like censorship.

Great video, the world of crypto can be a confusing one so much thanks for helping to shead some light on the future.

All these could push steemit to a new height. Looking forward to these being implemented.

Thanks for the details, maybe I should check more trending pages for steemit development and other info, hmmm.

Great video @happymoneyman very informative! Thank you for sharing and im excited for the new changes to come!

@joeparys big shout out to you. Your Steemit Udemy course helped me a lot

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Cada día veo que hay nuevas funciones, nuevas actualizaciones, cada vez mejor el servidor, con esto se esta mejorando para ser la mejor red social del mundo, y quitaremos el lugar de facebook y youtube por que ya veo las herramientas en el Steemit Projet, gracias stemit

The major incentive to invest in Steem Power will disappear with with account based voting. This will likely make me power down and look for other opportunities to invest in myself and my community. However, I’m not sure Ned has plans of changing Steemit, I believe he’s laying out more options for those who are against stake weight voting via SMTs. Ned wants other great STEEM based sites to give options to those who see value in one account one vote. There is room for both philosophies on the Steem blockchain. Also, has over 1mil accounts and already uses one account one vote method. If you hate Steemit I suggest would be a place for you for the time being. Sure it’s not built on the STEEM blockchain, but who cares when you’re not investing in the actual platform, and you’re just looking to get the most “fair” payouts from other people’s investments.

wow, smt's can bring steemit to another level

Thanks for this great update

I'm not sure that I get that 1 person 1 vote. So we would only have a vote per day? If so, that's the worst thing they can do.

#1 everyone would be only voting for themselves
#2 bot accounts and trails would abuse this
#3 this is generally a bad idea

Would be great to finally see something added though. Waiting for hf20 for the past 8 months now

I thought the 1 person one vote is per post

Don't think so, that would mean you have unlimited votes, wouldn't it?

Hmmm, yes....

I would guess each account would have a capped amount of votes per day. Let's just guess everyone has 10 votes per day. Use them wisely. That make work...

shit idea that abusers would take advantage off, imo. the current system would be good if everyone wasn't circle jerking.

This is what I am thinking too. The upvote bid bots that use multiple people will become really popular, more so than ever.

Wow, congratulations on over $1,000 payout! May it hit $2K with Steem's ever growing price ;) Ned's a pretty cool chap


Great news! Waiting for the HF20!...:)...

Good to hear changes are on the way. 2018 will be the year crypto shakes out the winners from those that are left behind.

abosolutey. This will be a huge year to see if Steemit can stay ahead of the curve

steemit bitshares and eos is my choice for the next bull market

yayyy that shit is nice 😎

Is there a official date for this hard fork please?

Let me just play devils advocate here. If votes aren't not based on account value and instead on 1 vote per account, then what is the point of having or holding SP? Wouldn't this take the true intrinsic value away from Steem? If the developers are actually considering this, we should have a massive vote in or against favor. I think it's great that we are constantly innovating and improving Steemit, but I'm concerned one bad move could destroy the blockchain.

Thank you for informative post @happymonyman 😎

Looking forward to HardFork 20 😀

very exiting days in the community. Thanks for a superb post about the future of Steemit.

How do you think the SMT will affect the steem and sbd? Will steem and sbd work as a "fuel" or will it be kept seperate?

To the future!!!

Thanks for the heads up! STEEM has a very bright future!

Beautiful presentation. Steemit is amazing opportunity for all of us. Steemit rocks.

"Apone I want you to lay down a suppressing fire with the incinerators and fall back by squads to the APC"

Great job on the video! Great info! Thanks for helping to keep us informed. The SMT's sound confusing to me but hopefully they help out the platform.

Nice video.... small changed for a Fork, but i think thats how it is

I'm so incredibly excited for Steem's future :)

Hopefully this will help the payout of posts with high number of voters and low payout.

However this will almost certainly create a necessity for resteem bots in order to get a high number of people to see posts.

Steemit is growing better and better!

steemit will over take social media platforms it is just a matter of time

this platform is so young and it's already my favorite place on the net, it's nice reading that steemit inc ill continue to upgrade it :]

Constant development requires constant change! This is positive for Steem.

Big news if they can sort out the registration process. It’s a mess right now. Once that’s streamlined this platform will have a serious chance of leading the next generation of social media. Most people don’t really like Facebook for instance, but since it’s so convenient and since so many people use it it’s still dominating. But once the issues of steemit get worked out and it starts to adopt more and more features (communities and sub threads like Reddit being and example)
It will be unstoppable!

What are the top features you (whoever’s reading this, yeah you! Lol) want to see?
My vote... an Instagram like feed for a steemit streamlined app, much like Dtube is like a video steemit.

I like your post and agree they really need to sort out the registration. It's holding us back MASSIVELY, and right now is when we should be growing and capturing people leaving FB and YT, but we aren't.
As for DTube, it stopped working for me and most people I know about a month ago. DLive is working well for me now, and most other vloggers I talk to.
And your "Instagram for Steemit" is called Steepshot :)

The ability to Que posts like tumblr!!

You can do this with steem auto!

Oh damn, I have been schooled. 😎 thanks, I’ll look into that.

And good work steemit, if so!**

** edit: 3rd party? Either way, looks cool. Have you used it?

Yeah, I haven't used that feature myself but I use their curation trial feature.

Thanks for the update.
Steemit has got a very bright future ahead.
I would like to see steem & sbd listed on binance! What is Ned doing about that?
Come on Ned put your hand in your big pocket!

Great video. Steemit is just getting better and better. We need more feature to compete against the top social network

steemit is an opportunity👍. Sharing thoughts and emotions about something then get paid for it? How great is that!!💸💸💸

Don't quite understand what this means :

To truly realize a future where cryptocurrency helps us identify great infromation we need to leverage not "stake-weighted" voting, but "account-based" voting. 1 person, 1 vote. It's much more democratic that way.

But I am all for the change - got to move on to better things right?

It means that the voting system will be much fairer. Right now its easy for people with SP to earn a few SP extra by using bidbots, and of course people are abusing it with shit content and it ends up on the top articles, drawning out everything else.
The solution of having one vote per person is fairer, but again, is easy to manipulate as anyone can go get more than one account, and then use these accounts to vote on something they wrote.

Alls fun and games when humans finally get some freedoms lol.. hope this helped?

Thank you for the explanation. That would be interesting. The rich will not get richer and there will not be poor people at steemit. Everyone with an account will be equal. That would be really good for the newbies. I will not be able to continue my series on The Analogy Between Steemit and The World"

Thx for sharing your view on that issue @movingman.
Wouldnt you be afraid that value of STEEM will drop because there will be no reason for anyone on steemit to keep his SP and most people will start powering down?

this in result will cause lose of interest within steemit community (crashing price of steem would kill this platform)

Sounds good for newbies and bad for anyone who has been here a while, or who invested here. So they are throwing the investors and content-creators under the bus, to bring on more new accounts?

My first thought was yeh that it would be shit for investers, and sure when I think about it more there will be so many new bogus accounts and the new steemit investment will be going into paying for new accounts, like, I could now say instead of buying actual steem i will start just buying accounts. Luckily i dont spend much time on laptops so this suggestion and the end result most likely wont be done by myself because I cant be fucked, BUT watch how many accounts will power down and just start turning steem into steem accounts, to be used to upvote own content..

Sounds like a clusterfuck.
On the plus side, more accounts should mean a higher steem price..

Why would more accounts mean a higher steem price, if those accounts each have 0 Steem? If Steem isn't necessary for voting, they'll just use empty accounts which can be created for free using the new lightning signups.

Maybe just the numbers from an outside invester would look appealing, to see that there was say 800,000 accounts and then it started doubling very quick, that could draw more bigtime investers in an effect the price. I cant see it lowering the value even if all those new "vote accounts" had 0 balance? unless there is a graph somewhere that says the values of wallets?

and actually there are whales already with 100s of accounts so...

Unpopular opinions

  1. I find great articiles when I look at trending. (not every one of them are amazing but there is plenty that is of interest.)

  2. 1 vote per account is a HORRIBLE idea. #Bots4Everyone

  3. People are too obsessed with trending being a perfect representation of "best quality". There are other ways to bring us the content we want.

  4. "TRENDING" is more or less just a website page with an algorithm. It can be changed easier than you think. Another site could show a different page with a different algorithm... heck you could even have a browser plugin to do stuff like that.

Great point. Then trending algo is really easy to change. They could play with just how the trending page is sorted and have a lot of impact.

Ned is the driver of the "quality content" idea. One of his main goals is to find a way to sort the best content using cryptocurrency incentives. It would be great if the steemit inc team communicated their vision very clearly with the community.

I appreciate your "unpopular" opinions. They are the only kind that are interesting. Cheers

We are giving one person one vote. I did not understand what you mean by this comment

Me neither I don't understand, could someone explain please? On vote per day?

Thanks for the update. Very useful information here. Let's hope the hard fork brings those subposts, that would help ... and speeding up the sign up is def needed. Great work guys

Thank goodness. Stake based weighting allows investors to dictate good and bad content despite no evidence or work to prove they are great curators of said content.

The folks with the biggest wallets dictating the front page is antithetical to what steemit is trying to be - a platform for everyone.

why anyone would still keep SP? everyone will start powering down and STEEM will become worthless.

will you still be on this platform knowing that your earned SBD have no value at all?

exciting & interesting

i agree with u,,,

I think having a reddit style based upvote would work better. Like if you get 500 upvotes you would still beat out someone with 100 upvotes even if their rewards were $1000 and yours were $86...although there's potential for abuse there too

That's a good point I didn't consider. Votes can be tied to the trending page and uncoupled from the gains. You could still have the gains, it just wouldn't mean a spot on the trending page. Interesting. Thanks for your idea

Thanks for updating us. It seems that Steemit is going in good direction.

always !

Do like Facebook does - count the NUMBER of users that give a vote to rank the article/post regardless of the weight value. And later on, give the voting value to the whole account. This way you're eliminating some of those dam bots that automatically vote, ranking shitty posts in no time...

100% agree with you.

I know what you're saying. Open up my hot or trending page and i got 45 memes that are shit quality anyways... i dont know im not against memes and poems and even live streams of video games but lets not forget that the whole point of Steemit is to have people who curate and that higher quality content gets seen, recognized amd becomes more of a steady constant in today's social media. I really appreciate Steemit because all of us are here for the same reasons. I thought that the bots wpuld be a good way to get ypur content on the hot or trending page so that more people would view your post amd in turn upvote amd comment.

Same thoughts here! I was thinking about it a couple days ago)

I really want to believe in Steemit, I do, and there are lots of amazing people on here and stellar content as well - but I have a somewhat hard time with the priorities being worked on - seeing features fixed that were not a negative to any user I have talked to, while seeing other features ignored that are ubiqutously a thorn in most users' eyes - namely the ability to get articles trending that are trash simply because the user can afford to do so and then get rewarded for it to incentivize even further trash promotion for profit.

You have put in the work, many other users I connect with also have, and using bots on that is fine with me (when you know you have added value through your post). Seeing though how bots don't generally check for validity of the posts they upvote we will continue to see trash floating to the surface, while heartfelt and effort-filled posts go under because the author doesn't want to or can't afford the vote buying.

Would really like to see Ned address this when we talk about an "egalitarian community" - seems to me the biggest hurdle at the moment. I also hope we do get that vote counter back and aren't set up to forget it ever existed.

cheers for your update, HF 20 has been a long time coming

I totally agree. THis is the biggest philosophical hurdle for Steemit right now. This is a brand new issue. I think Steemit knows what the goal is, but how to get there is the question.

I think with small tweaks over time we'll get closer and closer to a meritocracy. We'll see. Cheers. Thanks for your time to share an idea

When in doubt I am always willing to believe in the good in people instead of the worst case. After all, people like you and people like me are here - can't all be wrong about Steemit's intent.
Thanks man.

so, less power for the whales?

It sounds that way. Less power for whales, more power for newbies..... and with Fork 20, it sounds like there are going to be a LOT more newbies. I think Steemit is switching into hyper-growth mode.


Money mann... good talk my guy. I was watching Neds talk last night until i fell asleep 😂 ill be sure to finish it today. But im excited to see the technical growth of the platform . Quality content must be put 1st ! Have fun in Yosemite man!

Legend dookie! What's up my friend. I agree. It's all about the content

Hi @happymoneyman. You are on fire. Fantastic post & video. Thank you for sharing & insight. Really dig how the the weight voting system will change over time to account base. The willingness to evolve Steem to delivery the best possible experience to the users is fantastic. Stoked for your momentum.

Legend. good day to you my friend. I want to chat soon.
It's 4am and we're both up.
Must mean we are trying to ball hard. ahaha

I'm headed to yosemite in 2 hours. Gotta hit the pillow.

We'll talk early next week.
Cheers brotha

Will something replace weighted voting in encouraging users to hold Steem? If not, people are likely to sell off their Steem en masse, leading to a collapse of the price. After all, the reason most of us own Steem is because it allows us to generate MORE Steem.... and thereby profit from our work.

Thanks for the update. Realizing why I need to make better content one day..... I'm definitely here for the ride and believe in Steemit......

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Can someone explain me the "1 account/1 upvote" thing?
Or give me the source? Thanks!

I think the bots are a really big problem for the platform, because they just take away the organic or natural behavior of it, there are new people who post content and get 30 votes but less than a dollar, so the idea of @meonline would be great, not showing the voting value until it's past the seven days, so the content that has a mayor number of votes would be the one that gets trendy

Facebook has bots but they are not called bots. Facebook Ads are part of a revenue system. People pay for the ads to gain views on Facebook. The bots are basically programs or buttons that are powered by money. That is what the free market is all about. You want to be promoted as an artist, either find a manager or a bot. Managers try to get people to see musicians just like bots do.

I agree with you. Bot's are nothing else but Ads
without them value of steem will collapse

Agreed. Awesome.

Glad to see the leadership has true vision and plans for Steemit. That being said, it will probably be tough to find the best quality content with so many bots on Steemit.

everyday is something new on steemit. good new tho. steemit is working on becoming better every single day and thats why steemit is going to be at the top in the near future.

Whatever the change is, I think @ned and his team need to go back to drawing board to assertain whether steemit is on progressive course. There is much power in the hands of few who decides the voting pattern good content or not.
I have checked the contents of some who earn tons of valuable votes and those who barely earn a dime, it raises questions on what steemit is all about. It has been a case of minnows chasing the "Big Boys" in order to be noticed instead of of your quality contents. For a lasting sustainability let some changes be made.

We had a small change. The views tally is gone. It wasn't count

So now people cant see How much views vs How much votes? Wonderful for those who buy and sell votes huh?

Hard Fork 20.

Which was promisses to be delivered more than 6 months ago?

We need to understand Ned's vision.

How we do that If we never see or read anything about his vision?

Still a looooong way to Go my friend...

Maybe view counter was disabled because some posts earning lots of bucks had only few views which will declassify them as valuable content ;-)

Exactly, I noticed the minute it was no longer there and came to the same conclusion.

So does this mean there is going to be a big change in how the voting works in Hard fork 20?

Who knows, probably will be something mindblowing again))

I'm just a beginner so I can't tell yet my life changed because of the Steemit. I wish it will.
I have not imagine that beginning on Steemit won't be so easy, but I'm keeping going and I hope the Steemit will be more open for the new users in the future :)

Upvoted. Keep going. Thanks for coming.

You’ve provided some thought-provoking information. I hope the changes include a more intuitive publishing interface. Markdown is not intuitive, hampers creative expression and design, and impairs personal style in presentation. All of which makes for a very samey look from profile to profile. It would also be great if the posts we resteemed to support valued content could be separated from our own content in our blog feed. There needs to be a better way to communicate with respondents on our posts and people we follow as well for the site to promote the “social” aspect of this social media site.

Upvoted. Agreed, we need a RESTEEMED TAB added for and does or others have one? I'm guessing nobody has a Resteem Tab or anything like that yet.