Hots or Shots Episode 13!! With Guest @sykochica

in steemit •  8 months ago

Hey everyone!
Welcome back to another episode of
Hots or Shots!

My guest this week is the lovely

If you don't know who this amazing steemian is already, you likely live under a rock.
If you happen to be new to steemit,
I highly recommend you take a long look at her very detailed steemit guides.
You can find them here...

I can't say enough nice things about @sykochica, so I'm not even gonna try.

Without further ado, I present to you...

Hots or Shots
Episode 13
With Special Guest

"Let's Get Sauced"

Hope you all enjoyed this week's episode.
Thank you so much to all of you for your overwhelming support.
It's because of your upvotes and resteems that I'm able to make this content.
This is the most amazing online and real life community
I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

See you all next week!

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Beautiful .. Haha, good for you
Be yourself and be good
Well done, wonderful partner of you
Thanks for sharing..

I lost my shit at "Bucket, Friend?"

I had a blast on the show and it was great to be able to meet all of you face to face! Thanks for having me on! :D


You and Jonny C were one of the two first Steemians I met. Look how far you've come! awesome stuff!


I just finished listening and your kitchen is beautiful! Love every minute of this show. I should probably do it too!

WHAHHAHHAHAHA, I was hoping you would do a show with this steemian!

Oh my gawd. Two of my favorite Steempeeps. <3

That was too funny @jonny-clearwater. Her funny laugh haha

Its late gonna have to watch this tomorrow. Glad the series is kicking ass!

Really amazing episode @jonny-clearwater. Both of your people are fun and it's always great to hear a discussion among two greats. Fun with @sykochika. She's love

I had a blast on the show and it was great to be able to meet all of you face to face! Thanks for having me on! :D

Wow guys it was great, it was the first accounts that followed here are a show always know about you, my friends and I always comment on this, greeting from South America

Another great show! I enjoyed seeing @sykochica in person, especially after a few shots. :-)

Would love to be your guest

This was awesome! @sykochica is a wonderful person who does a lot of good for the community here! 😊

Ohh really nice dear.your guest is also nice.Your guest's voice is really nice.slowly.slowly.I like it.I have not see @sykochica before but I will check her profile on #steemit. I hope I will like her like you. I am also waiting for your this Episode.This is really nice episode just like other's Episodes.
Is this alcohol in glasses?


Oh it definitely was alcohol...bourbon if I remember correctly. It was pretty memorable as I'm not really much of a drinker.


I don't like drink But There are many benefits of Bourbon...
Such as

  • Weight Management
  • Fight Cancer:
  • Protecting Your Heart:
  • Battle Common Medical Issues:
    and many other

I think it very big memory because @jonny-clearwater is a great Steemian

Bet the show is going to be a blast. Looking forward to this Friday And this will surely help steemians and encourage them to post great content on steemit and also will increase the creativity levels. And awesome photography. Hope your show run like water and wish u success. Your 13 episode is really awesome great video also dear. Keep it up

Awesome steemians haha! this is hillarious

sharing a nice vedio with @sykochica
like it dear..👌👌👌

Its very good Episode I am waiting for this.Your guest is also one of the great steemian.I like her very much.
Thanks for sharing this #hot-or-shot new Episode @jonny-clearwater

@jonny-clearwater this episode is very amazing, I am also awating this episode. Her voice is very nice, I am like its voice.

She is hilarious.. Super fun... Like her voice... Thanku jhonny..

What good Episode.I was waiting your new Episode which is arrived now and which is the one of the best.I like your guest very much..
Thanks for sharing this Episoade dear @jonny-clearwater

@jonny-clearwater I had such a great time. Can't wait to see the episodes!! I see your all episodes. Thanks for share.

@jonny-clearwater thank you so much ..........I was waiting for episode-13. awesome umahhhhhhhhhhhh. love you boss.

It was definitely a "shots" kinda episode. How in the WORLD was there no slurrrrring after 10 shots?? #expert-level


Haha...I was actually really surprised the slurring didn't happen, or at least me falling off the chair.

All your episodes are good

Excellent post friend, always following your work, from #Venezuela supporting you and learning every day more with your publications ... success

Very good, @jony-clearwater.

this show is such a great time to spend time, so entertaining

Prodigy was my first internet experience too. :)
That was a great show.

Looks like a very funny videos ;) thanks for sharing

she seems really funny throughout the interview. i just have one question , is that voice real or not?


Oh yea..the voices are real! (there's more of them too.)
Luckily though I don't tend to do what they tell me, lol.

Woow well done and good work..!! Awesome steemians haha! Congratulations nice post :D..!!

Wow mantap dan lagak

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@jonny-clearwater dear ! i did wait eagerly for this episode.Well played guys.You both have done very good job.guest are always special but this guy is more than special for sure,special episode.i can't answer like that
omg. Thanks for share dear.

hello there!!!
that is really fun guys!!!!!
good luck!!!
have a good day!!!

Hots or Shots Episode 13!! With Guest @sykochica was resteemed by the @resteemmuse!

Hot shots..

Very nice post and its more likeable post from my point of viw.

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This is really interesting. I don't know a lot of Steemians outside of the @comedyopenmic crowd, so it's nice to get to know people on a more intimate level. I heard you while I was listening in on PYPT and thought I would check it out.

Good job, both of you.

*Excellent post thanks for sharing.................

Interesting, it is seen that is trained, I will review, greetings!