Hots Or Shots Episode 12 With VERY SPECIAL Guest @jacobts (This Is A Great Episode!)

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Welcome back to another episode of
Hots Or Shots

There's so much I'd like to say about my guest today, but honestly I wouldn't know where to begin.

Today's episode is one of the funniest & strangest experiences I've had on the show so far,
no surprise that my guest also fits that description perfectly.

So, without further ado, I present to you...

Hots Or Shots
Episode 12

"Let's Get Sauced"

Hope you all enjoyed this one as much as we did!

See you next week.

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I have been waiting for this episode with @jacobts to air! I think everyone that was watching it live has also been anticipating reliving that Hots or Shots shoot! He had us all cracking up!


yes i'am waiting for your next success.

I've been waiting for this one. One of the hardest things I've ever done is NOT burst into laughter, and spoil the shot, while sitting in the room during this filming. @Jacobts is an INSTANT classic - and this episode is my favorite thus far!


I'm impressed with both of your abilities to hold your liquor in the episode you did. I would have embarrassed myself.
Also Rule #1 with hot sauce: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYE!

I’ve heard quite a bit about you and your page so I finally thought I’d find you and see what’s it all about . And I’m glad I did , you now can look forward to another fan in your comments next week


Well thank you.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
New episodes every Thursday.

Nice, great information thank you ..
Glory to the Creator
Thanks for sharing..

This had me laughing so hard!! I could not have predicted any of his answers! When he touched his eye I almost lost it! Well done guys!


I was laughing my butt off the entire time! I never knew what to expect!

OMG I have been looking forward to this one! Can't wait to watch when my kids aren't around. I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of laughter! ;)


wow!! wow! wow! OMG! its great hots or shots! $$ I love it like it. oh man do not miss watch it♥♥♥♥


Okay, there are so many laugh-out-loud moments in this episode... between @jacobts wildcard answers and your responses, @jonny-clearwater, this thing is freaking legendary. Leprechauns, corkball, Giddyup! Tremors, riding an antelope... omg. Resteemed. Wish I could put a little note on the resteem telling people why they need to watch this one. So funny!

"I'm sad, but I don't know why... that one gave me feelings."
"I am a human jack-o-lantern."



One of most interesting moments on the show yet.

Well) @jonny-clearwater that was truly a funny watch ! I still have yet to see you do Shots , but the Hots certainly hits the mark !

" oooh we have words, we have wisdom !!! "

@joacobts ...... is a funny guy for sure !! lol


Watch last week's episode for some "Shots"

OMG this show lol

That was awesome. Well played. I never would have been able to do it. Shots maybe, hots, no way! That's just some good family entertainment there!


same is the case with me.i believe that i will never be able to answer like that lol
really outstanding stuff!


Appreciate your support @bozz

I love what you have here looks very professional and perfect the platform you have yourself a new follower @jonny-clearwater...

7 minutes in and I can already say this is the best episode yet! @jacobts!!! lol


It really is! We were all laughing so hard in the background. My cheeks hurt. @jacobts was an amazing guest!


This dude was off the chart Richard.
One of my favorite episodes yet.

Hots Or Shots Episode 12 !!! I was egarlywaittingggggggggggggg for the episode.. Many many thanks @jonny-clearwater and love you man.

Shots! Shots! Shots! And then hots the next morning 😂

Wow funny episode hahaha @jacobts mouth on fire lol I can imagine if you were left to move around you would have ran out....
@jonny-clearwater nice show hoping to you in Africa, Nigeria to be precise...


"I can't wait to see what comes out of your mouth later." 😂
awesome interviewer reply. Very creative show format. I think if I had to eat that spicy stuff I might be hickupping throughout the interview.

Also wanted to say Thx for welcoming me into the Discord group & 27/7 chat. The guys in there seem pretty cool. I'm looking forward to learning more from you & the gang//.


Really glad you checked it out.
Don't be a stranger in steemspeak


You've got some good stuff. And I want to learn from you as well. I've been wanting to enter the room when you're in there. I'll see if I can get in there 2moro. Keep going strong//.

Loved this show with @jacobts 😊


So did we.
The peanut gallery laughed through the whole thing.

LOVE these shows. Sure make me pee my pants!

I really loved this episode... Realistic and funny.. Awesome boss

this dude has me in stitches. His comedic timing is spot on


He was something else.

Back with a bang @jonny-clearwater.
This episode is super awesome, great personality he is. He's a funny man too. Loved this episode, thanks for sharing this episode.


Thanks for watching.

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guest are always special

thank you #jonny-clearwater sir, your post and video was a great. Today's episode is one of the funniest & strangest experiences I've had on the show so far, he had us all cracking up.

Thanks for the wonderful presentation..

Loved this episode. You doing always Good post @jonny-clearwater. I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of laughter!

Holy fuck man. You are a riot!

Nice Post

Hey buddy this is a great episode I would like to see the next one that burns friend congratulations ok I left impacted woo

Good Post!

jajaja oh my god this is very nice

@jonny-clearwater this episode is very amazing. I am fully enjoy this funny episode and I hope you will share more posts like this on steemit.


New episode every thursday

oh dear ! i did wait eagerly for this episode.Well played guys.You both have done very good job.guest are always special but this guy is more than special for sure,special episode.i can't answer like that


I really appreciate your support....but please don't flood the comments.
I flagged a couple of them to make them invisible.

Thanks for uploading, Eager to see it

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I don't write articles.
My show is pretty awesome though.


Hi Nick, I'm so sorry to message you here... but is there any update or ETA on the pixel art contest?


No worries.
Yeah, I was on the road for my show.
It will be addressed on Monday.

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