Holy Shit!! It's Hots or Shots Episode 5 with guest @curtvictorbryant

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

~Full Disclaimer~
I Use Bots
God Bless Capitalism

Now....on with the show!

Sorry for the delay, we had a last minute error that needed to be fixed and left us having to render the video all over again. Turned out we had a hot mic at the beginning of the episode. We did our best to cover it up, it clears after a few minutes.
Thanks for your patience.

My guest this week is both a new steemian, as well as a personal friend of mine.
Allow me to introduce all of you to former
Celtic Frost guitarist

Hope you enjoy!

Let's Get Sauced!

Thanks so much for watching.
See you next week!



I like your bot disclaimer above. You should put one at the beginning of each video:

The following is performed by stunt professionals in a controlled environment using strict dietary, health code and alcohol procedures and safety measures. No reproductions in full or in part should be made with out the expressed written permission of @jonny-clearwater, @flowerpowerart or Hot Or Shots Inc.

I loved it too. Had me laughing like Wall-E off the Wally.

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Wow! I would like to play one day. I do enjoy it

Although you can do what you want with your delegated power....why did you upvote this absolutely useless comment?

It's very enjoyable. I also like it.

Bed boys, bed boys... ( Bob Marley )

That was Inner Circle...

Normally do - will be fine....

I like your friend @jonny-clearwater. I like some of @curtvictorbryant answers.

I'm sure he'll fit in just fine here :)

His story about the sushi had me dying!

I like this show better and better 😉
Keep up


Really appreciate your support

Oh, shit. I almost forgot about this!

Okay, so this is the first episode of Hots or Shots I've watched (and I do not regret watching it!). I know I've seen something like this on Youtube before (quick google reveals it's a show named ''Hot Ones'' and it doesn't have the option to take shots in it :( ) but that doesn't concern me.
It also kind of reminds me of ''Getting Doug with High'' where the host smokes weed with celebrities during interviews - also a show I've enjoyed watching.


Five minutes in and the music makes me feel as if I were watching some dramatic scene in an apocalyptic movie, haha.

I have to admit I had a hard time watching through this in less sittings than five, as I had to chase after my 9-month old baby who kept crawling everywhere he's not supposed to go... leading to me missing some things you were talking about. (I did catch the ''what will be gone(?) in 10 years'' question, though!)

(Aaand now Steemit keeps being down, back up, down, back up again, whatever...)

Fuck it. I loved the show, although I couldn't really watch it whole... BUT I SHALL try and re-watch it in the future!

Thanks for letting me know about this happening under @curtvictorbryant's post, @jonny-clearwater! Keep doing your thing, it's awesome! Will definitely watch some of the interviews with other Steemit users aswell.

Hot Ones was actually my major inspiration to do this.
I love what they are doing on that show, I watch it religiously.
Really appreciate your support.
New episodes every Thursday.
Please check out the first four when you have time.
As a father of 4 I know how it is

Hot Ones is awesome, and I am glad to hear they are an inspiration to you. They are one of the few YouTube ahows I watch every one of. I love the level you took it to. ( Also wondering if you're from Clearwater on the gulf coast. but not expecting an answer lol )

Not any more.
Central Florida now

This show reminds me of that one thing, the Hot or Not thing.

Amazing dear
Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Hello there @jonny-clearwater. This is the first time I stumbled upon your show, and... wow... just wow. I must admit, I'm not a fan of metal, nor am I man enough to "hold my liquor", but I love your show! Love the setting, the atmosphere and even the background music; almost eerie how that music matched your end-times question :-)

I have a question though: can you tell us what that background music is exactly and where I can find it. Not a metal fan, but love that tune!

Thanks for some great entertainment! Upvoted, resteemed and followed.

Well done on another great episode my good friend.
Upvoted and Resteemed

Hi. Whats hots and shots basically about ?

I travel the world meeting steemians in person, to interview them and help the community get to know one another a little better

Would you come to nigeria ?? We've got tons of steemians out here

Great show, and I love the disclaimer about bots. lmao... There is a lot of upvote/bid bot hate on this platform lately and I understand why people are frustrated.. but at the same time, don't hate on us because we use the tools that are available to us. You are paying to promote your content, and it's great content so you gained a follower. If people are paying to promote shit content, they are wasting money because I'm not going to follow them or upvote just because it's "hot" or "trending." Anyways.... /rant lol

I actually had a very nicely written disclaimer.
However, assclowns will be assclowns, so I changed it.
Somewhere in the comments below, you'll see the original disclaimer I had up.
You are correct though, I have every right to use advertising tools that are available on this platform to every one of us.
I think I have something worth getting in front of as many eyes as I can.
As my audience grows my usage of bots will decline.
It's business, plain and simple.

I was facing this problem but this

is a genius, bots are part of the game and while some people "hunting" and downvotes steemit user for using bots they not understanding that the only thing they do is hurting the community and not helping

when downvoting someone who is not a whale it's hurting new user to develop their self on steemit why? because they probably can't downvote a whale and the only thing it creates is that regular users or newbies who deed some earning from their posts and want to promote their self a little( this just part of the game) getting down lower and lower in the list while whales are getting on top of the list because they have huge steempower

and those "hunters" not affecting them, they keeping using bots while newbies and other steemit authors
get their earning taking away from them because using bots.

so eventually we will see only whales on trending lists and hot section
like you said it's just a promoting your self

Some people like to just be police around here.
I just decided to be transparent about it.
I have a product and I choose to advertise it using tools that are available to absolutely everyone.
There's nothing rigged about it.

the problem is that they do not even look at your content they are bots that downvote bots it's stupid, you do a lot of hard work in your content at least take a look and value before downvoting, I guess you right some people love to feel they have a power in their hands

I don't mind....I can return the favor...I know how to blindly flag too

It will help is more earning of steemit within the community

As an anarcho-capitalist I loved this show man, seems like you guys are working pretty hard on Steemit! I wish to play this game as soon as I can, there is a reason why you guys get on the trending page (I wish that would happen to me soon...). Good night! :)

Appreciate your support

Excelente amigo @ jonny-clearwater, me gustò y disfrutè tu Post. Eres muy original!! 1000 puntos de mi parte. Estaré pendiente de mirar tus próximas publicaciones. Dios te ilumine y bendiga.

Haha, great, go capitalism, haha bots, good, Hell yeah, and good video, love the part where you talked about marriage, and you are 39 or so, and I'm 33 and not married but I know people don't really know how much they wanna or need marriage until they are in it to in it. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

Screenshot at 2018-01-05 02:01:05.png

Awesome! After watching this, I had to check your past posts to see what I had missed. I will keep an eye on your post from now on

Gracias @jonny-clearwater. Me gusta tu post. Amo la música y el escenario. Este tipo de espectáculo es mi favorito. Estaré pendiente de tus próximas publicaciones. La música es el lenguaje universal.

Very cool, and I do agree with you about the bots thing, it's a double-edge sword for sure. I'm still a bit new here, and yea, it is hard to cut through the noise and be "heard" when it's like whales vs. minnows lol

It's simply advertising as far as I'm concerned.
The bots can be a very useful tool if not abused for shitposts

Nice video. Glad how you are you using your amazing platform to give steemit.com members exposure.

I'm trying
Thanks for your support

wish you best for a new episode. thank you bro you rocks

I will drive down! For real... I plan on doing a road trip with some of my DJs. I think we have to go that way. One member of my group is @jmjson he tours with his brother in place of their father Jam Master Jay. I watched @jmjson drink 30 shots at once... LOL

I grew up on jam master j
Where you from and where you headin?
Hit me up on discord

I am originally from New York. I went to school at WVU to play football and after that I started doing events at a venue I used to own. At one of the events I met @jmjson from day one he felt like my little brother and he decided to move out to West Virginia and have me manage him. It is weird because my style of music is very rock influenced hip hop which I got from his father's group. What is weird is that we both were friends with each others cousins one town over in NY and we met at my venue hundreds of miles away in another state. lol life is weird man.

But we plan on taking a road trip with like 8 DJs in our crew down the east coast to florida hitting different states up and filming all of it for SteemIt. We are also trying to get some gigs along the way. Nothing crazy though small bar venues are more fun.

I saved your info I will hit you up when I get home, but I think your show is dope man kept me interested the whole time. Glad I found your page.

Talk to you later!

Well if any of them are on steemit too...I can probably do a couple of you.
Just hit me up when you can

We got to do this lol

YOOOO HE SAID DRAKE lol thank you...


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Great success and great questions
Well done

LOL hey Jonny....... Happy (belated) Birthday! :) and the show was really good....what does the end of time look like: Time? ....what is time?

Really..... it's amazing..... what next?????

Tune in next Thursday to find out

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How low would you like to go?
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Stay off my fucking posts.

@jonny-clearwater i do not blame you for getting upset.. he just did the same thing to me i woke up this morning and i felt like being nice so i started welcoming new people to steemit and saying that i hope they enjoy it here (because when i first joined i was happy people welcomed me) so thought id give back... meanwhile i get sworn at by that guy told that i am spamming... i'm a singer/songwriter and i really try to do things as professionally as i can here on steemit as it's my real name on the line.. and he says i'm a spammer not only that the way he goes about it is so rude.. so yeah i am angry too and i don't blame you for being angry too! ~ Melissa Kellie :)

He's the only one that's really doing the spamming.
I've now flagged him down to a 11 rep.
I have plenty more where that came from.

I hope you enjoyed it.
I have some great guests coming up.
Thanks for checking out the show, I release new episodes every Thursday

this episode is very exciting..!!!!

Wao amazing you always loot handsome

nice boss,i will waiting for next week..😊😊

Wow! I would like to play this game.

that's great,.@jonny-clearwater
I wait for the next episode, success always for you.
greetings from aceh, indonesia

Glad you enjoyed it
How's the weather over there

the weather here is hot, it's been 6 months no rain ...

I really enjoyed it. This guest make it more enjoyable.Love @curtvictorbryant

He's a fucking prick

Excellent video, enjoy this times
Have a great travel, thanks

Really nice. Perfect jocker. great work.

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definitely, quit interesting

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Now if only my wife would recognize that

You are always strong and capable. I'm sure of that. Good @jonny

Brother, all your writings are very nice. If you make me a vote then I am very good.thanks...

This rockstar forever.. 😆👍👏

It does not matter, as long as it can still be enjoyed.
welcome to steemit new friends, good luck and success continue. :)

Welcome new friend, I hope you will succeed at steemit, I love this video.

wanna play this , excellent

@jonny-clearwater Advertisement was good.

Wow I would; like to play? one day? I do enjoy it?????

keep going yo yo yo

I wait for the next episode, success is always for you.
This will help more income from steemit in the community

Wow i enjoy it after seeing your post.
I hope one day i will play this.
Thanks for such a amazing post. @jonny-clearwater

Death Metal !!

Metal pungo swallow, lage leumo pajoh situek ..

Excellent video, Thanks.

i wanna try to play :D

keep on like that brother, greetings from venezuela ... Siemre I follow your post, which I think are very good ... I love ... congratulations

Interesting title.. Hot or shot.

I think it should be helpful for us to earn more money.may this community will develop more and more

I like, very interesting post, goodjob, I will follow you, thank you

That's nice video. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for watching

I like this show better!
I will wait for the next episode.

Nice video. I never played that kind of game before with a friend. It loos like fun!

Hello @jonny-clearwater, well done friends...

I'm thinking maybe those are just water.
How do we know it's not water???

You can likely tell by the end.
My wife will confirm, she's the one that has to drive

Metal yeeeah, love it so much. Keep doing this ;)

heyy men,,, you can do desire then you follow me

I think I'll just stick with doing desire

Oh, man, the desire.

Very good show mate! I would put the music a bit lower. I was more interested in the Shots Talk =)

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Wow..what a story..this give us enjoyment..

This amazing video, can make everyone interested to see it.

Wow you find some epic people to interview!! This is a hilariously awesome concept. I'm definitely going to be following for more antics. If you are ever in Colorado I would love to be on. I was never in Celtic Frost but I play guitar and make music!! Cheers

Thansk information

Although your effort seems valiant, please keep this shit off my posts.
Thank you.


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Hi, I am a young Venezuelan, sportsman and I am new to this social network ... I follow your work very closely, and I am delighted with the potential that you show in your publications .... I will follow your post to learn and grow progressively in steemit. .. Congratulation! Keep going on

@jonny-clearwater Nice shot race boys, i would love to keep up in t hat speed.....

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Every time we publish something good to nourish myself, to know, and for that I thank you, thank you for leaving us a good contribution to grow in this ... friend of I hope you follow the successes and triumphs in your life. .. I wish you the best, from Colombia I follow you fully ...