Steemit art free to use - Round 6

in #steemit4 years ago

I did some more upvote, follow, resteem boarders plus I added in the older ones I did so it's all on one page. This round I made some pink and purple ones. If you want a color done let me know I'll put something together for next week. You can use this anyway you want it's just someone I did for the community so free of use and you don't have to give credit.

Have fun and enjoy the gifts!

followupvoteresteem 02(6).png
followupvoteresteem 02(5).png
followupvoteresteem 02(7).png

followupvoteresteem 02.png
followupvoteresteem 02(4).png
followupvoteresteem 02(3).png
followupvoteresteem 02(2).png
followupvoteresteem 02(1).png

Other Contest!

  • Bigdeej Post your favorite shot of your pet Win 2,3,5 SBD.

  • Shadowbot If you can create logos, art, banners come check this contest out, what do you have to lose! It gives 4, 10, 20 SBD to the winners!This is an ongoing contest, if we see something we like we will buy it so no limit to the shadowbot art work!

Joining shadowbot was the best thing I have done on Steemit. It helped me build up my account, get noticed, get upvotes while I post my original works all for free! Think of it as one big pool working together with the power of a whale!
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Entonces como sabes que eres menor que yo?

La edad no es más que una construcción de una percepción limitada llamada tiempo, que es solo el efecto secundario de no ver todos los aspectos dimensionales con nuestro conjunto de herramientas limitado. Un momento para ti podría ser un tiempo de vida para mí.

A usted que le gusta hacer??

Now that would be telling, wouldn't it be.

words are looking positive good art

Always welcome we are here to appreciate good work as you have

Always welcome we
Are here to appreciate
Good work as you have

                 - yourtrust

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you very much for these lovely boarders @jonbit I will look forward to using them in my posts. Have an awesome day! (U & R )

@trudeehunter you're welcome, I'm happy to help! :)

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