Art/Logo design Contest!

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Art/logo contest We are looking for a new Logo, banner, background Contest art/ Winner of Contest art the prize is either 4SBD, 20SBD, 10SBD at our discretion.

We are looking to redesign the logo completely. What it will be is up to you, if you show us something we like we will buy it and if not we wont buy it.

shadowbot contest02(1).png

Content to submit

  • Logo
  • Cover Image (for steemit and other media)
  • Background
  • Banner
  • Contest Art (Contest Announcement and Winner Announcement)
  • I know I forgot some, So feel free to make whatever you think we can use!


  • It must be your content that you made.
  • Follow and resteem the contest.
  • Submit your art in a comment below.
  • No NSFW, keep it clean.

You're the artist go and create, be free!

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I like this a lot... But maybe pink somewhere added in??? A little too much white space/grey? Just to see maybe? This is a serious contender for the prize! GREAT entry! Love to see more! Feel free to add as many as you like!

Maybe an tiny bit of orange or pink in the eye ball? I'm not sure but this is really close to being perfect! Keep it up!!!

Thanks for your good comment @shadowbot. Good to know that you liked my work. Here I show you some changes hoping that they are to your liking.


I tried to make one Logo. I would like to ask if it is qualified as a logo, is it necessary to have a robotic design on it?

Is it still open?

we are always looking for things

My proposal:

Color variation:

How can i stop shadowbot service ? There is only remove your account option . I only want shadowbot to stop using my account to upvote others .

Greetings, this is my entry to the contest

@shadowbot I see that my Pool Priority got dropped to 3.5 from around 20 I was hoping to ask if this was some error or something else.

We will review this, it appears your powering down may have contributed to the large decrease. Open a ticket in our support.

excellent, great

Cool... I'm on it.

Are we talking about 3 or 4 designs here?

  1. Logo
  2. Banner
  3. Background, &
  4. Cover Image

You can pick one to do the main one is a logo

Here are my other proposals

SHADOWBot (1).pngSHADOWBot.jpgSHADOWBot (1).jpg

This is my entry with a cool logo, dynamic, I hope you like a greeting to the whole community


Hey bro plz tell me how can biggest upvote list

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I am Pricasso most wonderful artist and here is your new shadowbot mascot ;)


The blog here

Be blessed.

PS: You asked for pink, your wish is Pricasso's desire!

Yours Always

  ·  last year (edited)

Here is my proposal

Is this something you would consider?

In some different colors