STEEM assets price ticker - Google Chrome Browser Extension

in steemit •  2 years ago

This is my little Google Chrome extension which can be useful for other people as it is for me.
Chrome Web Store link:
GitHub Source Code link:

STEEM assets price ticker (price taken from ''). Extension shows STEEM assets valued in cryptocurrencies and USD.

Values are being refreshed every 4 minutes.
You can refresh them manually by clicking extension icon.
No special chrome permissions are needed to install this extension.

At first I didn't want to make and publish it because there is another one out there which I am describing in a post below : emojis
But then I thought I need one with important properties for me (I find it very interesting that 1 SBD trades below 1$), so I actually made my own ;)

Feel free to try it and comment. Thank you!

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