How To Trade Steem and SBD on Blocktrades For Beginners [Dtube]

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Hi Steemit Community!

In this short video I show you step by step how to trade your Steem & Steem Back Dollars (SBD) on Blocktrades!

This tutorial is for New Steemit Users, so If you have been using Blocktrades and Steemit for awhile, you can skip this video!

I sincerely thank you for all of your support and look forward to seeing you in the next post!

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Thanks for watching!

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i like Blocktrades convertion of crepto
good tuto ^^

Thanks for sharing this @joeparys. Question: Is there a reason you rather use blocktrades oppose to the markets function?

Hi @jeanlucsr Great question! I use blocktrades in this tutorial for simplicity and also to help others understand how to use blocktrades to trade for other cryptos. You are 100% correct though, you can use the market and sometimes get better deals :D Great question!

Does using the market eat up bandwidth? When trying the internal market my bandwidth stayed negative, I had to close the page and let it recover over a long period of time. Maybe it was unrelated, but I wasn't doing any other network-related bandwidth-using activity, so I was certain that was the cause. You can't place an order without bandwidth!

Thanks @joeparys! Makes sense. I actually watched the video hoping you would trade some SBD to Bitcoin or an altcoin as well. But, it was still nice to see how blocktrades works, because I have never tried it (still in de early 're-invest everything into steem power fase). Market so far has been working quite well, glad to hear that is a valid option as well.

Very helpful Thank you!!!
Great video!!!
Much Crypto love!!!

Hi Joe , why did you remove your course on Skillshare? I was going to watch it!

Thanks for posting this helpful video tutorial. Still in Week 1 of Steemit, so all of these tutorials are certainly useful for a later date when I'll be trading. Thanks!

Hi joeparys
Thanks for looking at my Mexico post.
Have a nice day.

Good information , i didnt know it very well

Thanks for the information, teach me to learn steemit, help me vote, thank you

That is a very nice tutorial... But don't You think You can get better ratios and get some more in the internal STeemit market??? USually it is more profitable to get steem for sbd there than in other exchanges.

I was just wondering about how to do this and I came across this post. Thats great. Thanks 👍😁

hey, I saw your video about steemit.
I was looking for you and here I found you :)
hope we'll have a great time togather.

Hello @joeparys! Maybe I missed it, but who won the giveaway? cheers ✌🏻️

these piece of info is very useful for a learner like me..i m still learning my things thank you very much :)

blocktrades great program .one question @joeparys can u get the money back u invested in steem power ?

Thank you so much for the information @joeparys

Thank you for the usefull information :)

Really glad to see more people using Dtube. I really hope that Dtube platform will replace Youtube. Ever since I found out youtube censors videos and is against free speech I hope for its downfall

Thanks a lot for the video, it has at least given me an insight.

Thanks for the info. I probably will change it into some of the cryptocurrencies except bitcoin. I think since I looked in the Blockchain through SempterVideo, I start to love the concept of upvotes which give the creator and the consument a bit of money.

I have not enough steem. so I can not upload video via dtube. I will try that. thank you @joeparys.

I was wondering how to do this! great video!

Good info thnks

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