How To Convert Your STEEM Dollars into real USD Cash!!

in steemit •  last year

Hi Steemit Community,

Since the price of SBD has risen I am sure many of you are wondering how to convert your STEEM/SBD into real hard cash!

Well, it CAN be done :) and in this short video tutorial I take you through all of the steps! The fact that we are able to earn rewards for producing content on Steemit still amazes me :)

Watch the short video below!

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In this video I show you using my Coinbase account (since I am in the USA) but the same principles will apply if you use any other exchange :)

Thank you all very much for watching and for your support.

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great work!


you are in my list now gl


Yes, excellent! I'm starting to realize @joeparys is a pro! I just saw the post where you introduced your sister S. Parys, and now this :) I'm too knew to think much about converting to cash, but great to know I can when I'm ready. Thanks!

Thanks for the help, I'm new to steemit.

That is good effort by you as many of the steemians don't know this process yet.


I totally agree. I am new to this platform and that was definitely helpful

Right now is not a reason to move small amount of bitcoin transaction fee are very high :(


The fees are just huge so rather HODL than pay such fees!


then what is the solutions for this situation??? please advice, thanks


if you want to cash out some steem or sbd you need to avoid btc use Ethereum on exchange ;)


okay...thanks for the advice :)

CAUTION - it's stupid to convert SBD into Bitcoin. Better to ether and then to bitcoin.


Indeed you are correct :) I did Litecoin instead :)


Same here. You get the most bang for your buck converting to Ether or Litecoin. A lot of people don't know this.


Yes! I am glad I put that in this tutorial :) even though things will continue to fluctuate Litecoin / Ether are the better choices unless you really need Bitcoin


Yep! Also should be noted that Ether suffers congestion too right now, so LTC is a really smart and quick solution. BTC, ETH and IOTA (marginally) are doing very bad handling the massive participation.


Seriously man, there is NO reason to post a link to your post after EVERY single comment! That's not the right way to get exposure.


what is the rationale of this???

I love this post! That said, I have been converting my Steem and SBD to cash for the last 4-5 months.

The reason I really like posts like this one is because one of the most frequently asked questions I get when I try to get others involved in SteemIt is "Yeah sounds good and all, but how do I turn it into cash?"

A lot of people are under the impression that it can't be done yet, even folks who have been SteemIt members for quite a while!

I think this is DEFINITELY the best post on this subject that I've seen so far. Great job!

I've gone ahead and resteemed it. Hope ya don't mind :)


Thank you content king 👑 for your comment and support!! Glad the tutorial has helped and I hope it continues to help others


this is great man, i was even looking for who to teach me this, but you just saved me ,
i love this post


You are welcome glad you enjoyed!


yeah its really helpful , now i can do transaction without supervision by my friends . you did a good job

Where is the Video bro @jeoparys ?


Video is up! Sorry not sure why it didnt post :)

I know you from udemy.I'm a one of your students. Well quality came here to =) !! Thanks for being here to


Welcome!! Glad to see you made it here on Steemit and that the course helped! I’m gonna be adding more videos to the course soon 😬

awesome thanks for sharing! :) following

Thx for this information Joe! Greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for posting this tutorial. I am a newbie to Steemit and The Cryptoworld so I will need to refer back to your tutorial a few times. Yes, it is a bit overwhelming and I am sure that after a few practice runs it will become easier. I subbed to your You Tube channel earlier today and will follow you here.


Awesome thank you for all of your support sparkyscove ! More videos coming soon :)


You're welcome, AND, I did not know that LC can be purchased fractionally, now I know. Should make future exchanges move through quicker. Looking forward to your videos.

great. Thanks a lot. Following. !!

nice one the post is very useful,what off those outside europe and america like in africa


Thanks for the video! It was very helpful.

I do not sell SBD. I use my SBD to buy STEEM at Steemi "Market" and sell Steem to DOGE/LTC/ETH/DASH for lower FEES. 😊


its really great :) you are looking nice . i just came across your articles . its just wow :)


Thank You!

Totally helpful! Thanks!

That is good effort by you as many of the steemians don't know this process yet. Thank you @cryptokraze

thanks to sharing :) this inspiring me

Thanks for the head ups, this is a big help for newbie like me who still struggling on how the site works.

Great video! Im still new to the crypto wold and this gave me valuable information. thank you

Very helpful! Thank you. Although for now im just powering up!

thank you for information , it's important

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Love it except you say that you wanna convert it to REAL cash...what we've got here in Steem Dollars is still REAL!!


True :) but I think you know where I am going with this :D

Thanks man, looks like a nice presentation. I noticed you on youtube yesterday via a quick Steem search /// will check out your vid soon , peace

Very nicely created video, well done as it is so helpful!

Would you suggest any other exchange? (Europe based here..)

I am in the process of digging this information, so searching for a bit of more info prior to start :)

Thank you again, looking forward for your new content!

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I wish I had more Steem.

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 19.25% vote... I was summoned by @joeparys! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Thank you for the content...I am in the HODL boat also. Not wanting to move any thing around much at the moment. JD

I knew NOTHING about Crypto a couple months ago. I watch a video on Facebook about Steemit. It tells me you get paid for posting. I start using it. I don't earn that much but I earn SOMETHING. Then someone notices that I'm a good writer and then I end up working for this company as a writer for crypto. They start paying me in bitcoin...I start getting payments in an online wallet...Then I watch your awesome video....Then I learn how to send my SBD to my online wallet by first converting it to Litecoin on blocktrades like you showed me here...Then it gets sent to my online wallet! LOL

I am new on steemit is my first comment on this platform, watching the video I feel reassured that the currency is democratized well, I am novice, but with your explanations it seems simple. thank you for this quality work.

je suis nouveau sur steemit c est mon premier commentaire sur cette plateforme, en regardant la video je me sens rassuré que la monnaie soit démocratisé ainsi , je suis novice , mais avec vos explications ca parait simple. merci pour ce travail de qualité.

I don’t think convert my little sbd to cash because I want to use them to develop my account . However , your post will be beneficial for me a few months later . Thanks for useful post and video . Reserved .

awesome content ! thank you

Great video! I'm very new with steemit and cryptocurrency, thanks for the tutorial!

it has been a very useful sharing. Thank you for your efforts.

Welcome to Steem @joeparys. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)

I really do not understand cryptocurrency yet. But very interesting to learn how to convert SteemIt to US dollars. Now just need to start earning SteemIt! I guess that is the next thing to learn. Thanks for the info. I have upvoted and resteemed.

Hey Joe

Watched your Youtube video, when you only had 300 followers! And you inspired me to help my mom start her art page. She does really amazing work and my goal is to save her some money for her saving. If you could follow me it would be much appreciated! I Upvoted, resteemed and replied. Even watched the video to the end! Thanks a million steem!

Eureka! After watching your video, the whole process finally clicked in my brain! Thanks so much for putting this together, Joe - and while I see you already surpassed your 1K followers (congrats, by the way) I am happily follower #1,006! 😎

This is a good question, and I figured it out a while ago, but when I first startup steemit I was having a hard time answering that question.

Welcome to Steem @joeparys. Feel free to check my memes out, give me an upvote and a follow if you like my content.

Thanks a lot for this helpful video. Probably interesting for anybody that is on steemit right now.
Just have to wait until there is enough Steem so that a transaction makes sense. Keep up the good work :-)

If by real you mean fiat ... fine. But I feel like you're trying for an angle here that isn't exactly kosher.

Better tell me how to buy it or BitShares without ID drivelfication via my VISA?

Very helpful, no fluff. Something I was just getting ready to research as well. Thanks for the info. Will resteem.

Thank you Joe, just followed you since i watched some of your videos on youtube ;)


Nice post litecoin though 😉

Very wonderful piece, I'm more enlighten about Steemit since I'm a novice here. I'll sure follow you immediately.

Any suggestions on when/how much to power down if any at all?

hi, don't sell all your Steem Dollars, so the price does not drop to much ;)

Hey @joeparys thank you for this tutorial. I think the essentials from articles like this should be extracted and structured as guidelines for all Steemians. Cheers :)

Super post Joe, really helpful!

Thanks a lot for this video sir ! I 'll resteem it , so more to Know about the proccess.

Very useful information to know, especially for a newbie such as myself. Thanks for this knowledge!


follow friend -post

Great video @jeoparys, simple and straight to the point with explanatios. Upvoted!!!

Nice explanation, Joe. Pretty straight forward. May take a time or two to go through the steps to get them down. But pretty simplistic, really

wow thanks for the info

Good video man, Thanks.


Well told and written bro @joeparys , very helpful post

thanks for the info dear. Since I usually use Luno to cash out into fiat to my bank account and not in the US, i convert via blocktrades to ethereum and then sell ether to my local fiat now. I do avoid btc due to its delays and high transaction costs
Have you heard of Elyte? check out its details via my latest posts.

nice I am in you have any idea how to convert SD to Asian fiat currencies???? Thanks

very informative, this is what i was looking for, thanks

Wow. That is very interesting. I'm going to share and resteem this. Thanks for the helpful tutorial.

wow thank you! I'm new at this page and this helped me to understand a little bit more!

Thanks for the post it is super helpful!

Very helpful. Thank you. Have there been any examples of hacks/thefts from CoinBase, the way there have been for some of the other BitCoin exchanges?

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