SO Excited, Puerto Rico Cryptopia, SOL Featured in the NEW YORK TIMES

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merlin_133068149_38a91507-add0-4389-abc6-0137eab8f454-superJumbo.jpg * Credit Erika P. Rodriguez for The New York Times *

If you were to click on the link above, you would be briefed on what is currently going down in Puerto Rico, post hurricane Maria ... Brock Pierce, director of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of Block.One, responsible for getting EOS out to the masses, has taken it upon himself and several other crypto investors to buy several thousands of acres and convert the land into a "cryptopia" where cryotocurrency is the norm and smart contracts are made public!

I honestly couldnt be any more excited as I have been aware of Act 22, that allows for you to retain american citizenship and also qualify for amazing tax incentives. (4% capital gains as opposed to 49% in the US!*)

To Brock or anyone else involved personally, if you see this please, I am dying to be a helpful resource in anyway i can.. I have a lot of family in high administrative positions that could potentially make things a little easier to navigate...



When can I move there? :)

soon as you want duuuuudeeeee get with the programmmm

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I made a post about this issue, specifically dealing with the fact that Yaron Brook will be a speaker at the conference.
Why him? I don't know, he doesn't seem like the person that should speak at a crypto society conference.
Check out the post and see what I'm saying.

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