Promote Steemit by renaming Photos. My experiences.

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Hi ,

I had heard of this technique a while back when i was learning about Seo for niche sites. It is a great way for people to find your posts on google.

@jerrybanfield wrote this post recently

I have been renaming every photo i use in a post to be relevant to the post. It has amazed me how well it works! I have been top of google with some photos.
This can only be a good thing for steemit and if we all do it word is going to spread rapidly.
It really is so simple to do and the rewards are great.
I have found that being fairly specific is good for getting a good ranking on google.
Google keyword planner is also a great tool for checking your titles etc

Try it out for yourself.

Many thanks,

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this is really nice from you i like it


I have heard about it but have not read it yet! That Jerry has a post about it makes it even better because I am reading his blog anyway. I bookmarked that post to study it today!

Thanks again for sharing.

It works really well. Thanks

Imma have to check this out later. Good looking out homie.

It is great. Test it out yourself. Thanks

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