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RE: My story about Steemit for Backchannel: 'The Social Network Doling Out Millions in Ephemeral Money'

in #steemit4 years ago

Andrew thank you for publishing this aritcle on for us! Ads on Google and Facebook for your story as seen at are starting today to make sure hundreds of thousands of readers see what you wrote!


Extremely well written. This will be a classic reference piece as an article chronicling Steemit at the edge of mainstream adoption.

I wasn't aware that the "weighted voting system places greater value on votes placed by the older accounts of early Steemit adopters" though. I thought it was exclusively financial in its calculations . . . most whales were also early adopters . . . which could be what was being alluded to . . .

It does only depend on the steempower, not sure what he meant by that exactly. Reputation for instance doesn't get your more voting weight.

But we may have stumbled onto something here - working rep into a part of weight calculation might not be a bad idea. 🌞

Awesome collaboration! Great things happening from both of you!

Nice work, @jerrybanfield!

Jerry, just wanted to say thank you! You are the person who captivated my attention and introduced me to Steem. I not only am beginning to believe in Steem, but I believe in you! As a spiritual man, I believe that our generation is awakening to our power as the people, and I believe Steem is a platform that will bring this wealth change to people who care about people. You reached me, and so you are reaching many!

I agree great move steemit is growing pretty fast. 😀 😃 😄 😁 Have a wonderful day!

indeed a absolute worth reading and thank you Andrew . its high time make your eyeball busy on steemit , specially on those time people wasted on other social media. highly encouraging writing.

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