23,349 Views from Google on 1 Steem Post?

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How do we write posts that get the most views on Steemit? Will we see how 1 post got 23,349 views in 2 months because we can repeat the formula to automatically get new readers, gain new followers, and increase the value of Steem?


cryptocurrency price predictions 2017 full.jpg

Let's take a moment to celebrate an incredible fact ... 2 STEEMIT POSTS JUST TOPPED THE FORTUNE.COM ARTICLE IN GOOGLE SEARCH! This is the real power and opportunity we have here on Steemit to have our voices heard above other established websites which are stuffed full of ads and have opinions censored by editors afraid of losing advertising revenue. For those of you marketing geeks, I did the search in an incognito window to ensure I did not bias it with my own clicks ... and then I clicked again to help bias it :)

Key learning objectives

  1. Write posts with Google in mind from the beginning to build readers steadily over time.
  2. To earn more on every post, start with buying more Steem, powering it up, and upvoting our own posts combined with sharing to our existing social networks and being an avid reader of posts by other authors on Steem!
  3. Repeat with at least one post a day indefinitely while watching the results continue to snowball!

Detailed steps to make a post that gets the most views!

  1. Notice limitations in what we search for especially when an exciting opportunity comes along that is hard to learn more about or when painful problems arise in life that are really annoying and often hard to talk about or find help for. Remember exactly what steps we take in looking for help including what we search for. See what is most frustrating about the search results and imagine what could be added to make things easier. I noticed that almost no one was making clear price predictions for the cryptocurrencies that were both timely and detailed. Meanwhile, I wanted to know what other investors thought would go up and down. That led me to step 2.
  2. Vomit every single possible solution, question, problem, and consideration into one master post because Google prefers wikipedia style "one post fixes everything" search results. Google seeks to make users the most happy and tracks that by behavior on search pages. If Googlers find our post, read it, and close the tab or click links out of it, Google figures the user was satisfied. When users click back and visit more pages, and modify search results, Google assumes the user is frustrated and not finding what they are looking for. Established websites with ads and annoying formats give us a huge opportunity here to rank first easily on Google when we cram everything into one epic post because the odds of positive signals to Google are maximum! My cryptocurrency price predictions for July 2017 post is getting readers nearly every minute from Google because it has over 15,000 total words on the page. The second place post by comparison has 1478 which is less than 10%. Bigger is better on Google as long as it is quality rather than keyword stuffing.
  3. Review results and repeat! While the July cryptocurrency price predictions article was the first successful post I had on Steemit using this format, I have already done this a lot of times on https://jerrybanfield.com/blog/ where we can see hundreds of existing posts. As soon as I signed up for Steem, I switched to putting all my new blog posts only here for maximum search engine ranking. My blog still gets 20,000+ clicks a month from Google search even though I have not added anything new for months! Getting readers searching for what we write is the ideal way to build an audience online and the foundation of my strategy here on Steem!

jerrybanfield.com search analytics.jpg

Power user tricks!

  1. Make videos and then use edited transcripts to make the posts along with an embedded video! For the post I reference here, this is exactly what I did because it took me less than an hour to say everything in the post but would have taken much longer to write it. For the lowest cost, do our own transcripts. For the lowest time, hire help with transcripts and ending.
  2. Test shorter posts on many subjects to see what gets more traction combined with reading feedback from others to get new ideas. I am 20 to 50 ideas ahead of my ability to make actual posts with new ideas coming daily!
  3. Setup automatic sharing to Facebook and Twitter to get initial views and feedback as shown at ... wait let me Google that for you to show another example at https://www.google.com/search?q=steemit+facebook+twitter+auto+posting.
  4. Focus on what we are giving more than getting. While I verify my posts are getting upvotes, I spend 90% of my time on what I create. The amount earned on each post matters little compared to the master plan of building the audience which continues to guarantee even more upvotes going forward. Many of the posts I found were 10 months old that helped me get started on Steem which motivated me to write all new versions of everything they shared.
  5. Invest in Steem by selling everything else! Withdraw money from boring retirement accounts, CDs losing to inflation, cryptocurrencies speculated up with no real value, and any investments without a passion. I cashed out every single retirement account I had and only keep a prudent reserve of several months of bills in my checking accounts. EVERYTHING ELSE IS IN STEEM including all of the cryptocurrency investments I made before. Yes I realize there may be tax penalties because I paid them myself. Yes I understand if my prophecy about Steem is wrong I am going to lose all of my retirement money and all of my investment portfolio. So what? Go big before going to the grave and then start all over again! No money? Try borrowing some and explain why or do such a good job writing that whales will delegate Steem Power. Some of the top authors have huge amounts of Steem Power delegated to them which allows for an upvote that guarantees placement at the top of the hot page followed often by a spot on the trending page. Have a plan to get upvotes that is solid to help get at least $10 a post to get a return on the time invested. I prefer to upvote those that can upvote me back with the majority of my voting power while I am making a plan to assist 100 authors with very little Steem Power using my automatic upvotes.

With almost 3,000 words on this original post plus likely that many more about to come from comments, I hope we have a system here that makes it clear the exact nature of the ideal work to do here both for maximizing individual earnings and for making the great contribution to Steem! Every view I bring is a potential new follower for you and every view you bring is a potential new follower for me.

Would you work together with me to write the posts that help users the most because this is the best way I see today to accomplish our life's purpose here together of helping each other?

Jerry Banfield

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I can attest to the fact that this networking effect is real, and that means if you are in Steemit for the long haul, you can't judge your posts solely on reward amount.

Shortly after I joined Steemit, I found a post on the front page of the Bitcoin subreddit r/BTC with the same name as one of my posts. I noticed it linked to Busy.org and what, of course, turned out to be my exact post. Everyone who checked out that post from Reddit got to see the rewards system in action.

That Fortune screen shot, in particular, is very impressive. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You've enticed me to go back through my blog and check out the views.

Have a good one, Jerry.

Thank you Jason for telling us what you did after reading! If you find a post that has a surprising number of views, will you let us know in your own post?

Lifting the best of the bottom-dwelling comments up the thread with an UPvote! 😀

Promoting Steemit in most popular search engines like Google, YouTube and Facebook changes people's lives and allow you to make money for yourself along the way; what can be better?.....

i guess everyone must see this also---
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This maybe why the bump in steem accounts! Good stuff jerry!

Our collective effort in making many posts like this is definitely bringing us a lot of new accounts!

Thats a great achievement. Some of us havent got post viewed by more than 100people. Well, am hopeful that a time will come when i will achieve that. Thanks for sharing because am inspired . Resteemed

Evelyn the beauty of this strategy is that how much we make on a post does not matter that much for ranking in Google! Any of us can make a post that gets this many views in Google. It can take a LOT of attempts to get it right and the more times we get it right, the easier it gets especially with more comments!

the infographic of @amazingstas was awesome, great learning tool

@luisneira yes would have totally missed this if it were not for that! @amazingstas showed us the power of collaborating to help each other get better results!


this is a great post @jerrybanfield

Great job as always Jerry!!

Hi Jerry,

Watched your most recent youtube video just there for predictions for September. It reminded me that i opened an account here on steemit in June and due to busy work schedule hadn't logged in since i joined! Forgot how cool this platform is. Yet to blog though my first story. Downloaded my loaf wallet for litecoin earlier on today, and amazed how fast it is sending back and fourth. Tested it out using my steemit wallet, only small amount. Was just about to purchase 15 Litecoins worth of Steem as per your video but just looked at coin marketcap and Steem is up 31.58% since typing this so think i'll hang off for a day or 2 for things to settle. As think its a fairly safe bet to have both Litecoin and Steem in the wallets. Anyhow keep up your good work. Your part of the reason i got started in this. Thanks. (By the way this is also my first comment on Steemit.) :-)

John thank you for checking your account again here and commenting on this post after watching the price predictions video today!

Great work @jerrybanfield !

Well done Jerry... also really like Your most recent YouTube video crypto predictions !!

Keep the Great Work !!

Hope You're having a Good Weekend...

Cheers !!

@sacred-agent thank you very much I hope you enjoyed the weekend on your sailboat!

The things that I've been seeing is that when one begins, we're essentially just writing to experiment with our writing and marketing style. For example, I've been writing about a few topics to see which ones are most popular. Of course, cryptocurrency seems to be the most popular on Steemit. I also need to experiment with my thumbnails and my post footers. Everything to build a recognizable Steemit brand. I'm working on it. Haha


Anibal very nice signature image :)

Thank you! Haha. I'll probably modify it in the near future to make it "stand out" more. But I like it so far.


What a great post this is @jerrybanfield. Amazing work , how can you write so much so efficiently man that's great. It's your hard work that is giving you so much views, wish you more. Hope you get 50000+ views soon. Very informative post , a great help. Thank you so much friend. Have a great day ☺

@vikbuddy thank you I will be trying to hit the same category again with a new post to build on the results from the last one!

I just reached 500 followers this week and if you just stick to what you're passionate about, you can achieve great results also!

“Invest in Steem by selling everything else!” Ha ha, that’s the spirit!

We need more exposure in order to make steem a better coin

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Have a great day!

I love your post, thanks for sharing! I gave you a vote. I hope you enjoy it.

Jerry Banfield does it again! Are we surprised? Not me. Your videos are popular because you are one of the most giving people in cyberspace. You may wish to looking at putting your videos on the steemit related D-Tube site.

Source Credit: Giphy

You may already be familiar with D-Tube, but if not here is a very good article: Introducing D-Tube A Decentralized Video Platform Using Steam and IPFS authored by @heimindanger.

On behalf of myself and everyone who has learned new skills from your Blog, YouTube videos, Udemy and here on SteemIt; sending blessings, good karma and vibrations your way.

Source Credit: giphy

Thank you for sharing because I just got my first videos on DTube at https://dtube.video/c/jerrybanfield/

I saw that actually before posting this comment/reply. I am a bit ADD so just remembered watching that on D-Tube. Thank you for upvoting my comment! Best to you always.

Source Credit: giphy

Jerry, make up your mind... 1000 or 2000 per steem:).... you keep changing your mind every month or so, lol, just meesing with you! Things should get very interesting in next couple of years that is for sure and even 100USD would be great! You are doing fantastic as always! Tomas

Total Supply is 257,011,955 STEEM. The Circulating Supply 240,037,861 STEEM. So if we achieve the total supply number, will the price skyrocket?

thats a great question, i have wondered the same...

Thank you Tomas it depends how far in the future we look! $2000 might be a few years more than $1000 :)

Well the price is going up right now which is making me mad:(:(... waiting for some funds so want the price to go down, lol.... We never get what we want....

Hi Jerry - I'm letting you know I sent you links on your other post about the $10 threshold to get the DoFollow tag to be seen by google. This was in response to your question on your "self-upvoting" post.

Here it is again:

Hi Jerry - here is the post that told me about the "NoFollow" "DoFollow" information

The first comment tells you the threshold is maybe $9-$10 based on this steemer checking his own posts. I checked mine at the time (below $10) and others with $10+ and it seemed to be accurate.

Here is another post with the same information and lots of verification in the comments.

Thank you for this info - I'm good at seo, but really have not been working it here on Steemit. but that is now going to change! I'm so grateful for your help as always :)

Sharon thank you for following up about this because I was still wondering about it! I just confirmed today I can find Steemit posts with $0.00 in earnings in Google search which means all of us have an equal opportunity to succeed in Google here! I appreciate you helping me make a more informed reply here after reading the source post which does correctly state that posts on Steemit with backlinks to other websites will not help those other websites rank!

I'm still getting the NoFollow on my low paying posts. How are they ranking? Good news if correct :)

Google fitinfun and you will see your steemit profile comes up on the first page! Writing posts to rank high in Google on Steemit gives the best chance to build readers here while hoping to use Steemit to rank any other website from backlinks is not likely to produce much of a result. I work to keep everyone here in my posts!

I saw that steemit was at the top of my fitinfun results in about 1 week here! All my 6 years of work fell below fast :) This is good if I can get my individual posts to rank.

I have other platforms I'm promoting my steemit work to - esp Twitter and fb. Then, I'm linking my other stuff from my websites and amazon into here. I'm hoping this creates synergy, but I am really shooting in the dark right now.

Agree with you that people should invest in Steem (Power) and I am slowly doing so. But you said something interesting: >"No money? Try borrowing some and explain why or do such a good job writing that whales will delegate Steem Power." Do you truly believe people should borrow money to invest into Steem? I personally am not one to recommend that to others. However, I like the rest of the post and it is very helpful. I hope for you and many of us here that steem will truly be great!

Generally browsing money is not a good idea which I know from experience borrowing $50,000+ for a masters degree that has no value for my voting power in Steem today. Now if I had borrowed that and put it into Bitcoin instead ...

Wow, I applaud your commitment to this community and the guts it took to risk it all to achieve your vision!

I am a forward thinker like you and have a vision and investment plan similar to yours, but I am contemplating day trading which will provide me with consistent returns that I can put into Steemit rather than just one deposit every two weeks.

Love the message brother, can't wait until we hit that $10 milestone!

Thanks Jerry this is really cool. I have noticed if i google my name a long list of steemit post comes up, which is great. I am going to give the video thing a go too soon, been putting it off. It's easier to hide behind a keyboard with no face! I have to be creative with the content tags I suppose not really spent much time on that bit. And well done on your success too...and great blog!

@sarahewaring thank you very much for your kind feedback here and sharing your own results in Google plus resteeming this post!

Wow, that's mad. Steemit is really working for your Google SEO then?!

Yes Steemit is the best thing that ever happened to my SEO even better than Udemy!

I will applying these strategies 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

The more of us that do, the more we all benefit! Let's get steemit.com to the top 100 on Alexa at www.alexa.com/siteinfo/steemit.com

That will be hard but ya know what, lets do it :)

Jerry you are indeed a steemit evangelist...because of you I am here. When I will get rich on steemit, ( which I am sure will), because I am following your advice, I am selling some stuff in order to buy more steem to power me up and trying my best to make valuable posts, I will never forget you. I will try my best to see you and thank you, in person...God bless!

@joshvel thank you and am honored you are doing so much for us here!

Thank you for your post and all that you do for the Steemit Community. @Jerrybanfield
Here are the latest Traffic and Datas from last week.
We reached 16,17mn visitors on Steemit in July ALONE!
I would also like to point out that your campaign on Facebook probably helped us to reach these numbers as more than 44% of the Social Incoming Traffic on Steemit comes from there. Are we going to be mainstream soon? I hope :).
You will find others metrics on this Post if you have time: https://steemit.com/steemit/@vlemon/steemit-traffic-data-engagement-and-other-metrics-monthly-update

No its more content value not views. An example -If i dont like it i never vote it :)

Fantastic Jerry, I definitely would get inspirations from your posts, to get my way started with Steemit. I am confident I would as well draw in much traffic to this new digital currency platform. Came across your video via facebook, and that prompted me to join this new site... Looking forward more inspiring updates from your end in helping new "Steemites" kick-start properly their way to success. Remain Blessed Jerry.

High Self - eSteem?

you put a lot of hard work,
and expert advice into your posts.

and it certainly pays off for you, I wish I was as clever as you lol
You're a wise guy :]

We are all that clever it just feels like being a bit crazy to use it!

Ahaha , love it !:]

Invest in Steem by selling everything else!

Dammit Jerry, I can't hold your shit anymore...

I'm gonna sell all my stock and buy Steem now.

great article thanks for sharing

You do more for the steemit community than any other person on this platform, imo. You the man, Jerry, we all depend on you

Please give me a free advice to get at least 100 views per view, I am doing all that, sharing my posts in all social networks, I have about 1200 followers and I have just about 20-25 views, what I have to change ? where I can advertise posts for free ? any advice you have ?

Hi @jerrybanfield! @cardboard is sending you 0.12 SBD tip and @tipU UpVote :)

Check out the newest post from @cardboard: Bitcoin Cash: Why It Was Pumped? and follow if you like the content :)

@tipU quick guide | @tipU sharing profit guide

Dude, good job :D tip! post

I can only imagine if all these viewers had a steemit account as they have a facebook one, you would have 10k+ votes per post which would make this social network unstoppable! (And yourself rich ^^).

I wish if a post get thousand of view outside steemit should also be rewarded per mill. And the reward is 10 SBD per mil lifetime. How great was that! I'm sure all will go after quality content.

Great advice for any Steemian looking to build an audience and a great reminder to all that the initial earnings are not the end all, be all of the platform. The fact that comments remain open and that each new comment is basically a small post, which means that even old posts have the potential to continue earning through the comments of the audience.

Wow Jerry, While I am being in steem for last 3 months, the sounds pretty much delightful to me and for you so. I spent really hard time to get much view and still i am in. Getting such bunches of views take your steem to high level. I am promoting steemit here in my country while here the people are not having much interest in writing, in very less in count of people are know about steem.

Your passion for steemit and and your decision to invest all your money in steemit makes perfect sense . People diversify their investments when they are not sure about what they are doing. Thank you Jerry for confirming my conviction about diversification.

Right your post is right for getting help

Great job as always Jerry!!

Kudos for going all in with investing on steemit but I don't think that is sound advice for others. Anyway great job promoting this platform. 👍

Higher Steem Value = More Views

good post im following you

thank you jerry for the info,

i think that steemit has to find an other way to pay for the views.

not just for upvote, it will be great if steemit paying you for how many people viewed your post, beacuase there are a lot of them left without upvoting

Thank you so much, great content!!

this crazy man always make a nice post :) LOL

That's some google hacks lol

It makes sense since steemit posts can be considered as blog post as well right?

This post got $217.28 in 4 hours. The guy knows his Steem.

That's a lot..

Well done

and Keep up the good work, as always :)

These are great tips, but usually if a post is to long or a video over 20 min sometimes I'll watch 30 if it's got my interest, but short post and short videos, straight to the point are the ones I usually read , upvote and resteem.
As always, great information. THANKS!

How can you get that way?
Please teach me

***Save for later comment

Great tips Jerry! Thanks for sharing this with us. I was a little terrified hearing you had cashed out so many of your assets to invest in steemit! Though it does make sense.

yeah that's what kept me going. my posts hardly get any votes but I'm surprised to see 300-400 views on some of my posts. The site is attracting a lot of traffic that is for sure.....and once all the readers sign up Steem will fly and I might even see some votes coming my way.

Keep up the fantastic work Jerry!

great really informative jerry ban

You have a wide enough insight in the mindset and you are good at writing in story telling, I am new kid in steemit please teach and educate me so that can develop like you ... thank you for sharing with us

Will need to try optimizing my future posts for search engines.

Nice tips. Thanks :)

Great job, Jerry. I love to see Steemit rising

Well I am feeling good for voting you as a witness, coz this is how you deserve it. I will ask others too to vote for @jerrybanfield and am asking for it.
you are the one promoting Steemit on these platforms, adding value to it. Coz of you I am here and many others as well.

Merci pour l'article, j'ai pas pris le temps de le finir mais je me le mets de côté il est bien intéressant. Bonne soirée

Thanks for the info, great article!

Great posts can be useful can be an experience. Hopefully be a friend who can help me to like you ..... to dream and hope to be achieved. Like @yooraa need friend support. Best regards.

You provide us an excellent tutorial we can use to develop ourselve. Thanks a lot for this post. You are able to build the best community on Steemit.
Regard from Aceh.

Great job..thanks for sharing!

good work bro
i interested to joining as a member in yours group.

Great posts as always. Great Job Jerry. I am new on steemit and I almost read all your articles.

Best wishes ..

great post.
i interested to joining as a member in yours group.

Thanks for sharing. Many useful tips.

we need make a hard work

You are helping many users in every post, also providing an important reference about what should they know in steem also in cryptocurrency. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about that @jerrybanfield . You got my vote! :)

This has an effect to me as I write howto offgrid posts, I always ask myself will this post fade after a week? So does this mean that a good post on STEEMIT can still be seen limitless? Thanks jerry.

shit, great job o.O

We done, nice post Resteemed and following all in this thread plus upvoted

you are doing great . good work

So spend your own money to up vote yourself. sounds like that needs to be fixed

Damn dude you put so much effort into all if this, ive been following you since you made league videos and i am still following you. Good luck dude!

Jerry, you're the best marketing guy we have currently! Thank you for your hard work, truly. The SEO stuff is super important, we need Steemit posts to reach people who don't know of this place yet. Critical mass has not been achieved yet but you will be playing key part in that, I'm sure. Youtube has Pewdiepie and Steemit has you, that's the future if you get what I mean :)

thanks brother, you definitely led me into this too!! Thank You!!

Pretty comprehensive

Woah, @jerrybanfield ... thats some incredible exposure. Just goes to show how using steemit gives you the tools you need to succeed and get your message across. Great post!

Oh God!
What to say!
Keep wonder post
Upvoted for you
Keep it up dear

You really are a master at this I added you my first week here on steemit all be it 2 weeks ago because you live so close to me and I'm glad I did keep up the good work and know you have a fan in me

Great number

Really informative stuff.. I really do believe Steemit has big potential and is undervalued right now both as a social media platform and as an innovative application of blockchain technology.. I'm excited to try out your advice! Keep it up! Thanks! :D

Good post!!

Nice post Jerry it is really informative and has a lot of good ideas and tips in it. I will surely use these tips to guide myself when ever I write any post. Thank you.

Just when i was waiting for your post

Hey I found your YouTube channel yesterday and had to join Steemit. Thanks for all the wonderful info!!!

Good Post.... I like, I like!

I just realized since 2 days ago about Steem it because of you @jerrybanfield. I making my best now.

nice to meet you

Steemit is the right way to reach the objectives.

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