Cryptocurrency Price Predictions for July 2017!

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Where will the prices be for the top 50 cryptocurrencies be in a month, a year, and ten years? Here are my predications which are honestly just a complete guess because who can really know for sure? After seeing hundreds of searches for specific price predications, I am going to take a leap of faith and suggest what the prices will be in the future! If your predictions differ from mine, would you share yours in the comments or in your own detailed post because that will help me have better information? Think a specific cryptocurrency is way over or undervalued? Will you share that with us to help us sell high and buy low if we are trading?

How accurate were my predictions over the three weeks since I made them? Most critically I predicted the Steem price would be up and I bet about $30,000 on that when it was around a $1. Today the price is over $2 which is very exciting for all of us! For the rest of the predictions, with no money invested personally I made accurate predictions a little over half of the time with the Bitcoin price being up, Monero up, Litecoin way up, and most others staying the same or dropping. The biggest two places I was way wrong were in the Ethereum price which I called as way to high and certain to drop at ... $200. Today it is $350. Same error with the Dash price which topped out at a new record of almost $200 which I think is insane. I also completely missed the Bitshares blow up which might or might not have happened in connection with the Steem price rising. For my first try at predictions, not bad and clearly not perfect either!

Now, more in depth! First, for the Steem price I have my most optimistic prediction today as of June 21, 2017 I am predicting the price in another month to me up to to $3 and over $10 within a year with an eventual price of $100 to $1,000 in ten years! Why $1,000 Steem? Facebook's market capitalization is almost $500 BILLION. If Steem were to get to half of that, the price of Steem would be around $1,000.

Now, what are my price predictions for the rest of the top 50 cryptocurrencies?

Read this post or watch the original video from YouTube to find out!

Thank you very much to @gmichelbkk for converting the transcription of the YouTube video from GoTranscript into this beautiful post for Steemit, which is much faster to read than the video and has all of the highlights in screenshots!

Bitcoin (BTC)

First Bitcoin, I'm going to tackle one month, one year, and 10 year predictions that I originally made on June 3, 2017 live in the video along with adjustments made in this post almost 3 weeks later. I think that Bitcoin in the next month is likely to keep going up higher because I believe if it forks, you'll get whatever it forks into.

Right now, Bitcoin is still the top thing that is being traded back and forth. If you trade most anything, most of the time you're going to be trading Bitcoin back and forth. I think that in the short term Bitcoin is going to continue going up. I'm going to guess that Bitcoin will go over $3,000 at some point, and it may even go over $5,000 dollars in the next year.

However, over the 10-year period, I think that Bitcoin is going to be replaced by most of these other altcoins. The Bitcoin network is not up for handling global payments as it continues to scale, but many of these other ones are. I think the fork is going to knock Bitcoin out of number one and Ethereum is going to step into number one.

Ethereum (ETH)

I think that the Ethereum price in the short term might be up a little high. If you look at this recent graph of it here, it seems like it might have got a little over inflated. So I think that in the next month, it might actually go down a little bit.

WOW was I wrong on this one in the short term! It actually went up to over $400 at one point and I still think it might go down maybe even to $100 or $50 in the extreme. Realistically, a more conservative guess, it might go down to like $150 or $200 now from $350. It already did that a few days ago and I think that likely in the short term, it's going to be down.

Over the next year, I think Ethereum will continue to be strong and it may step into the number one spot. In 10 years, I think that Ethereum has a good chance to be one of the very top currencies and it could easily be worth $1,000.

Now, one thing about the Ethereum price. When you look at it you see that Bitcoin is $2,500 and Ethereum is $200, but there's a lot more Ethereum. The market cap is more of the true picture.

So, if you translate the Ethereum price to Bitcoin, it would really be $1,250 in Bitcoin terms, which is why I think the Ethereum price is a little inflated right at the moment, but for the long term, really good value. I just tested, and Ethereum is one of the fastest to buy US dollars and get it on to an exchange as well.

Ripple (XRP)

Number three, Ripple.

I think that Ripple is over inflated at the moment. However, I think that in the short term Ripple is likely to go down further which so far is accurate with the price slightly lower than when I made this prediction. It's got traded way up, there's all this excitement because the banks are using it.

However, I think that it is going to drop in the next month. I expect Ripple to go down as much as maybe 50% in the next month or several months, because it has been just blown up with hype and speculation, and there's still not a lot of true value that actually gets transacted in Ripple as far as I can see.

There's a lot of excitement and a lot of speculation, but I think it's going to have a steady down trend over the next year.

Also, as the practical reality is, banks move slow. Banks don't tend to do anything quickly and banks are going to continue to need much more time to switch over to using anything like Ripple on a regular basis.

I think that in 10 years, Ripple has a very good shot to be number two or even number one. If the banks actually go through and change what they use now to start using Ripple instead, then I think the price of Ripple could be a much higher market cap than it is today, but it's uncertain as to how many they'll actually make available.

It seems that there's a whole lot of Ripple being held that aren't being released, so that could plummet the price. But I think that as a market, Ripple has a good shot to be number one or two.

New Economy Movement (XEM)

New Economy Movement is really exciting too because it's an entire economy that satisfies everything you need. I like the supernode you can have at New Economy Movement. I think though the same thing with many of these others, NEM has just got blown up recently. I think that it's a little overclocked as well.

In the short term, I think that the price on New Economy Movement's going to drop just like most of these others. So far the price is about the same as when I made the prediction and I think out of Ethereum and Ripple NEM has some of the most potential to also go up further given the problems with the Ethereum network in handling the transactions lately and Ripple holding so much more currency in reserve. If you've looked at the data, New Economy Movement has been way lower, and now, just like most of these others it's hit this massive bubble.

Sure, lots of the traders and speculators don't want to stop trading with it yet, but I don't think it's going to hit any more of these big ups in the next year or the next one month. I think that in the long term though, it has a very good shot of being a mass adoption as well.

I think that in the long term, New Economy Movement, given the rate that it's available today, could have a good shot at being one of the top markets as well. So, I'd say a dollar is possible for NEM in 10 years easily. Still, even buying it at today's price is likely a good long term investment.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

I'm skeptical about Ethereum Classic. Now, the data looks good on Ethereum Classic because the Bitcoin price has actually been pretty high in the past. Ethereum Classic is a split off of Ethereum and has a fraction of the use of Ethereum. That said, I was clearly wrong for my initial prediction on June 3, 2017 because the ETC price is up 15% more today!

I'm skeptical as to whether this is going to hang around though, because it's just a problem of branding. You've got Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, and it's confusing. It's easy to let Ethereum Classic go in my opinion. I think that it's been just blown up lately, looking for opportunities to make money, but I believe that Ethereum Classic is going to fall off.

I don't think Ethereum Classic is going to be in the game for the long term. I think it's something that is going to die off.

I could be wrong and I've been wrong a bunch of times. I've not made more money than I have made money being wrong.

I think Ethereum Classic is going to fall off though. I'm predicting it's going down and down from here. I think this is Ethereum Classic's high and it's going to go all the way down.

If you make Ethereum Classic, I love you and I hope you prove me wrong.

Go for it.

Litecoin (LTC)

I think Litecoin has a chance. It's been around for four years and I think there is a lot of true value in Litecoin.

Litecoin is the third one adopted by Coinbase and I tend to pick up on signals from major exchanges or companies like Coinbase, which have to put their resources to research and pick one coin. They've picked Litecoin.

Litecoin's got the deepest history out of these top coins, besides Bitcoin, and it actually has a $1.1 billion market cap.

I think Litecoin has the chance in the short term to actually go up some more because it's $27 today, it's been significantly higher. This prediction I was right on as the price today is over $42! Litecoin presents an attractive opportunity to speculate and move something up. It actually hasn't moved up as much as some of the others, but if you look at the past, Litecoin got all hyped up, and then it proceeded to go down and down for years.

I think a lot of the coins will follow this path and are going to see years of down and down.

Litecoin may do better than some of the others because it has a deeper history and a longer usage. I think that in the next month the Litecoin price might go up a little bit.

I think that in the next year, Litecoin is going to hold its price better than some of the others. In 10 years, I think that Litecoin has a good chance of continuing to be used online, although I don't see it blowing up and being number one.

Stratis (STRAT)

I just learned a little bit about Stratis.

Now, I think that anything that gets blown up this fast is likely to have a hard correction. Stratis just went through being down at like 10 cents and now it's all the way up to $10 which is 100 times growth.

I think that Stratis has lots of exciting things now, but in the short term it is going to come down and down as well. I think that Stratis is going to drop easily maybe down to $5 in the next month or so. So far my prediction was right on this as well with the price at around $7 today halfway through the first month's prediction.

I would say it'll be down maybe to $2 or $3 in the next year.

In the long term, with the block chain adoption, and based on what I read in five minutes, I think it has good odds of being adopted in the way it's being used in companies.

I think Stratis has a good shot to be a long-term option for many companies to use, which gives it a good chance to go up. But again, companies don't move that fast on stuff usually. Stratis is going to need more time to have more true value.

Dash (DASH)

is so hyped up.

All my predictions for Dash are down. That's why I sold my Dash masternode. I think Dash is as hyped up as it's ever going to be.

I think Dash is way hyped up and I don't see that Dash has that many actual end users who are using it for legitimate purposes.

In my opinion, the things Dash does once were exciting, but not so exciting anymore. They have "instant transactions," but there are lots of currencies that send much faster than Dash does. Concerning the "anonymity," there are also other currencies like Monero that are being taken as the top choice on some of the places to transact illegally online.

The masternodes, the voting and the budget was an exciting feature, but I don't see that it's being used very well based on my experience participating with that. I think Dash is going down over the next month, and will continue to go down next year. So far I was way wrong on this as the Dash price went up to around $200 and is still at $187 today which completely shocks me!

I still think Dash in ten years won't be around anymore because the community will implode after some disaster such as a bunch of masternodes getting stolen which will trigger a big masternode sell off and a price drop that will never be recovered from as masternode owners invest in newer currencies. As soon as the masternodes realize that it's not going to be a long-term option and some of the masternodes want to take their money out and invest in something else, the whole thing will crumble from there. Dash is basically propped up by the 4,000+ masternodes and it's all over when the masternodes start pulling out.

Monero (XMR)

Monero, I think has a very bright future for some of the same reasons I think Dash doesn't. Monero seems to be one of the choices right now for people doing illegal services online and that's one of the things that blew Bitcoin up.

Bitcoin got blown up by people doing illegal services. Now, Monero seems like it's actually very good for serving all these illegal marketplaces because of the anonymity built in. Now, while Dash is annoying to use the anonymity features, it's very easy to use it apparently on Monero.

Monero hasn't got blown up as much as some of these others.

Now, it is up about 20 times from a year ago. It's actually been pretty strong over the last year. It has not had that much of a surge compared to a lot of these other currencies.

I think that Monero will actually hold its value or maybe go up over the next month. So far this prediction is correct over the last three weeks with the Monero price now over $50! I believe that Monero has got a strong future.

The biggest risk of Monero, like anything that is adapted too much for illegal currencies, is to be targeted by governments, which then if there's some big marketplace taken down or if the currency itself gets taken down by government, that could be a big risk in the next ten years, but I think Monero will survive that.

I think Monero's going to essentially replace Dash as the choice of an anonymous cryptocurrency at the top.

I think Monero looks good for the future.

I don't know that much about some of these other currencies that have been traded up. I think a lot of them that have just been blown up are likely to go back down, especially if they don't have that long of history. Now, Bytecoin is an exception to this.

Bytecoin (BCN)

I like Bytecoin because it's been around for years. In my opinion, online currencies that are newer present a much bigger risk than those that are older. Why? Because something like Bytecoin has been getting worked on, people have been investing in it their time, energy and money for a long time.

Currencies that are newer and just all of a sudden come out with all this hype, tend to be more of a risk. Even Steem, that I'm so pumped about, is newer relative to some of the other currencies.

I think Bytecoin might have got blown up a bit too much recently, but it has a good potential to stay up where it is which as of three weeks later is accurate.

I think most of these though that have seen this kind of growth are likely to have the down trend.

So, my predictions for most of the rest of the top 50 cryptocurrencies follow this pattern.

Total Market Capitalization

If you look, there was a huge upsurge in 2013 and then the market corrected itself and went back down. The market went down from about 15 billion down to about 4 billion over the next two years.

I think that we're into a similar period right now.

There has been a ton of excitement lately and during the last year about these currencies. I think everything pass, people get excited, it's all about cryptocurrencies now and I just can't make enough cryptocurrency videos.

But then in a few months, it will be on to something else. It will be on to whatever's next and most interesting to invest in and trade in. I think we've kind of hit a peak with some of this energy for now and a lot of the people who've made money, who have invested like me, could be looking around at things and saying, "This has gotten really high, I want to pull my money out and put it back in the bank, and hold on to my winnings."

I think that these cryptocurrencies are going to continue to have a downward trend over the next month.

Many of them may go up and down, and I'm not sure, for many of them, which ones will go up and which ones will go down. The more volatility they have, the more opportunity it gives you to both make and lose money.

So, if you just like to gamble, some of these might be fun to buy into when they go down.


One of the cryptocurrency I was interested in was PIVX, and this has just been crazy over the last three months. It's gone up, but it was over $2 at one point, then it dropped all the way down. It was down to 73 cents, now it's got blown back up to $1.64.

PIVX is so new, if you look, it's one of those currencies that's not that old. It's only been getting traded a lot recently.

The problem with these cryptocurrencies is that for so many of them, you're basically running completely on the community and the speculators. If the speculators lose interest, then it's going to be hard to maintain that energy.

Now, one of them has a very good future in my opinion and I posted a video about it yesterday.

Steem (STEEM)

Steem is a bit newer, but I think it has a chance. I don't think Steem has actually hit its peak yet.

Most of these other newer cryptocurrencies like Gnosis or Siacoin have had this unbelievable bubble. Most of them have been through something like this, where they've been around a while, and they've just got blown up all of a sudden.

Now, out of all these currencies, Steem has not got blown up the same way. I think a big part of that is Steem was massively inflating the currency. Everyone was excited about Steem after it'd been out for a few months, and then people started realizing the inflation and watched the price drop from $4 all the way down to 7 cents.

I think a lot of people are not excited or are scared of buying into Steem again. I bought into Steem when it was up in July, and then I bought in again when it was down in April.

Then I thought, "This is stupid. All this currency does is lose money," and I sold all of it. I think that's what a lot of other people have done. I think some of the early adopters have got in and bought some more Steem, but I think it still has another power curve to hit.

This is what make Steem so awesome. I haven't seen any other currency that has what you can do right here.

Steem is basically a social network made with the best of Reddit and Twitter, Facebook and Medium. It takes the best elements of those sites, where you can just make posts and make money on them.

I have not seen another currency that has anything this cool in it. I made an entire video about what I believe is the best June 2017 cryptocurrency investment, so I won't go on about that any longer.

Now, if the price of Steem gets blown up ten times like I think it's going to, then it won't be the number one investment anymore because it'll be so high.

I think that a lot of these currencies already have peaked for now and if you don't sell now, there's going to be a lot of losing money over the next few months. However, in a year and 10 years, I think the prices will continue to go higher and higher as people worldwide start to put their money into user managed currencies rather than into government based currencies.

Zcash (ZEC)

There was a ton of speculator and all this hype over Zcash last year because of its features. For cryptocurrencies, features means something, but they don't mean everything.

In my opinion, the community is everything, because it's just like real currencies or fiat currencies, the government issuing the currency is everything. In these currencies, it's all about the users actually using the currency.

Let's look how hyped up Zcash was when it first came out. Zcash was hyped up stupid. Zcash was literally like six Bitcoin.

Zcash was six Bitcoin, which was $4 000 at the time.

Zcash was crazy hyped up when it first came out, then it got down to $1,000. I was looking at it and thought, "That's stupid. It has no real value right now."

So then, what happened to Zcash?

Let's load all the data over the next several months.

The value went down, down and down.

Zcash bottomed out around $20 or $30.

At one point it was $3,000 for Zcash because it was so hyped up. Then, it was several hundred for Zcash, finally it went all the way down to $30.

Now, since then, it has made a good recovery, but it still hasn't even gotten back to where it was before in terms of the actual price to a Bitcoin. Now, Zcash was a billion dollar market cap for a little while and it has started to get close to what its market cap was before.

But still, I think that most of the top 50, not the top 10 necessarily, but most of the top 50 currencies are going to go through this same process. They're in a phase where they're going to go back down, and then many of them may go back up again.

I might be wrong, they could go straight up.

I don't know, I just guess.

Black sheep event

Now, there is one big thing though, there's the unexpected black sheep event where something happen like an exchange gets hacked, or where some government passes a law. Even Russia seems to be favorable and is going to pass a law regulating cryptocurrencies, which is really exciting.

The government seems like they're going to go forward and allow these currencies, which is a brave move on their part. At the same time, there's likely to be more hacking and black sheep events like Ethereum that had this massive DAO project which got hacked. I believe Ethereum Classic was used to let the hacker cash out and move forward. I could be wrong on that, but I think that's what I heard.

Those things will utterly be able to devastate the price of a currency. Dash has a great opportunity for that as well because of masternodes. Masternodes present a very good target for a hacker. It's not that hard to find out who has a masternode, and once you find who has the masternode you can go in. If you can figure out the exact way they're holding their masternode, especially some of these guys that have a bunch of masternodes, it presents a really lucrative target.


Because you can steal it anonymously and cash it out very easily.

So, I think that some of these black sheep events like this will totally take down and destroy some cryptocurrencies. All it take on Dash is for someone that's holding 10 or 20 masternodes to have them get stolen, and then that go out, and all of a sudden everyone unloads their masternodes and the whole currency is over with.

I think that some of these currencies are going to get hit with things like that. The way to keep yourself safe from that is just to bet the market. If you buy in a little bit to all these different currencies, then if one of them gets hit it won't knock your whole portfolio.

Going all in or diversifying?

Now, I'm currently vulnerable. If Steem gets cracked and everything falls apart on Steem, I've got about $31,000 in Steem right now.

If something happens to Steem, baby, my boat's sinking. I've got everything in Steem right now. However, I just got everything in Steem because I believe it's such a good investment.

So, it's tricky to just walk the line because if you want to make the biggest profits, it helps to be all in on something. I went all in on Dash when it was at $11, I sold at $87, as you've probably heard 80 different times by now. By going all in on that one, I made a really good profit.

Now, if I'd gone all in on Ethereum, I could have made a similar profit. Ripple, New Economy Movement, I could have made similar profits on a lot of these. I also bet the market and made a similar profit as well with several Bitcoin, which turned into several more Bitcoin.

So, if you want to protect yourself from one individual currency crashing, just buy into several different currencies. You can either, if you don't want to research and get to know and participate, buy into a bunch of them for a little bit or you could take my strategy, get to know a few that you really like, if you want to join me on Steem, you could buy into that.

I think the price is going to go to $10, it currently is a $1.28. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, it went up a whole bunch after I released the video yesterday, it went up 20% or 30%.

"You got to take credit for that?"

I don't know.

I released a video yesterday on Steem and it went up a bunch. Several others went up a bunch that I didn't release video on as well, some of them went up higher, so here is my ego for you.

If you pick out a few cryptocurrencies that you really like such as Ripple and New Economy Movement, Dash and Monero, if you really believe in them, then you could just put everything into them.

If one of them falls apart, then you won't lose everything. You might lose a lot, but you won't lose everything.

It's tricky to balance everything out. I try to follow my heart and sometimes my heart clashes with my mind, which is challenging.

My predictions

I give you these predictions today.

I think that most of these cryptocurrencies on the top 50 are going to go down over the next month. A lot of them have been hyped up and speculated up a lot, and there's very little value in them.

I think that there's probably maybe a handful of them though that will continue to go up a lot in the next month, where there's a lot of money to be made.

I think over the next year, that most of these currencies in the top 15 to 20, are going to go down and down. A couple of them might go up and become into the top ten.

I don't know which one of those are, I just gave the best guess I have today.

I thank you very much for reading.

I appreciate any of your suggestions or comments as to what the next coin is that's going to be hyped up.

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Jerry Banfield


@jerrybanfield - It's worth noting that the DAO was not a hacking, as I understand the term. The smart contract executed as intended by the code. It was poor coding which allowed the issue, in other words, human error. Ethereum then forked by rolling back to fix human error (something secure cryptos should not do), and the unforked chain became Ethereum classic.

A similar situation would be if all Bitcoin miners had implemented some sort of code fork to roll back the hacking of Mt. Gox, or some other large event. However, even that would be less drastic than what Ethereum did, given it forked to fix human not technical error. As a result, Ethereum does not have an immutable blockchain and is fundamentally open to being reforked anytime the Ethereum foundation wants to. It's still pretty cool tech though.

Apologies for any inaccuracies in my description, as I am not an expert on smart contracts.

PS - I've been waiting for an opportunity to bring a possible conspiracy to everyone's attention.

This is the result of my Facebook search for "jerry banfield". Coincidence?

Jerry Banfield or Springer.png

We must demand transparency.

Interesting background on the possible hacking. I'm still very new to crypto and haven't dug this far into some of the issue cryptos have been having.

lol love the conspiracy... I think @jerrybanfield is much more interesting though

Mostly more than half your followers so grateful to have this opportunity, i mean the minnows .
you gave me the light in my self-doubting and pretty streetful period of my life , i've been following you for a while
and i even quit my job in the moving company and went all in here !
Appreciate it @jerrybanfield
Would definetely pay it foraward here .

Cool that you left your job. Try to make some extra money and invest more !!

Good comment about Ethereum being mutable. Anything that can be, WILL be when the situation arises where the "need" is identified.

I just heard a blurp on the Lame Stream about Ethereum & how good it was..LOL
If the Lame Stream News is pushing it, it raises a red flag to me..
I read about the fork a few moons back, & it sounded scary to me..It went against all the reasons what blockchain currency was all about..
O yea, & about all this hacking that has just been making the rounds of late..I believe it's gonna get a bit more nastier down the road, cause the banks aren't sitting around twittering their thumbs..
FYI; The NSA has been developing some very nasty malware, & don't think it's gonna sit on a shelf & collect dust..LOL

Don't forget, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Yes indeed, I'm sure that Jerry's price predictions are much more precise than mine would be any day of the week..I'm not doubting Jerry's skills at all, I'm just adding some insight of my own is all..
I am about to enter the world of cryptocurrency & l am doing lots of research..To put things plain & simple..I don't trust the banks, & don't forget that they control parts of the government..This is exactly why the crypto world got a little unnerved when the government stepped in to regulate any businesses that deal in crypto buying & trading..
PS: If Jerry is correct on some of his predictions here, I would say a wait & see strategy makes sense for now.. Thanks for the response Lex..
This just in;
Like I said in my previous comment, if I hear it on the Lame Stream it raises a red flag to me..

ZEC and ETC are going to the moon when Ethereum’s Metropolis Hard Fork it's done. Same algorithm, same miner.

when is this hard fork supposed to happen?

Air Asian nation to accept bitcoin as payment for flight tickets

Very good post, i love when you said in a yt video, Jerry none of these posts are short-_-

I don't think you realize what you mean to me
Not the slightest clue
'Cause me and you were like a crew
I was like your sidekick

Love, from sweden

Don't agree with you on your view on Bitcoin Jerry. It's what every other crypto is pinned on. It's like saying GOLD has no business in the area of commerce.
Bitcoin will get faster and offer more capacity to become a truly global, transactional currency.

Once the scaling is sorted, I'm confident there will be a wave of new developments to make it easier and even more secure to use.

For determining what will thrive in future I believe you have to ask what offers something that isn't being offered by anything else at the moment?

Most crypto currencies that are variations on Bitcoin where their unique selling point is a fast, secure method of payment are already dead in the water because Bitcoin has that covered.

What else?

Hmmm...well a social media site which is decentralised and offers rewards to contributors, I don't see anyone other than STEEMIT offering that, so I think that stands STEEM in very good stead.

What about a variation on the blockchain designed specifically for communication between electronic gadgets using a morphed blockchain called 'tangle' which will allow zero fees...ok IOTA it is then, I don't see anything else offering that.

How about a global supercomputer on top of which can be developed decentralised apps that offer smart contract capability, that's Ethereum on the list too.

Everything else is just speculative noise.

Only possible contender I have found to Steemit is Akasha

STEEMIT 'looks' like it has an advantage in the blockchain media space. has a web ranking of 426,000 compared to STEEMIT's of : 6732. You snooze, you lose :-)

Great points, but if you'd translate it into currencies and their respective niches like the one for games or porn, it would mean that the faster they adapt into being mainstream, the more value they have right? So let's say bitcoin will still be the leader but other niche focussed coins can also play on the stage but have a way lower value. How do you look at this? Or do you think that every niche-currency has no chance at all?

Some niche currencies may survive due to the dedication of their user communities out of loyalty, nostalgia or principles but for the hard core, high throughput use of global commercial transactions..I think it will be Bitcoin. If you were a high value commercial enterprise investing in shares .. would you risk it with a niche crypto with a small following or go for the crypto used by many more millions of people which has been around the longest and stress tested the most ?

I'm in agreence with you in the price of bitcoin being to inflated, gold is a hard currency and people are making it seem that Crypto currency has more value than an ounce of gold. Investors are driving the prices up!

The price predict is quite simple my friend.
Bitcoin blasting off to the moon and others pushing it to glory..
Steem exploding and all around madness and happiness for everyone :)
Hope my predictions are spot on.
Happy hf 19 btw and much love ❤︎

Most of the market is hyped up right now if newbies get in on the cryptocurrency before the correction we will be witnessing Mother of All Bubbles (MOAB) because everyone will be wanting a stake to hold on to so the price will shoot! Most of the people are used to risky online ventures like forex and binary options so their risk tolerance will be higher making the bubble even bigger. Most will become millionaires and others billionaires

What exactly do you think cause the 'bubble' to form? New investors like myself are coming in with money to invest. Just in the last month there have been hundreds of thousands of new investors coming into the market. The MOAB you are referring to is just getting started and may last for many more months if not years before any major market correction.

I think it is better to diversifying investment is very important and going all in is only wise in BTC

You have written a very clear and descriptive article and this will help many new adopter of cryptocurrencies in learning about the value of the coins. The YouTube videos that you have are also very interesting especially the ones made on Steem. I got inspired to become a Steem member as well.

I agree, Jerry definitely breaks it down well enough that a newbie like me can understand. And I wonder how many people Jerry's actually gotten to come to Steemit, because he certainly got me to.

Yes, and the enthusiasm with which he makes the YouTube videos is awesome.

Mind blowing,

Amazing @jerrybanfield, well it was you and your videos, why i joined steem in the first place. Cannot await less from you, just keep up the good work.

And i think that your predictions this time are pretty good considering the explanation.

I think long term Bitcoin will be huge and go to a multiply of the value it has today. Litecoin I expect to go to halve of what it is today when Bitcoin gets Segwit and it will trail behind bitcoin from there. LN will make all the anonymous coins absolute so they will loose a lot or go under. ETH I am not sure about, If RSK will overtake them or not (they say they will be cheaper, faster and more secure, but they only say......) Steemit will keep growing, because the network effect being the first useful blockchain social media is stronger than the network effect being a weaker currency than BTC.

Totally agree bud :)

you believe litecoin will lose half its value?
or that it will go up half of what it is now?

Hi Jerry, having been in the crypto-world since 2013, which is not as long as you but quite substantial regardless, I have the following predictions for 2018, which are a clue to July 2017 as well:

  • Dash to $1,000
  • Steem to $10
  • Ethereum to $1,000
  • Bitcoin: either/or case. 1 August will determine either $10,000 or crash down and rain over all the other high-cap cryptocurrencies.
  • NEM to $10
  • BCC to $100

Interesting predictions Eric, do you see any other cryptos getting close to $5 or $10? I was hoping that digibyte or ripple would jump up also. Maybe not to that level by 2018, but much higher.

Hmm, I have no experience with Digibyte, but Ripple, mwah... I don't assume it'll go anywhere close to $10, seeing the ridiculously high coin supply of 38 billion.

That's a very good point, I haven't been looking hard enough at the supply

See some predictions below :)

agree with your view on BTC

Nice to see you here on STEEM my friend :)

Steam is really good oportunity right now :) Like bitcoin few years ago :D

Yes, I actually like Steem more than Bitcoin already, after the first month!

I think steem, dash and zcash will be able to survive at the end. Litecoin may have a chance but it will be stuck at lower rates for long.
Ethereum will rise high, and when it does, I will sell and buy any new bubble currency.

Though 10 years is a very long time to say about cryptos.

Quite agree on at least Dash and Steem! I currently hold 7 cryptos, but I have the highest expectations for these two, as they hold great intrinsic value: Dash is lightning fast, secure, private,has a PR team, masternodes and a very low supply. Steem is Facebook and Youtube 2.0 combined.

I believe in dash much more than any other.

Very true. Dash is what Bitcoin was supposed to be in the first place, and more than that. Much more.

Its a surprise that, no one was talking about the new addition IOTA. Not even @jerrybanfield
I feel it can rise to top 2 or 3 by 2018 when all exchanges add that with them.

and yes. I am confident with jerry about steemit as $10

Yes, IOTA. It's a whole different cup of tea. I do not like the fact that there is no coin supply anymore. It might turn extremely valuable, but for now I'm putting my money on something with a hard cap supply to prevent any form of inflation.

Iota isn't quite there yet. I wrote this article on how IOTA can be hacked as they have not solved the webtrust issue. Feel free to check it out here

The video is "old", IOTA was not here yet.

The hope for a rise in value of steem is dilusional optimism. Why would steem increase in value ? Though the Steemit platform is great, the growth of steemit with its current features, is inversely proportional to the value of steem. Unless someone can prove otherwise.

May be you are right @cryptonfused

But when the Steem is raising, every one loves steem and they need it.

A new project called @zappl (a twitter which pays you) going to launch. Also the breakthrough project by @jesta called Chainbb (a forum works on steem).

Like these projects, many are going to build on steem blockchain. Then the obvious reason to get moreSP, every one need Steem. I feels that is the point where the growth of Steemit is "directly proportional" to Steem.

Looking forward to hear more from you and other like minded people on this.
May be @jerrybanfield

Smart man :)

I am not all in, but a god portion of my portfolio is in steem and therfore I am happy for people like you, showing support and promoting it. With the fork now it is really interesting how thinks will go but I also see a bright future for steem.

I think Lisk is on the edge to take off soon and can be a big boy also and I would love to hear your opinion on that.

I like Shift better than Lisk.

I Think your underestimating dash...and when Evolution finally gets'll be wishing for that Masternode back. Dash is boring right now because its on a steady growth, no one likes when a coin is doing good. Dash makes me feel like my funds are in a big safe treasure chest that one day will explode when its ready. A lot of cool things happening in dash right now, you should come check us out again! we wont bite* 😁

What's so promising about dash?

Instant Send. Private Send. "Interest" bearing Masternode accounts and Masternode Shares. The Dash DAO and it's budget which is at over 1 million a month and that anyone can take part in with a quality proposal. And much more is coming.

I think its anyone guess at the moment, a new coin may come out and blow the competition out of the water. My guess is bitcoin being the first coin with more name recognition, ethereum will potentially be used by corporation and possibly Steem if it can keep doing what it has done with the recent HF by making it more equitable and only because I have steem power invested. I don't know much about other coins as there are just so many out there.

What a master class @jerrybanfield great post

Predictions are tough in the stock market. Predictions are near impossible in the crypto world, but great video. Insightful. Banfield Bandwagon! 🙌🏼

i think you are all way underestimating ether. when "the flippening" happens (ether market cap passes bitcoin market cap) , everybody will be asking how to buy ether. so i think ether could go to 2000$. The amount of coins is not nearly as many as the flood of coins at ripple. I think ripple could go to 0.00$ maybe im wrong, don't take this as trading advice. its just my opinion :)

Mind blowing video. Well compiled. You are a genius

Fantastic video

Wow hell of a post. First I look for steem and I agree that this year is not the peak! It will be fun to read the rest of it... Thanks @jerrybanfield

Jerry, any thoughts on the upcomming EOS tokens, or the just released Veritaseum tokens?

I believe the first will be a ETH upgrade and the latter will revolutionise stocktrading (first mover of it's kind)!

Yah Jerry what about EOS, as of now they are around $0.39 according to and bare in mind thar almost 2 days left for the 1st distribuition

I think a Cryptocurrency that needs to be added to this list is Ubiq ($UBQ). It is extremely undervalued for it's potential. It's an Ethereum fork (basically like Ethereum Classic), and its the only Ethereum fork to have an implemented monetary policy. It's market cap right now is only $67M...not even a tenth of Ethereum Classic. Jerry, do you think you will look into it?

Where do you get your UBIQ?

I buy it on Bittrex. Here is the link to the currency on the site:

Hi Jerry, Really great post, very useful, thank you! The only thing I disagree with is the future for Bitcoin. As the first and very much widest spread of the crypto currencies I think it will last the distance and will always be there and worth A LOT! Surely the technology can continue to improve to enable far more transactions? If not, it could also be valuable as a store of value (like gold)? Interested in everyone's thoughts on this ;-)

Nicely written, very detailed and thorough....Upvoted and resteemed.

Totally agree with your predictions about Steem price, steem is still very under valued crypto currency, which has potential to reach new heights, i expect the price to be between $8 - $12 by the end of this year.

Hi @jerrybanfield this is by far one of the longest posts I have read on #steemit. I wonder how long it took you to complete such a juicy piece of content. This should help me make some sound investments.

If this is true "I'm going to guess that Bitcoin will go over $3,000 at some point, and it may even go over $5,000 dollars in the next year" then I need to buy more #bitcoin in order to make some higher profits.

I always enjoy reading your posts and watching your wacky videos. Wacky is good :) - this is your friend @bitcoinkings

Thanks Jerry, you put an incredible amount of time and effort into every post! You are one of the hardest worker I have seen! You have very good insight and I agree with most of what you have to offer. I wish you well my friend and steem on!

When are you going to discuss bit connect?! I'd LOVE to know your thoughts and I know a lot of others would! Pretty please?? :)

Stratis 📈
I've actually heard a lot of "good news" about stratis, i like the platform myself, and think it can be really helpfull for developers.
I think we can easily see it hit 0.004 in a short period of time.

I think Dash is also really cool, fast, secure, and it screams "Crypto", it's a simple and improved coin 📈

i have been watching your you tube channel for almost a year. i love it, i have learned so much from you as i was and still i am new for the crypto world. Now i am hear too and it amazing to follow you on steemit and learn from you. the best part is that you keep telling us your mistakes too so as we don't have to do the same mistakes. Thanks!

In the past few days I have changed my portfolio to about 75% steem. I have faith in the steem community and believe that it can hit 7-10$ by end of year.

hey bro what do you think about BTS? im pretty excited about it, curious to know what you think xD

great content. how do you have time to post all of this content?

yeh the so called 'masternode implosion' due to a hack will NEVER happen. why? Because all you can do if you hack a masternode is to 'vote' and perhaps change the payout address for the weekly payouts. but guess what, the user is still in control of the funds.. so he can just shut it down and start another masternode with another public key address and move his/her wallet funds to there.. problem solved.. a compromise of the masternodes does NOT compromise the user funds. The masternode has its own private key totally separate from the masternode funding key aka the user wallets key. So I am sad to say you got that thing wrong, and in fact I urge you to reconsider dash again because its simply a great coin with focus on user experience and usability, which is what counts in the end anyways

Thanks for the research and your thoughts Jerry! I like the thought of diversifying and holding.

Very informative and helpful thank you :) Great predicitions ;)

What do you think about Siacoin?

Hey jerry! Thanks for letting me know about STEEMIT! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🔝

Of course, cryptocurrency is money!!! In other videos, I saw that you had more money invested in Steemit, why you have less now? Awesome video, thanks.

I love the facial expression for the Bitcoin section :P Thanks @jerrybanfield!

Jerry, I love these posts!

I was hoping that you would say that Ripple is on the way up. But I'll keep waiting.

Happy to hear that you think Steem is still going up and yet to hit it's peak. I think everyone here is happy about that!

Jerry very detailed post in depth analysis can you please break it down in different parts some of us has ADHD

thank you jerry! always useful information explained simply! your help is much appreciated as I would like to invest some money soon in cryptos and I may wait a bit so see where those bubbles are all going.. :)

Very bold predictions, have upvoted you and look forward to seeing your future articles. I feel some of the smaller market cap currencies will outperform the currencies in the top 20 such as Viacoin, LBRY Credits, Shift, ArtByte, Voxels, Darcrus. I wrote a recent blog post about some of these in my blog. Best Regards, Max

About to check it out, check mine too :D

Yours is very nice post and very interesting I love to visit your blog. It includes useful postings. Thanks friend.
I love it.

Thanks For Your Post.

Based on your opinion, does Steem will down for the up coming months? Can you support your reason with valid and specific points.
For me, I dont think will go down because its fundamental was stable and the increasing user make it more likely to continue to appreciate!
That was what I think.
Can you answer my question,thanks

Really good work!

Any thoughts on Digibyte and XVG (verge) ?


Please check out and subscribe to my channel as well.
@jerrybanfield is Great. keep supporting the good man.

My technical analysis of LTC. Check it out and provide your feedbacks.

The thing I really like most about your posts is the fact that a beginner like myself can understand everything you are saying.

That should be the point of every post/presentation.

So basically....

Well done, excellent work.

& most importantly:


I truly appreciate it.

@jerrybanfield I think the reason ethereum is so high is because it's backed by Wall St. and mainsteam media.

Great review on cryptos Jerry! keep up the good work! I watch your videos on Youtube too! Awesome stuff man!

Well thanks a lot for this awesome predictions. But you have left some very good coins behind like Factom, Ark and Aragon.

Factom is the highly potential project with bright future ahead. If someone have to invest in crypto, then Factom should be on his list for sure.

Ark is the second choice of mine. Highly undervalued as of now but going to boom in the near future, may be with a week or so.

Aragon has a great team with MIT graduates and the project is more than great for a normal person to understand. I would recommend investors to have a look on this coin.

I have made an article on Factom, have look at this.

I love ARK! I'll have to check out Factom. Check out's another great coin!

wow, seems like there are exciting times ahead :)

Hi Jerry ,
I am the regular visitor of your youtube channel. I have learnt a lot from you videos. Now I am trading crypto currency . Thanks for everything.

Thanks for the predictions, Jerry. I have my eyes on Ethereum and Ripple. This two currencies will go a long way. They are both not really decentralised but with the backing of the big corporations, investors who no nothing about the game will put there money on both. I will advise every Steemer to get at least 1-10 Ether and keep them for at least a year as the price will go over $1500 mid-next year.

I appreciate your investment of time and energy! you are doing a great job, thanks to you I am here on this new platform.

I will invest in STEEM ! I dind't follow you on dash, now is the time!


Hey, @ jerrybanfield61 am your FB follower :)
Thank you so much for introducing this opportunity.
Am health wise challenged not able to do any work but hope with this one i will start my online money making journey :)
Thanks once again :)

Great article and breakdown Jerry. I am a big believer in Ethereum and if it drops below $300 I will purchase more.

that is great information as inspiration for investors.

Make a prediction on which currency will have the highest market cap when Trump is no longer the President after 4 or 8 years.

I really love how much detail and effort you put into all your work. I get so much useful information from you I feels almost wrong lol "It's time to lose you mind and let the crazy out" gonna be echoing in my head now, thanks.

Learned so much from you . i also have watched your youtube uplaod #1 New Social Media and Blogging Website? Steemit! and its a wow ... Thank you for all the information your are providing . loved it

Great Story; Excellent writing done; Keep the bars high; Want to tell you; As I am new to steemit, I like to follow people all over the world, Of different ages Following you to learn more about the world you live in ! I hope you will check out my profile too now and then ! Have awesome posts about the travelling ,poems, drawing, historical places, and the tech part. I have upvoted and followed you.

This was a great post. I really enjoyed reading your viewpoints on where the prices would be going on these cryptocurrencies. I think many of the currencies are up significantly because of the enthusiasm for cryptocurrency in general.

It's that most are vulnerable to a correction in the market in the short term. Long term wise, I am very bullish on Steem as it seems unique as a cryptocurrency that also has a social networking component.

@jerrybanfield - I like a lot of your predictions, but I'm going to have to differ with you on Bytecoin. BCN has historically had a lot of network issues, making it hard to use on a daily basis. I recently had to wait 3 weeks for a deposit to process. The devs for this coin seem uninterested & unmotivated to maintain this coin. A lot of people are getting frustrated & moving away from this coin.

I still believe that the prices will be more sentiment driven. Most of the traders in cryptocurrencies are just there because of the highly positive volatile nature. The top 10 currencies are very crucial as most of the traders who are just investing to make quick gains will keep on taking profits and if there is a high fall in prices all these investors would have been out of the market.Its complex to understand the sentiment, but I personally feel that the number of blockchain illiterate traders constitute of about 30-35% and thats dangerous for the prices in short term. The bumps will be deadly.

getting more excited hahahaha :D

Wow, very good predictions there. I agree and think that Steem will do great especially after this successful Fork, many new mambers are motivated and working harder. Steem will move like rocket soon and we all will power it up to more success, win win for all of Us. Yes, Bitcoin will remain King and If banks accepts Ripple, then it will come second and Eherium will also be great. Thanks for sharing and we all are in a good place indeed.

Hi Jerry! Thanks for all the great opinions and advice. You may want to check out VOX, as I know you were a gamer at one point. I think it's gonna blow the eff up!
Then you win.jpg

Waiting for you to be right on your prediction about Steem going up to $10 within the year. :)

I don't really agree about Bytecoin to me it's very similar to Dogecoin - no one knows why it goes up.
To what I know Bytecoin is very similar to Monero and if you ask anyone that's investing in cryptos to choose between Monero and Bytecoin, they would pick Monero.

When it comes to Dash I haven't read too much about it, but there are some updates coming that could be really big. The masternode implosion I guess is very unlikely.

NEM also has a huge update coming so people should be on a look out for that.

Great post!

yeh the so called 'masternode implosion' due to a hack will NEVER happen. why? Because all you can do if you hack a masternode is to 'vote' and perhaps change the payout address for the weekly payouts. but guess what, the user is still in control of the funds.. so he can just shut it down and start another masternode with another public key address.. problem solved.. a compromise of the masternodes does NOT compromise the user funds. The masternode has its own public and private key.

I think going all in with STEEM is best, let's hope it's worthwhile in the future.

Great Post! But how do you determine whether a cryptocurrency is profitable for long or short term investment? Thank you @jerrybanfield for always sharing with us your knowledge and experience . :)

Very good prediction, I think especially steem will continue to grow

What a brilliant analysis @jerrybanfield! So you preduct btc no longer will be the king in 10 years ahead? Arent you seeing a serious scalling sollution then? Btc is more than a crypto... It is a symbol of freedom like the captain of the team, an old experienced football player you have to respect even if is not scoring that many goals lately... Hope you are wrong in your predictions and btc keeps rulling the crypto scenario for years and years ahead until it hits 10000 or even 1000000! Thanks for everything mate! Followed and upvoted! Greetings from Spain! :)

Great prediction Jerry . For some of them i have the same predictions made. I really believe in Monero , Ethereum (but not at this price , is a little huge), Litecoin (China loves it) . I also invest in Counterparty coin and NXT. Hope you can give me your review about them. Thank you

thanks for this analysis. i like a few of the coins you have listed here. i agree Monero is a pretty safe hold. i am always holding Bitcoin and Ethereum as they will explode this fall and into the spring of 2018. as for small coins i have been enjoying Waves and Iconomi among a few others. Steem is obvious in the short term, but honestly Ripple scares me a little, being a bankster's crypto i don't trust it much.

Guys , Jerry just posted a new podcast , teaching you how to make money in crypto without investing a dollar. Only your time. Some of you might not be doing this yet and some are. Either way go check it out. Pretty interesting. Jerry, I'm. Big fan , kindly reach out to me. If I have some questions for you. To the moon !

Great post [email protected] did really good job..Appreciate for your effort to bring such a informative post..

I invested last year in ethereum and bank in quite a good return. How about in the gaming industry what are those cryptocurrencies likely to go?

There are so many cryptos that it is very confusing. And from posts I see on here - there are more coming everyday. Will it get to the point where everyone will have their own cryptocurrency?

Cryptcurncis is boom boom market

Thanks Jerry for your amazing tutorials on crypto currencies. I have to confess that when i started learning about crypto curencies about a month ago, Your youtube channel was the first one to visit and i have been learning a lot from every post you make ever since. I appreciate your effort Jerry

i love the fact that your brain thinks in SEO text.

to some degree no one knows the future what will anything be
P.s I amke my sole living on mining from genesis mining
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Jerry, you're making the path out of credit card debt seem like a real possibility now. I'm not losing hope anymore. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the predictions! I can't wait to see the price of STEEM rise as the platform grows and more people start using it :)

hey @jerrybanfield , amazing , can you check my posts too ? nice to see you here , follow back. thanks.

nice post man, hopefully bitcoin will be up to 10 ground next year !

Maybe your predictions is good ....But one thing is certain :D I always buy at a high price :O

Thank you this was very interesting for a new person learning about cryptocurrency.

I think as time goes on "all" cryptos that survive each other will continue to go up. This is not to say that governments around the world will not try their best to disrupt this in some form or fashion or to not tax them or regulate them to where they are no better than one of their own schemes. In the end I think they're here to stay with profits for those willing to play.

Loves your posts❤❤❤
Read all your Article carefully
I also join you in Facebook and youtube

@jerrybanfield - Great explanation. You put great amount of work into this. Thanks!

:( Strange! Before I upvoted this post it said 66$ when I clicked on upvote it reduced to 59$ :/
Either it was 56 or some bug I guess.
Awesome post, its always good to see your hard work and determination to share valuable posts with us. That is the reason we all admire you.

it was great prediction thx so much

Thank you for your input! It's always interesting to see what other people think and also it helps a lot sometimes. This was helpful! :)