STEEMIT - [SEARCH TREND REPORT JANUARY 27th, 2018] - Massive Adoption!

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STEEMIT - [SEARCH TREND REPORT JANUARY 27th, 2018] - Massive Adoption!

The number of people that know about and use cryptos increase every day, naturally, the demand will make them more and more valuable! That's why it is important to keep track of the public's awareness on the subject!



The figure below shows how popular the following words are on Google's search engine over the past year:

Blue: Steemit

The numbers represent the amount of search interest in the subject relative to the highest point on the chart for over the span of a year.
A value of 100 is the peak of search popularity (100%) and a value of 50 means that it is half as popular (50%). Similarly, a value of 0 means it was less than 1% as popular as the peak.


There is a continuous growth displayed by the Google trends chart!
I hope none of you have suffered from weak hand syndrome! Because the correction we just experienced was a healthy one that was inevitable.
But for those that have been hodling Steem currency with me for awhile, this is the time to get excited! 2018 is the year we will start seeing mass adoption as the general public starts realising the potential that decentralized applications can bring.
As you can see from the chart below, Steem's value directly correlates with the amount of interest the platform is getting from search engines! This upward trend suggests that Steem will continue to show significant increase in valuation.


Steem is still a social media platform in it's infancy, all of you reading my post are still considered early adopters!
How lucky we are to be part of one of the first functional Dapps in existence. I am real excited to watch this platform grow, and most of all excited to watch all of you guys become Steem famous in due time :)

Thank you guys once again for reading my post!!
Please upvote, resteem and follow me :) @jefft


good one.
so helpful post for me

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Thank you sir for sharing steem [email protected]

No problem!

Great post, thanks, hope to see you again


Thank you! :)

Steem is doing really well indeed. I wonder how they will do once proper competition comes into play.

nice information sir.that's great news for me too.Thanks for this post sir.

Thank you very much for sharing

Wow we all are about to go to them moon :D ..thanks for sharing great to see your post after a long :D

Thank you :D I will see you on the moon!

This is going to be tough to be able to predict the outcome of the market. But one thing am kinda of sure is that they wont put a ban on cryptocurrency. There's going to be lots of attempts at centralized regulations but the specific regulatory guidelines is what I can't say...

So lets hope for the best while hodling on.

Governments will do all they can to suppress cryptos. Problem is, how do you do that? it's impossible!

Just look at Fb's mcap more than 500 B , we know Steemit is better than Fb and it's mcap is only around 1.5B . Imagine how much steem will grow ! Fb is waste of time , we got everything here on steemit . News , gags (dmania ) , dtube , steemchat .

Just HODL guys ! We all are lucky to be early adopters of steemit !

Yeee! Smart Media Tokens are gonna take us to Mars :D

Can you make a post on SMT ?

I will look into it soon :)

Excellent initiative.

Thanks fellow Steemian!

thanks you sir
helpful post

directly proportional to the prices ;) more users coming soon

Hoards of newbies incoming :D

Oh man this is going to be a good year for our blockchain! indeed, massadoption is on its way, already started in fact, I just hope they dont force-peg sbd like they where speaking of (witnesses) so we can use this boost to launch us!

Watt are they going to peg SBD to $1?

The seo game is strong too and all the growth is organic wonderful stats you shared :)

Thank ya! :D

Lets make Steem the number 1 social media platform! Thanks for the post.

the steemit is really take a big leap forward in terms of growth wow this makes me feel happy

You made great post @jefft and thanks for the info good job 😊

we all are approximately to late growth them moon :D ..thanks for sharing cordial to see your gathering after a long :D

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