How to Become Successful on Steemit : 10 Practical Tips from my Personal Experience

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Hello steemians..


What is success? Alot of us have different definitions of success.. its not quantifiable. It is not a standard. Some people define success as a state of being happy. Some people measure it with the amount of money / cryptos in their banks / portfolios and some people associate success with being famous. There is no absolute value attached to the notion of success

But no matter who you are .. no matter what success means to you, we can all agree that for all purposes, state of growing positively in any environment can be termed as success...

Success on Steemit

With the same prelude, success on steemit is not confined by a standard. For some people, success on steemit is having higher reputation score. For some, having higher SP is success, and for some others, having higher number of followers is success.

Usually i measure success on steemit by multiple factors:-

  • Reputation score
  • Amount of SP
  • Average amount of earnings per post
  • Number of followers

Etc etc..

But if i want to summarize it, I'd say that positive growth on steemit in all departments can be truely termed as being successful on this platform.

Even though i am in no position to lecture our worthy steemians on topic since i am still in my early days yet i feel inclined to state that i have done a fine job growing here and i would like to share the secrets of how to become successful on steemit with my friends.

Secrets of being Successful on Steemit

1. Increase Your Level of Engagement

This is one of the most important aspects of steemit. Without actively engaging with steemit community, you are just wasting your time here. Not to mention that lagging in this portion won't earn you followers and hence you will remain invisible on steemit.

There are countless ways to increase your engagement level with fellow steemians. But i will state the easiest ones so that the idea of active engagement remains practical for maximum number of people.

  • Join Discord Channels and communicate with the masses. There are literally thousands of humans who don't know about you and whom you don't know anything about. Discord is the best place to interact and grow your frienships with other steemians. It is safe to say that you will find most steemians in PAL channel (Peace, Abundance and Liberty Channel) created by @aggroed.

  • Leaving thoughtful comments on posts is another way of interacting with steemians. If you come across a good article, don't hesitate to leave comments on it. The author will not only reward you for your contribution, but also your comment will be visible for all others to see. It is a huge exposure / visibility boost.

2. Improve the Quality of Posts

No one is perfect in this world and no one is certainly born as a perfect blogger. Its an evolutionary process. If you observe any successful person's account on steemit and put it under microscope, you will see a certain positive change in their writing / blogging skills over time. The factors like, quality and choice of words, intelligent use of visual aids, formatting and thought provoking artciles, all converge to define the quality of a post.

Make sure that quality of your posts increases with time. And if it is not happening, you are definitely doing something wrong.

3. Contribute More Towards Platform

I have said this many a times before. Your posts must be contribution based. The idea of contribution based posts are inspired by @transisto. Contribution based posts are well received and helps you grow on platform by leaps.

Though, it is not mandatory and you can keep your blog as a means to post updates about yourself. But unless you are a celebrity, i doubt adopting this path will do anything good for you.

Contributions don't need to be technical in nature. You can easily write anything as general as this article to contribute towards betterment of platform.

4. Invest Some Fiat To Buy Steem

I still remember the hard time i faced when i was starting out. And for about a month, i had so much less Steem Power that i had 0.00$ worth of my upvote. i hardly made any followers during that time and my average post payout was 0.40$.

But that all changed once i decided to buy few steems and powered it all up to have a nice 0.03$ upvote. Once done, my visibilty chart started going upward as I had started to receive more comments and upvotes from other steemians.

I am not implying that steemians are greedy bunch of people who won't curate or comment unless you've got something to offer but it is a general rule of life that people want to be rewarded for their contributions and if you have 0.00$ to offer them, chances are that they will go somewhere else to grab their shares.

Investing a little fiat in platform will do you wonders.

5. Always Support & Reward Your Followers

Your followers are your biggest asset on steemit. If they have taken time to follow you and to comment on your posts, then you must duly reward them. This step will not only show your support and love for them but also the word will travel fast that "xyz" person duly rewards his/her followers and this will help you get even more followers.

I have seen some cheap steemians even with as much as 20,000 SP who prefer to upvote themselves on their own comments and posts but they never reward the commentators on their posts. Sooner or later, people will realize it and when they do, they will abandon your followership.

6. Don't Be Self-Centred

There are steemians who just keep on posting and never visit other blogs to leave comments/upvotes or to interact with fellow steemians. That is a bad practice and will keep you from being successful on steemit.

If you are this much self-centered with this point of view that everyone must visit your blog to make you rich but you can't extend the same courtesy towards others, then you probably shouldn't be here at all.

Steemit is all about growing together and self-centeredness has no place on this platform. Sooner or later, system will pluck you out.

7. Don't Post Spam

That is kind of a given but i still felt the need to reiterate it. If you post spam comments / articles, you will be heavily flagged here. Your reputation score will go down and since no one likes to befriend / curate a spammer, your journey on this platform will effectively cease to exist...

8. Don't Apply Boosters to Below Average Posts

I have seen people comitting this mistake alot. Use of upvoting / bid bots are allowed by the system to get some visibility on posts that you deem worthy enough to be at the top. However, if you will use bot upvotes on a below average content, you will be flagged. You will not only lose your money but also will receive a major blow in terms of your reputation score.

9. Learn About Steemit Before Starting Your Journey Here

No one expects you to be a rockstar on steemit from the get go. You will make mistakes but these mistakes should not outweigh your efforts as a blogger. Smaller mistakes are allowed and you will get over them in due course of time.

However, i recommend that you must invest some time in learning about steemit through various guides or watching tutorials rather than jumping straight into deepwaters with no info on how to swim. Read Steemit FAQs, learn how the system works etc etc. Making an impact right from the start is the best approach to be successful on steemit. You can do so by reading extensively about the platform and learning from other people's mistakes.

10. Do Not Post Frequently

I saved the best for the last. Yes.. posting frequently doesn't make you either awesome or successful... It makes you annoying. I had to mute and then ultimately unfollow few people because their habit of posting content frequently were flooding my feed section.

If you think that posting frequently will impress other steemians, you can't be more wrong.

Based on common understanding, posting more than 3 times a day can bring you in the category of "frequent posters".

Being a quality poster is way better than being a frequent poster. Try to research on a topic in detail before making a post about it. Take 1/2 days to craft your post. Make your blog valuable by posting useful and complete content rather than throwing around junk information.

It doesnt mean that you should disappear from the platform when you are not posting anything. Instead, you can always visit other blogs to post as many comments as you like.


There are many other factors that contribute towards making you successful on steemit. However, for me, the above mentioned 10 points take precedence over others.

Success doesn't come easy. It requires blood, sweat, tears, focus and time. You cannot achieve success without hurdles.. it is a long and tough journey but at the end of the day, it is all worth it..

Steem On..

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kindly consider to upvote, resteem and follow. If you'd like to add anything, please make a comment.


Not gonna lie, this is the most honest, the most to-the-point and probably the most helpful post I've seen for Success On Steem suggestions.

I've been thinking about number 10 but always thought maybe I'm just being a baby by complaining about many posts, even if they're good. But even sugar starts to taste bitter if you eat too much of it haha

Resteeming this cuz more people need to see this. Good work @jbn!

It is my general observation that if someone is posting 10 times per day (even considering that they dont have a job or family or any other commitment which is highly unlikely), it is still a very high number.
A carefully crafted post with no errors and proper formatting takes about 2-3 hours. So anything above 4 posts/day is really a no brainer and points to the fact that the author is just pushing out content just to earn more rewards on each post and has no intention of posting quality material.

Thank you so much @cabernet for the wonderful comment ^_^

thanks for the useful tips

I will try but I am still finding it hard to gain attention. Time makes fruits I guess (:

Thanks for the information :)

Great post! Followed and resteemed to Best of Steem!
Thank you!

...being equipped with knowledge about the platform is indeed the best way in @jbn .I have read the FAQ page and it helped me with Stolen Account Recovery.

Yess. I find it incredibly common that people forget to read FAQ and basic tutorials before using the platform and they jump right into action.. you did really well my friend.. good job..

Thank you @jbn. I am a newbie and i will follow your ten tips for getting success.

And i am trying to use utopian-io, may be i will learn many things at there, but the fact is posting quality contents, again thanks for the tips, i always turn and look your post 👍

very helpful tutorial for me, as I'm new to this platform (I joined on 10th of January) thanks @jbn for sharing.

Thanks man. I checked out your introduction post. Really well written.. welcome to steemit.. i left you a comment on that post as well.. just never lose heart.. steemit always rewards consistency.. :)

Thanks,I don't has any idea to get started, after reading your post I got an idea.

All good points. Adding that dedication and consistency will only help in the long run. My focus on joining steemit has always been earning more crypto, but along the way I met good people who have peak my interests beyond crypto. Never did I think the steemit as a community before I joined. I am very happy that I found steemit and am always on daily. Thanks.

I share the same feelings my friend.. m glad that you joined the platform .. much blessings. Steemit needs people like you.. :)

yes bro u did good work


thanks for the short summary... that - at least I hope so - will allow many of us to re-think about their posting and how to preceed on steemit platform.

I´m not so sure what you mean with your last point made. I don´t think that a user which is psoting more frequently then other is always providing bad/ less valueable content. What I do believe on the other hand is that qualtiy of apost should always be primary objective, leading consiquently to less posts per user per day.

... just my 2 cents

Good observation. May be i should have been more specific while writing down last point. Some users tend to post 10-20 posts per day and in each post, there are usually 1 or 2 pictures with some quotes.
They intentionally make 20 posts out of 1 in hopes that each of their posts will get high rewards. Needless to say that such posts are well below the required standards. Resultantly, it becomes too annoying to follow such a person as your maximum feed is covered with posts from that person..

Good observation mate..

I know exactly what you are reffering to... its just soo annoying an sometimes even worst then spam. I hope with next hardfork the will fihure out a possible solution for that ... maby restricting the number of posts one can make per day... that would at least give us a break :)

Big thanks @jbn for this useful sharing. Great help.

It really helps to go over other people's post, read and learn especially for newbies like me. Thanks

I've invested a little bit of fiat into steem and still can't get my vote above $0.01 lol it will come soon though!

Invest a little more ;) your SP will stay with you. Basically you are giving money to yourself here. Wouldnt hurt if you bump up the numbers by some margin ;)

I haven't got that much to spend currently but I'm going to keep topping it up whenever I can. :)

Dear Steemit Friends I have some confusion about Potential payouts, can anyone help me to explain about it.

My post is showing potential payout 0.010 or 0.020 but when time complete I got nothing. Why there is no reward and how much potential payout is necessary for pay out.

Now I have 51 Steem Power, but after getting this Steem Power , my delegated Steem Power vanish.
I asked this question many time but no one is replying....

Here you go.. read this article. It is written by my esteemed colleague in detail. It has got all the information you need to learn about how reward system works

As for your query about your delegated steem power vanishing, that SP is delegated to you by Steem blockchain once you sign up. Since alot of people have joined the platform so your delegated SP has been taken away (everyone else's too) to accomodate new members. Once those members earn some SP of their own, their delegated SP will also be taken away. No need to worry about it :) i hope it helps. If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask

Thanks you very much for help @jbn

Well said and informative too
Patience in blogging is a formidable feat towards earning sustainble income on Steem.
It's not a fast money spinner but a long term approach.

You are very much right.. thank you for your valuable comments

I have been looking for tips like this for weeks now, thanks so much for the info @jbn , I have been posting but things haven't been working out , I knew i was doing it all wrong i had to seek help from an exepert.

Well.. m no expert but my advice for you is that be consistent.. it is natural that your initial posts won't make it much.. persistence is the key.. just keep posting quality stuff with good formatting and you shall see a change in your daily earning real soon

Great post, after reading it, even though there were some things I knew but needed a refresher.

I learnt some things that one tends to ignore. I do believe that sharing is best when it comes to steemit. it does really work on the age old principle of giving to receive. I am a keen follower of steemit philosophy so I will try to continue and improve on the gift of giving.

thank you, and stay blessed.

PS. this post has made me go and power up some more, so I can give more :-) thanks again

It feels so great to have influenced someone through the power of words. I really feel honoured.. thank you so much for the wonderful comment.. gift of giving is indeed powerful ;)

This is very helpful for absolute beginners like me. I see I have a lot to learn how to move arround on steemit.
Thank you for this post, it helps a lot to start :)

Thank you so much for the comment. If you need any help, please feel free to make a comment or you can also reach me on Discord.

Hi, I'm new to Steemit, and this is my first comment. I want to tell you that what you have written has been very useful, especially to guide me without knowing much about this platform. Your ideas are a great contribution and I hope to continue reading interesting tutorials and guides from you. I find the advice you give really useful, and I think that all newcomers should take the time to read this mini guide. very grateful, really yes. Thank you.

I feel honoured that my words have helped you in some way. Thank you...

Thanks, I really think it's worth reading interesting information and contributing. I hope to learn more and more and more, and share ideas with you.

@jbn this is one of the most helpful post I have seen on here. I just stared merely 2 weeks ago on steemit and I was looking for ways to improve my experience. This could not have came at a better time. Thank you!

You are welcome :) blessings upon you..

This is what I need to work on.
I am aware of many things, but also, I didn't go through details. Now is the time to take care of that.
It is confusing to read about something you don't have a clue what is that.
Experience is making it better and advice are always welcome! 👍

Thank you so much for kind words.. if you need clarification on anything, you are more than welcome to post the issue here. Or you can reach me on discord.. much regards

thank you @jbn for the tips
i'm still learn here
hope i can

Dont worry bro. We are all learning here.. no one ever becomes perfect ^_^

yeah, that's right bro
i will waiting for the next post on you about learn this platform
if you don't mind, please follow me @jbn
thank you

really good job showing the basics (for me it was very handy).
gonna implement those tips from now on, thanks

Thank you so much.. m glad that i could help..

You are doing a good job for fellow steemians. Thanks for sharing your trade secrets. keep sharing @jbn

You are welcome :)

Thanks for sharing! I wish more users understood that if you have a 'get rich quick' mentality about this platform, you will not be rewarded. Steemit is a powerful tool that we can use to disrupt centralized forms of authority and give power back to people.

This past weekend, it is clear centralized forms of authority i.e. Our GOP controlled Government and Congress have no idea what they are doing. The only thing for sure is that they are kicking the can down the road.

I believe Steemit success comes from being yourself, having fun, engaging with people who have similar and dissimilar viewpoints, and educating each other through our differing sets of knowledge and skillsets.

I believe Steemit success comes from being yourself, having fun, engaging with people who have similar and dissimilar viewpoints, and educating each other through our differing sets of knowledge and skillsets.

I believe that you have said it all.. wonderful and thought provoking comment.. ^_^

@jbn this is really making sense that growing in an particular field defines success

This blog has been helpful i think i am going to read it overly so as to abide. Thanks.

You are welcome :)

What an abundance of great information... Can't thank you enough for this blog!!

Very solid post to be honest, I would say this is the first article I've come across that successfully have consolidated most of the information required for a newcomer to achieve a "successful" Steemit journey.

So definitely +1 for bringing such value to the platform. Also good narrative and compelling writing.

Otherwise, if you're into travelling, vlogs, fitness, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around! 😁

Thank you so much for the comment.

And your profile looks promising so i am following you now :)

It's a wonderful post. I resteemed.

Thank you very much ^_^

Common sense advice which I will take to heart, I like your approach and now following......Keep up the good work........I used to work at KSC and now build airplanes for a living.

By KSC you mean Kennedy Space Centre? If so then congratulations.. because it is one of the best facilities in the world..
thank you for the follow and for your encouraging remarks..
Best of luck..

Yes, the Rocket Ranch, the good ole' days when we were launching the Space Shuttle and DoD satellites.

Really helpfull post , always reading tutorials and info like this , thank you .

Your words are very inspiring,am motivated and my attitude has been channeled towards greatness here.thank you....

thanks for the info im a noob over here too , so far so good

Thank you. Hopefully this article will help you in some way.

You post is very beneficial for beginners like me keep it up. I would like to hear more of such tips.

Thank you very much. You can follow my blog for more such tips.. :)

Thank you for this post, it was very helpful I'm pretty new to Steem and have been trying to grow. I love this platform and think that it will be around for a very long time. I just have to be patient and grow slowly and strong. I feel that a lot of people give up on here because they see all these post making a lot of money and when they put their posts up it does nothing. I tell them to just keep putting out good content and eventually someone will notice and you'll be rewarded

Growing on steemit is an evolutionary process.. one has to be patient and consistent.. the growth and money shall come on its own :)

Debemos estar en constante aprendizaje , interesante cada punto de esta publicación, gracias sirve de mucho. saludos .

Gracias.. :)

I think a big limitation on Steemit is the fact that once you have a following and a "brand" created you lose the ability to make other types of posts.

I, for one, feel the need to share a meme I remembered building sometimes, and must post elsewhere because I know it would harm my brand.

So, im not contributing to Dmania just because of that.


I think a big limitation on Steemit is the fact that once you have a following and a "brand" created you lose the ability to make other types of posts.

Well, you are not wrong.. thats why i dont like to make a brand out of myself.. you are free to use @dmania, @dlive, @dsound, @dtube or @zappl. It wont harm you.. just keep the content upto the mark..

Thank you for your advices. I will apply all of them. I am at the beginning to be steemian. I am trying to grow. But I dont have much hope to grow. I think it is too difficult. Maybe your advices will help me.

You are right. It is difficult. But it is not impossible.. consistency is the key.. be consistent in dishing out quality content and you shall succeed.. in addition to posting good content, i would recommend that you must interact with other steemians in order to grow and to get some visibilty.

If you have posted something good, that is half job done. The other half is to get visibility on the post because no matter how good the content is, if there is no one to read, it will go unnoticed.. so invest a little time in engaging with fellow steemians .. hope it will help you..

I've been a Steemian for about 8 months now, but haven't really been active. Now that I've got time, I have spent the last several hours learning more about the program. Of all the "how to succeed" posts I've read, this one has been the most helpful. Especially the limit on daily posts. So many people write, "post, post, post - the more you post the better". Thanks for pointing out that posting too much is just annoying. I'll be following you for more sound advice in the future.

Thank you so much my friend...

Actually the best way is to keep the balance in your blog. Ideally in a single day, you should make 1 post, resteem another post and make at least 20 comments on different posts. Please note this is “my” ideal way of steeming and by no means reflect the popular opinion.
I believe in making interactions and contributions on steemit and one should not be posting junkie. Frequently posting content never yields anything good here...

Thank you very much for the kind remarks :)

Salaam jbn,

I totally agree with your points. Not everyone can contribute to the steemit blockchain but yeah you can do something for community and when people know you are doing for the growth of community as a whole then they appreciate you. I personally believe, quality of content and your engagement is very important.

Thank you so much. I am glad that you and i share the same opinion.

Haha, yeah that's true or might be we both have same growth mindset :p

yeah exactly, people with lower upvote value arent cared . i need to invest, but my bad luck i cannot afford much , if i could afford too, i dont have any place to buy it here in nepal because cryptos are illegal in nepal. i have made some sbd and i am planning to power it up , i sold my active inatsgram page just to get some SBD so i could power it up :) i was active once . reading all the lengthy post and leaving comments. leaving comments just finished my bandwidth but never gave me anything . i am still searching some steemians who will help minnows to rise . who will adopt some minnows and help to grow :)

i am going to spend 40 sbd in steem , should i take SP in lease or power up steem i would get from sbd??? what will be better? what will be my vote value?

First of all, cryptos are not legal anywhere (i think). They are not regulated by the government so that makes them illegal (kind of).

You can ask your nepal community here to give you some steem or sbd and you can transfer the equivalant amount in fiat in their local banks..

Lastly, you asked about lease or powering it up. That is one tough question.. but i always recommend powering it up.. that way, it remains your money and will never leave you. Leased SP, however will disappear after few weeks and your money will also disappear with it.

If you would like to know your vote value against certain SP amount, please go to , tap / click on calculator button. Enter the SP amount and your vote value will be shown there.

Please keep in mind that vote value keeps changing with respect to steem prices.

Lastly to answer you query regarding adopt a minnow, Recently @arbitrarykitten is having a contest. She wants to adopt a minnow that will include full on 30 days of training (2 hours per day). She will let you in all the tricks and tips. And she is one of the most successful steemians i have ever come across.

Hope my detailed reply will help you :) feel free to ask any further questions.

Thank you so much brother :)

Thank you for the article. I've been in Steemit for a week now. My main idea is to create content that raises thought and is meaningful. Your article and some more experienced Steemet community members, who have already seen my page, and left very helpful comments – tips (@sweetcha -Thank you), are tremendous inspirational bearers of this commune's true idea. Thanks again and with great joy and interest, I will become your follower.

Thank you very much.. like i said in my previous post, money will come and go but followers are my biggest reward on steemit since You cant buy followers. You have to earn them.

I am honoured that you decided to follow me. ^_^

I would like to find followers who are also members of the same idea. If we have a common vision of the world, then it is possible to change the world and ourselves for good. And money is just money. Thanks for the reply. :)

Thank you for the useful tips, I't always overwhelming for new people to use a platform they are unfamiliar with. Cheers!

Yes it is.. but one can always learn about new things. It is hard at first but gets easier with time :)

thank you so much for this post it really helps me to understand how this all works than anything else i have read on this site God Bless You!

Bless you too :)

I consider this post the very best i have come across since i started blogging on this platform. Its very helpful and has really changed my orientation for good owing to the fact that am still learning the platform and guilty of tip number 10.
Thanks for sharing this info, @jbn i greatly appreciate.

Its never too late to make a change. No one is perfect on steemit. And since you are starting out on steemit, you can mold your posting habits to redfine your personality as a blogger.
Thank you so much for the great comment :)

Oh my what a post, so timely for all newbies like me and for all my invites. :-) Thank you so much, sir. I kinda feel guilty on the 10th item, I feel like I'm posting too much lately because I got hooked on the daily challenges and photography and the likes. And I miss posting about my favorite subjects, written all over my profile. I have nothing against these challenges and photograpy posts though, It helped me improve my skills in taking photos and yes, on how to use my cell phone hahaha. I will remember every words of this post, sir. I've resteemed it for all my readers and followers and all incoming newbies to the platform. Thank you so much and God bless po :-)

There is nothing wrong with taking part in challenges and contests but i will suggest that you must also continue your blog and keep posting about subjects that matter to you as well..

God bless you too po :>
Keep steeming..

Yes, you're right about that, sir. I will do just what you say. I really miss writing about life in general. It's just that words sometimes don't come easy and it's so hard to start writing... might want to check it out if you have time po :-)

Thank you so much and it means a lot coming from you. Thank you for your encouragement, po :-)

Very helpfull. Thank you

Informative article good work Thanx for post.

Very useful for his tips thank you

Great post, keep it up!

It's very useful for steemit newie like me. Nice post :)

this tutorial helpful for all steemians

It is a good post thanks for sharing

Your post is very helpful, thank you for taking the time to put it together.

Thanks for this helpful tips...newbie here.

Good post I really like that

Thanks @jbn for your time and effort.


very informative !!

thanks for the useful tips

Nice post:) It's really useful for beginners like me

Thankyou for the information

Bonjour! C'est fantastique et superbe!

nice post
Please follow me on my page

Hello @jbn, great job, this was a big help!

Thanks for the tips @jbn. I found this particularly helpful.

Congratulations @jbn, this post is the fifth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a User account holder (accounts that hold between 0.1 and 1.0 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by User account holders during this period was 3532 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $9034.11. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

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Thank you for this topic, It is very useful. Keep writing!

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