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Morning gorgeous peeps!!

I have created a facebook group called "Steemit Bloggers" for us to connect with other steemit writers and show a little added support to one another.

I thought it would also be a good way of seeing posts on Steemit that we might have otherwise missed.

In addition to the above, I also think it will be a great way for us to share our content to other facebook users who have not as yet been introduced to steemit.

If you would like to join... here is the link :)

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Great ! Well done!

good luck♥

Thanks for creating this! I have one for mom Bloggers which is slowly growing. It's in my signature on my posts but the more support we have the better. Upvoted, followed and resteemed 😁

cool beans!!! thank you for the support!

Hi, i just recently sign up to the group, Hopefully it would help enhance the whole steemit experience by helping us catch more content of interest, and introducing us to new people with common likes. Upvoted and followed.
I'm new to this plataforme so i would really appreciated if you could visit my blog and leave your opinion about my recent post, and who knows, hopefuly if u like it you could upvote it.
I hope to see you there, have a nice day.

Welcome to the group :) and yes, lets hope it helps us all. I will go and take a look at your page soon :)

Great idea! There are already a few FB groups but the more the merrier right. I'll be joining too.

True story 😁😎🤘

request send :) and resteemed

cool beans :)

thanks :)

Good Morning Upvoted And Sure i Join @jaynie Thanks

That seems a little ironic.

perhaps... but many are not limited to only one platform. The steemit feed is exceptionally fast moving, so you often miss a lot. This gives people another opportunity to share their posts with people that might not have seen it otherwise. In essence, it was also partly driven by the questions which I asked yesterday about "re-steeming" stuff... it isn't really possible unless it is different content, so in many ways, unless spotted immediately your work is often lost - which is a pity, because whilst not all of us are "whales" that sit at the top of the trending feed for ever and a day... there is a lot of quality content out there that in my opinion, deserves a little more attention :)

I guess its like a second chance for sharing it.

Not unlike, the "share it" options at the bottom of each steemit post anyway :)

I mean more in the sense that I've seen probably a dozen posts on how STEEM is going to replace FaceBook.

I hear you :) time will tell I suppose. In my opinion, there will always be a market for different kinds of social media and FB and Steemit are VERY different.

Great idea, I will go and join.

Cool beans 👌😁

Very good initiative to keep in touch and to share some posts. Very nice!!

Thank you - Appreciate he positive feedback :)

Request sent, upvoted & followed you. :)

Great idea off to join the group

ready group

Nice to be part of FB Group :)