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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

Steemit might be a social media platform for blogging, sharing and engaging, but it is also an infinite portal of knowledge on virtually any topic you can think of.

It is simply a FANTASTIC tool to reach and teach!

Over and above that, a massive part of what we all do here on @steemit is support one another. I have never come across a more supportive community on any other online platform - NEVER!

And THAT is the reason for this post.


I am no formal educator but I am a mother and that is pretty much the same thing. KIDDING! lol :)

No seriously, through my motherly interest in educational topics and the like, I recently stumbled across the @steemiteducation feed. Since then, I have been following the content on their feed and supporting them as well as their contributors wherever I can.

They are also amazingly supportive to those writing quality educational posts and are very actively engaged.

They post a weekly "Homework" segment which offers writers a variety of topic suggestions as well as outlining the fundamentals...

As an example, here is an excerpt from the last weekly post:


This week you have a choice between three different tasks!

Lesson plans, and the post CAN include a video that could help the learners. For example Maths or English lesson plans and we are specifically looking for people creating their own videos.


Write a cool story for children that they can read themselves, or could be used in a classroom if read by the teacher. Add a few questions to promote comprehensive reading.


Christmas is only a month and half away. We want some fun activities for kids to help prepare for Christmas. For example: How to create Christmas cards or Christmas tree decorations.

Which other type of posts do we support?

We support ALL educational posts that could be beneficial to YOUNG and OLD! • We support lesson plans to support teachers. • We support funny classroom stories. We all know kids can do and say the darnedest things. We want to hear about that! ( Please DON'T provide the student names) • Fun experiments or projects that kids could do on their own. (SAFE ones of course!) • Fun art projects for kids. • How-to posts - eg. How to build something/ how to do projects/study? For kids and adults! • Do it yourself posts (DIY) • Comprehensions tests, activities, assignments and assessments in PDF format (printable format) that could be used in a classroom. • Fun stories that can be used as reading material in a classroom.


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I am sharing this with all of you because as a mother of an eight year old boy, I am reminded daily of the importance of quality education and the value it holds in the lives of every single one of us, young and old! I think what @steemiteducation are doing is absolutely admirable and deserves to be highlighted and acknowledged.

I know that "educators" from around the world are treated differently, but here in South Africa - teaching is probably one of the worst paid careers out there, which is TRULY sad and so fundamentally wrong, considering that they are the people shaping the young minds of the future.

By way of this post, I am attempting to extend my support to the people behind @steemiteducation as well as all their contributors - in the hopes that this (and thus they) will reach far and wide.

Unfortunately, I have depleted my SBD funds so I am not able to boost this post in any major way, but if you would like to offer some support by way of upvotes & re-steems - I know that Steemit Education will benefit enormously from it - and in turn, so will everybody else who gets access to all the rich material they share.

We all offer something amazing here on Steemit - my genre is generally in the "motivation and Inspiration" genre - but I just feel that what Steemit Education and its writers are doing, essentially - is offering FREE education which is accessible to anyone at any time, on virtually any and every topic.... and that... to my mind is priceless and nothing short of commendable as well as deserving of a WHOLE lot more attention than what it is currently getting.

I am but a small cog in this Steemit wheel, but every bit helps, right?

For those of you that are interested in writing quality educational posts for Steemit Education go and take a look at one of their weekly posts which you can find HERE - take a look at the criteria as well as the rules and then simply add the #steemiteducation tag to your posts.

They also have a great discord server where everyone can engage and share content and questions. For those of you that would like to join them there - here is the Invite Link

I am optimistic that as a community, we can show them the respect they truly do deserve. They really are offering something wonderful to the rest of us and little appreciation can really go a long way!

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EDUCATION at this point (and I scrolled up and down a few times just to make sure) does not even feature as one of the primary tags here on Steemit.... that is NOT COOL!!!!

As a starter to some "community support" I am tagging the members of our recently established Steemit Bloggers server as they are dedicated to supporting others on steemit and I have added others on this platform that I believe can make a difference... I hope you all do :)

The list of people below is SMALL - but as I said to someone earlier today in discussion about Bitcoin becoming a "common" method of payment re. their article about a pre-school now accepting Bitcoin as payment... they might be one, but one and one makes two - and two and two makes four... so there is ENORMOUS power when the numbers add!

@curie @adsactly @velimir @carlo-serp-2000 @dber @earthnation @tarazkp @ruth-girl @ura-soul @hadro @schoolforsdg4 @sweetcharity705 @evelynbelle @elizahfhaye @brisby @aboutcoolscience @kafkanarchy84 @mountainwashere @trumpman @anneke @giantbear @cabbagepatch @arbitrarykitten @tanyaschutte @lyxng @lymierikxz @dkmathstats @fataelrumy @methusalem @jeezzle @alishi @sweetpea @spectrumecons @teukumukhlis @
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Until next time...

Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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I teach adults...does this count?? Will promote in our Steemit Philippines server :)


Old and young. All are welcome! Read our post to see what type of content we support. Thank you for supporting education!

Hey @jaynie I agree, of course and I think I'm going to copy your list of good people to mention maybe we can all support one another and help each other grow that's what Steem is about right, anyway I just wanted to let you know I was going to copy that and post that in my next post or something we'll see. Much love and positivity always be well.

If you like HDR photography and some interesting poetry I'm going to leave a link here if that's okay let me know if you if its not thanks.

Excellent post and excellent initiative. Totally agree ... education unlocks the mind ... very good phrase ... not only when we are kids ... always ... you always have to educate yourself and study ... education and study gives knowledge .. .and the knowledge breaks the chains of slavery because you think for yourself and as good you said nobody can block your mind, and that gives freedom


Absolutely! Very well said @matuca - thank you for the lovely comment and for your support.

Thanks for the mention - I am so thankful every day for @steemiteducation


pleasure :)

Thanks for sharing. I agree teachers are not valued enough here in South-Africa!!

The day we stop learning is the day we stop truly living 😊

Thank you for writing about #steemiteducation and also mentioning me. Steemit posts are open for all and many will come from google search who may not play contest but they will find good contents, motivational articles and educational resources and so on. I think steemiteducation understood the latent demand of us. Steem On


My pleasure - and yes... what they are doing is WONDERFUL! They deserve ALL the support they can get :)


Truly. They do great. I try to upvotes most of posts they resteem as I trust fully :D thanks curie for giving backup the great curators.

Real knowledge opens universal knowledge - the key to success for everyone in life. Education of a formal nature without a life school is not enough for an excellent life. Exellent posts jaynie


Thank you @dobartim xxx

Very true. I also have an 8 year old son and sometimes it is quite a challenge to get his teachers to understand him. @steemiteducation has awesome content that helps me to see education differently


They really do! What they are doing deserves so much more attention!

Nice post thanks for sharing Very true

Interesting plan @jaynie


thank you :)


@jaynie I complete my 100 follower you can see my post if u have time @jaynie

Great post. Education is really important and fundamental right of everyone excluding age limit. Education post can help those who cannot afford a formal education so steemiteducation can be helpful platform.

Thanks for sharing👍

you always have a good quotes, its inspriring me so much