Q, we the people, false flags, the narrative, and other matters of grave concern!

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I have been in the proverbial rabbit hole since JFK was murdered, this has been the tinfoil hat wearing world where I have mostly lived my whole life. I have known something "wasn't quiet right" for as long as I can remember, but there has never seemed to be a real break in the narrative from then until now where myself, and others like me, could experience any real hope of change for the better.

Until Oct, 2017 when I first heard of and read Q's intel drops, I felt a sense of hopeless isolation. Had sort of background resigned to the possibility that the world would most likely just have to finish blowing itself up. That the hordes of "sleeping drones", and their MK ultra programmed counterparts, would just march on blindly while the rest of us watched in disbelief and horror.

Then hope emerged, tiny and quietly the murmurs began. Brexit was voted for. Donald Trump upset the Hillery appointed shoe in rigged election. The wiki leaks became public. People began to talk about Q, and the deep state, and how things didn't fit together in the mass shootings. The JFK files were declassified. I could almost feel the resurgence of light leaking into the darkness. For many this was a darkening period, as they realized for the first time the atrocities taking place in the world. For those of us doning tinfoil hats for decades it was light.

Lately, since the Florida Shooting, filled with more unanswered questions then the internet seems capable of holding, there has been wide spread censorship of anything challenging the mainstream media narrative. Massive amounts of you tube channels disappearing, content being erased, etc. This made me think, it should make every one think, what is really going on?

I feel like there are far more people, who have silently borne the secret shame of tinfoil hat wearing for decades, than any of us are individually aware of. If there was ever a time for us to come together as a united "we the people" then now, it certainly eludes me. I feel the only reason this dark force has not completely over run us already is the guarantees of our first and second amendment rights. The fact that we have been splintered into millions of separate pieces, all just trying to survive the storm, has been working against us.

I feel strongly that we need to protect our right to bear arms, to protect ourselves from a tyranical government, but maybe even more strongly at this moment that we need to protect our right to free speech, as it is being abused in order to push the narrative that our guns must be taken to ensure our own safety. Now more than ever we need to find one another and unite. To take back control of the narrative. We are, when united, an unstoppable force.

So here is my tiny idea. We need to create an army of people willing to create "freely, reproduce and distribute in full with credits" content that speaks out against the false narratives being propagated by the main stream media. Then there needs to be thousands of non creators willing to download and store this content offline, and when the creators are censored, resurrect the content 10 fold, 100 fold, and place it back on the same platforms that removed it. We need to become a united force that will not be silenced.

If we can not unite, if we sit any longer silently by and do nothing as the darkness marches forward to overtake the world and all those in it, then we deserve whatever is our lot! There are many good down loader add on's for almost every browser and external hard drives to store content on have become incredibly affordable. I purchased a Seagate 1 TB slim for $29 just the other day.

If you have felt ostracized for what you have felt to be true, there has never been a better time to stand up and shine your light than NOW! If the you tube channel "Seething Frog" is still not banned when you read this, check out this source as well. Thank you for reading, believing, and holding light.

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