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Hello Steemians! Quick question! It looks to me that there are no rewards after a certain period of time. Is that the case? If there is an end to the reward window, doesn't that remove the incentives to create high-quality content that stands the test of time? Is there a way to address this issue, and have the devs considered it?


LOL I'm searching steemit trying to find out if after 7 days, rewards can be earned on posts. I was guided to you post posing the same question, and then asking the very big question. I this going to promote click-bait gimmicky crap that will NOT "stand the test of time" It would be like it's not worth putting anything out worth while until you have a large enough following to get enough people to resteem it. I am even more concerned about this on dtube.

Lets do a test, I'm going to upvote. These are very good questions you are asking.

Please let me know if it registers as a pending pay out.

I'm going to keep searching for an answer to this.

Peace out brother man.

I have wondered the same thing myself.

great work like it