And to update... Not worth it. .4 SBD sent, .24 received after all the upvotes. Save your money folks and go find some of the better upvote bots

Do you know anything better? I never tired any bots till my reputation was 49. I was stuck up for a long time at 40, then suddenly got a whale vote of 50 SBD. But it seems bots will do the trick at least till I get to 60.

yeah there are lots of bots that give much better results than this. Some of the bots that I have used in the past include; @randowhale @minnowbooster @boomerang @bellyrub @buildawhale @discordia @drotto and @banjo. they all perform autovotes but some are better than others. @ninjawhale is not a good choice. A tiny bot which takes more than it gives

True. You can tell by their spelling.

Ah, I see, thank you. But I think these bots give only a few votes, not as many as 49+ like @ninjawhale. You get more returns for your SBD spend but not the numbers if that's a need. Correct me if I am wrong.

these 49 votes are almost all worthless. Its a loss of money. I spent .4 SBD and after all the up votes received .24 SBD in return

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