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In 2018 I'm not going to stray away from asking for help from other people.

Here's my first 'help request' story.

I'm asking you to help me make Steemit work for me and all of you too.

I must admit I don't fully understand how the platform works.

No matter how much research I did on it, I'm still confused.

Power up, power down, Steem, Steem power, dollars, rewards, D Tube, etc.

It's all quite confusing to me.

I would like to develop a 'Steem team' from this point onwards.

I want to work together to make this a successful publishing experience for us all.

Let's have a discussion on this thread on what the best way to do that would be.

I know that Steem works and can work for everyone, but would love to know how to use it properly.

I welcome all suggestions, advice and proposals in comments.

Also, if you would prefer to get in touch with me over email please email me at

We also run a crypto and blockchain community at which I invite you to join too.

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Hello, this is an amazing idea. I came here few days ago and I am still quite confused. I'd like to know what does "witness" mean or how contests work :) Hope I 'll find someone to explain this little amazing (but techy) thing :)


Hey @dreamdiary, I followed you and looking forward to exchanging interactions with you in 2018. Thank you for coming back to me and engaging in this post.


Thank U for posting this topic one more time :)

Please help us also develop and grow our Steem account too.