Why I am not looking forward to Father’s day

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The world is celebrating #FathersDay today. And I am celebrating it with everyone. Why not? Fathers are the main men in our lives!😊

But honestly, deep down my heart is breaking.

Again. For the nth time.

Why? Because I wish I still have a father.

We lost him in 2014. I remember I was still at work when I received a frantic phone call from my Mama. “Wala na Papa mo!” (Your Papa is dead!)

I thought she was laughing and pulling a prank on me. I said “Huh? Di pwede mangyari yun! Eh kasama lang natin siya kanina sa breakfast? Ang saya- saya pa nya!”
(Impossible! How could he be gone? We just had breakfast with him! He was having a great time!)

But she wasn’t kidding. It took a while for me to realize, she was crying hysterically. So I dropped everything, left the office and ran as fast as my legs would carry me. Called an ambulance. The paramedics quickly responded. They did the best they could.

But it was too late. He died inside in my house. Cardiac arrest.

Yes, people will say “Oh, don’t be too sad! You still have the father figures in your life! Your titos (uncles) are still here. He is in a better place now!”

I know, I know. But... sigh.

He is the ONLY father I have. No one can ever replace him.

So, to those who can hold your fathers— you’re damn lucky!! ❤️ Spoil them rotten, especially today!! Hug them, kiss them, tell them “I love you” a million times, and give him that fine SUV or golf set he’s been wanting these past years! If you can’t, then promise him the moon and the stars, and commit the rest of your life fulfilling that promise.

Make him smile. Make him laugh.

He deserves it. No matter how imperfect he is.

But what about those who do not have fathers anymore?

Well, what else can we do but miss them, love them, honor their memory and throw them butterfly kisses in the air? I’m sure they’ll catch those and say “these are the cutest kisses in the world. 🦋”

So Papa, paano ba yan? Ganito nalang ba tayo?? Hahaha!
(What can we do? This is how it’s going to be?)

Sending you butterfly kisses...and hugs.

And as for my heart... it will always be broken whenever I think of you. But don’t you worry. I know how to live with it now. I am at peace. I am happy. Because one day I know, I’ll see you.

Happy father’s day Papa! Love kita forever!
(I love you forever)



I miss my dad too. (sigh) Happy Father's Day to them in heaven!

Cheers to them! 🙏🏻🍻

It wouldn't make me feel at all better if people told me that I had father figures in my life and that my dad was in a better place. I'm so sorry for your loss :(

Thanks @malloryblythe :) yeah i know what you mean. I know they meant well but, it doesnt make it better, right?

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Not only on father's day, everyday should be a family day.
Good post.

I'm sorry for your loss. I still have my father, but my mother passed in 2014. It was very sad for my family.
So I understand your loss. God bless you Jasmin. Bear Hugs!!

Bear hugging you back, @paradise-found! ❤️❤️❤️

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