Meet Captain Alexandra Noblejas

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I am currently portraying a role for the Philippine primetime television series on ABS-CBN entitled “The General’s Daughter” as a military soldier named Captain Alexandra Noblejas.
A PMA topnotcher who is very well trained in close quarter combat and a marksman specializing in long range sniper rifles, Captain Noblejas has flawless records as her previous missions have all been successful.
Captain Alex leads the search for the main protagonist, Rhian Bonifacio, portrayed by Angel Locsin.


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Youtube: Janice Hung
Facebook: JaniceHungTV
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very very pretty i think she don't need weapon to kill
someone she just look at him.....

All the best with the new role.

Good luck with The series!

I kinda like the part where the background music changes each time you and Rhian meet, popcorn!
Glad to see you in the series! Enjoy!


Oh Captain, my Captain! No ordinary soldier indeed!