in steemit •  2 years ago

I just bought 700,000 Steem.
I did it so I can power up and promote my "Toothbrush" advertising spots/post.

But I am having second thoughts....

What if the sSeem whales really do not like my posts and drive them to oblivion?

Is my 700k Steem investment going down the drain....cause nextgenripto have no interest in brushing teeth...what is worst will he send kushed ( god forbid and other friend of his) to drive my post into nowhere to see land????

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What if you buy 700000 steem and then gradually spent those steem over time to get the attention of the masses/people? (everyone that reads/watches your advertisement and maybe upvotes it for visibility against the "evil" whales is rewarded by your 700000 steem)

Instead of you paying google or any advertising company, you pay directly everyone that is watching/reading your advertisement.

I don't know exactly how it will work in the end, but I know for certain that the devs of steem are much smarter than you and me. And keep in mind that we are still in beta, steem is only a few months old for gods sake!

Well, to downvote your post would cost me some voting power. I could upvote some post instead and by doing that earn some money...for downvoting I can get some fun, but no money.
By now I would probably even start to realize that active downvoting destroys community effectively with the consequence of Steem prize going down.


I guess the 700,000 Steem purchase is a thought about doing it in the future. Nothing like a sucker punch title to get you to read a post.


700,000 Steem is worth about 100,000$ now. I guess the message of this post is that anyone who is willing to invest 100,000$ into this platform should get the status of a whale, those setting the prize at 0.01$ for 1 Steem for @james-show to buy in. Is it possible, would a whale be willing to sell his whale position for 100,000$ ? Well, probably yes.