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RE: Can we pause for half a second and say congrats and thanks to Steemit? We're breaking multiple records right now!

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I think the pump today is just a great sign of people believing in something enough to help it succeed. Without all the people on here like you and many other major contributors helping to grow steemit and prove to the world that it's worthwhile, it would go nowhere.

I think that's a major difference between steem and other altcoins at the moment. Steem has a working platform with thousands of users who support it and make it great. Sure, it's got fast speeds and no fees, but the real bread and butter is the people.

I think as time goes more and more people will come to steemit because they see a group of people who believe in change, positive change where people are boosting each other up, sharing each others content, and giving each other value. I'm really glad to be part of the community here and look forward to doing my best to help it grow and thrive. Only wish I was hodling more haha.

Happy new years everyone :)


I didn't know Steem has this much activity.
We should be proud as the first users of this community.

Happy New Year!😀

A lot of people that are noticing Steem for the first time, still don't know or are just finding out about Steem.

and it might go higher since the surge has sparked a lot of activity on the platform and more people are engaging the platform according to the daily stats. i want to see it go even higher. this will mean my coins and votes will be worth something

Happy New Years! I'm glad someone let me know about Steemit, it sounds like there's a great group of people here that care about helping others :)

Happy New Year. I am Looking for people to follow who also believe in change. I have upvoted your post and will re-steem.

Exactly. Steemit is a genius idea.

Nice congrats people I'm new and just uploaded my first DTUBE video on real estate and crypto investing. Cheers and happy newyears!

I’m glad to be a part of this growing steemit community, one interest thing if you check out steem or steemit is one of the active that grows rapidly cheers for steemit 🎉

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