Can we pause for half a second and say congrats and thanks to Steemit? We're breaking multiple records right now!

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Look I know there's a lot of frustration that's been going around towards Steemit. There haven't been enough changes to the UI fast enough to make everyone happy. There was a slow period while getting DDOSed. There have been challenges along the way. I get all of that. But we're also kinda kicking ass.


This is a site called I found out about it through @steemitblog. It's tracking price relative to how much activity is on a platform and also keeping track of how much room is left on the block. Steem currently holds the record for most transactions on a block. Not only that, but we're still sitting under 1% utilization. Steemit has some more changes coming to make it improve, but right now we're the most active and still have room to grow.

Maybe you don't think that's all that cool, but you'd be wrong. If you want to power an entire internet on a blockchain you need one that can handle an assload of transactions. I'm looking around and while many of those coins still have room none of them could power it themselves... except Steem.

How bout price?

I'm pretty sure we're at all time high levels. We're doing pretty well right now. $7 steem. Maybe it's a pump. There are some witnesses that are still mad at Steem that think it's just a pump. I happen to think it's that the market is finally pricing in the things that are coming in 2018: onboarding improvements, communities, and SMTs. That's gonna be a hell of a year and I think the market is now accounting for it.

It's possible it's just a pump, but I think the fact that we're raising up faster than some of the other coins is suggesting that we're not just keeping up with BTC, but we're actually gaining on it. I think it suggests a good future for the coin!

Minnow Support is about to hit 7k active Steemians!

With prices surging we have a pretty massive influx of new people! MSP is about to hit 7k active members! that's remarkable. I fucking run a city! Who knew, but check out this chart from @penguinpablo-

We have over 300,000 unique accounts using last week. That's incredible! Apparently $10SBDs and $7 Steem really keeps folks engaged on the platform! I'm not positive, but I think that's an all time high too!

Anyway, there's been a lot of hateraide and I just wanted to toss these guys some love!

Thanks Steemit. You guys have put up with some serious shit. You haven't been perfect, but you're getting us to the crypto promise land. So, I just wanted to stop and say thanks!


I think the pump today is just a great sign of people believing in something enough to help it succeed. Without all the people on here like you and many other major contributors helping to grow steemit and prove to the world that it's worthwhile, it would go nowhere.

I think that's a major difference between steem and other altcoins at the moment. Steem has a working platform with thousands of users who support it and make it great. Sure, it's got fast speeds and no fees, but the real bread and butter is the people.

I think as time goes more and more people will come to steemit because they see a group of people who believe in change, positive change where people are boosting each other up, sharing each others content, and giving each other value. I'm really glad to be part of the community here and look forward to doing my best to help it grow and thrive. Only wish I was hodling more haha.

Happy new years everyone :)

I didn't know Steem has this much activity.
We should be proud as the first users of this community.

Happy New Year!😀

A lot of people that are noticing Steem for the first time, still don't know or are just finding out about Steem.

and it might go higher since the surge has sparked a lot of activity on the platform and more people are engaging the platform according to the daily stats. i want to see it go even higher. this will mean my coins and votes will be worth something

Happy New Years! I'm glad someone let me know about Steemit, it sounds like there's a great group of people here that care about helping others :)

Happy New Year. I am Looking for people to follow who also believe in change. I have upvoted your post and will re-steem.

Exactly. Steemit is a genius idea.

Nice congrats people I'm new and just uploaded my first DTUBE video on real estate and crypto investing. Cheers and happy newyears!

I’m glad to be a part of this growing steemit community, one interest thing if you check out steem or steemit is one of the active that grows rapidly cheers for steemit 🎉

This is super awesome! This new records makes the New Year extra sweet :D
Looks like you're doing great too! Best wishes to you always.

Yes! I love gifs! :)

this is really a nice gif.
steem $ will increase further more/

$50 is so possible by mid year :D

ummm, I don't think so this year but am very happy with the current prices!

pump utopian :D make a task for marketing material :)

Go steem go

"Spare me!"

Reminds me of this Simpson's moment. McBain = Steem. Nazi = The coinmarket cap.

This is a good one! :)

Leo and Coco
What a couple for the ultimate 2018 New Year blast

coco peru clinton leupp.jpg

Congratulation and cheers to all Peoples
Enjoy this movement...

the rise has begun and with that high block activity its no surprise that steem is growing that fast , screw those whale who think its a pump , me am just happy that my coins are worth a lot

I think we will see 10-15 $ within the next 6 months !

Maybe sooner 😁

love you steemit.
and love you steemit family .
you are very caring.
lets connect.

Hope sooo!

It is happening guys, Steemit is up up up to high grounds as in the gif!

Going to have to add start adding a zero at the end of each of those numbers!!!

Yes! Exciting times :)

This is going to be the best year ever!!!

Steemit is just warming up :) Steem on.

Upvote& Follow u , Nora!

lets upvote and follow.

i love that gif haha

can we cause a red wedding :D get to top2 :D

I was actually contemplating that, the pump of sbd I didn't get a exact way to do it, but I was thinking what if we just x10 it twice, steem was at 800 mill back then, so I was thinking 8bil gets us top10 exactly, 80 bil gets us top2 (ripple hadn't wrecked ether back then :D )

Thanks you! I'm glad to be a steemian😁

wooow steemit work really good!!!!

Its a killing spree!!!

lets connect.

LOL< your .gif is outdated already!
We passed $8, and you might as well make it $10, $12, $20, $30, and so on, cuz $100 is the GOAL for this Year!!! Maybe MORE? ;) OK, I'm making it official, $1,000 Steem THIS YEAR! 2018! ;) lol

@underground I love the sound of that. Steem on :)

wooaaahh! this is really happening! 😁 i need gifs! :D

Yes! so many more greatness is coming :)

get this shit off my wall please

Cryptos are the ultimate human freedom.

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Keep going this is awesome! Looking forward for new heights for STEEM!!!

What are the theoretical limits for daily transactions with Steem? Seems like it keeps all others in the butt!

Theoretically on high end nodes, I believe I saw that it could possibly handle 180,000 transactions per second, which would give something around 16 billion transactions per day. Stress tests have sustained 10000 transactions per second in the past which would give a little less than 1 billion transactions per day. As far as I know.


Upvote for thats very cool, i didnt know about this one.

Absolutely incredible. Let's hope it can sustain!

Отличная тенденция роста! :)

Thank you steemit and thanks to great people like you @aggroed who are making this community strong.

I was lucky to jump on the train in October, when Steem was on a 1$ plateau for a while. My first Crypto experience! And, after digging and understanding what this thing was about, I was confident it would at least be stable and probably rise.

Steem has a fundamental that many other coins do not have: huge solid growth of its activity via an ever increasing number of applications, developers and users.

When I put my nose over it, I can't help to smell a future giant.

While I am writing this comment, Steem is now at 8$ (SBD at 10$). I think it is a pump, and that it is maybe not over (I can see it continue increasing for a short while) and then, it will recede towards a new plateau, maybe 4-5$.

It might stay there a little, cooking, and then have a huge boost again, and recede to a new plateau, always multiple times the previous plateau value, a kind of copy paste of the past evolutions... I might post something on the reason that make me write that (maybe, maybe not, I am not a crypto expert ;-))

In the end, with all the amazing assets it already has (a huge processing headroom) and those that will be injected in the system in 2018, (like SMTs), I do not think high 2-digit or even low three digit prices are unthinkable by the end of the year.

And as for the long term... the sky is the only limit...

So I write post in my fields of expertise of the highest quality possible, and collect Steem coins now... for my retirement as a millionaire :-)

I still think steem is significantly undervalued than most of the other coins. Look at the activity and the utilization, but still only at $1.8b market cap. Hopefully the market realizes that and Steem explodes in 2018 to become one of the top 10 cryptos!

I am like awe to see steemit pumping up the jam two night in a row.
Keep on steemit.

Mayor of Minnow City. Exciting times for sure!






Am using this medium to say thank you to steemit.
Thank you @aggroed

I did my first CASH OUT and it was amazing.
The link to first CASH OUT.

no. 1 in activity? Boo-yahh! 2018 starting quite nice steem and steemit...

yes top of the blockactivity this is awesome


Nice post, I agree, Steemit deserves a lot of love right now.


Yes i seen this
thanks for sharing to all

Yes, now hopefully even when prices wane, the active user engagement stays. Then, we'll know whether people are actually enjoying the content, community, and platform, rather than just price.

Congrats STEEMIT, congrats STEEM, let's keep the run going and with good vibes on STEEMIT. Time to clean-up any internal issues and show the world STEEM is ready to cook with the big boys !!

Now look what you started @aggroed! Everyone is gushing gratitude. And so we should. I got involved because Steemit was an alternative to the FANG gang. It's not too crowded in here. And anyone's authoring efforts actually can bring in cash. Even a $0.01 upvote will make me giddy. Someone noticed me! Thanks Steemit, here's to rockin' it in 2018.

Welcome to the neighborhood. Need folks like you around. Come join us at the Minnow Support Project!

Thank you Steemit

No, thank you my friend for all the work you've done! Your success is very well deserved.

Upvoted to bypass the bots!

steem is moonnning

Realle great post ahahahahha

WOW, HODLING AND CONSISTENT POWERING U REALLY PAYS OFF!!! I am not special, but I do feel pretty special. I am right in sync with STEEMIT Right Now, I caught a few $$$ in the big BTC run up, sould have sold sooner but I did sell at $16,000 and took a bunch ($1700) worth of BTC gains, rolled it into Steem under $2 and caught the WAVE!!! This is the BIGGEST Gain, and largest investment I have ever made outside of my 401A, which is thru work... I LOVE STEEMIT, and ALL MY STEEMIAN FRIENDS!!! Yes, I know I am YELLING, but This is Worth Yelling About!


In fact it's strange it took this long. Steemit is one of the few real applications of blockchain. Almost every other coin has pumped to unrealistic level. Time for Steem to get a bit realistic :)


This is definitely a crypto I can see sticking around for a very long time with backing it...think I'll dump some money in for the long run! Thank you guys for this killer idea!

Yes, thanks for sharing all this. I am new here but I see great possibilities for Steemit. And it is easy to use which @cryptoinvestor says is the number 1 issue with crypto currencies and I agree.

haha I like your last lines I know who steemian are you talking about. I hope they stop on destrying each other because steemit also suffers.

I want to say thank you to steemit and I never regret on join here. and also thank you @aggroed for a such good witness. I am supporting your deeds here.

Amen. I'm totally with you on this. In spite of the all of the hateraide being consumed on a daily basis right now, we have much to be thankful for. And I really am thankful for Steemit and for Minnow Support. It's given me a reason to be excited about the Internet again. And I think you're right - I think the market is finally and correctly pricing in what's ahead for 2018. Seeing STEEM hit $7 USD today really opened my eyes to how far this thing can go, and I'm excited.

Thank you for sharing this great breakdown info and for also thankjng steemits for perfect imperfections towards being perfect and their trememdious activities being carried out to help people grow.

Well @aggroed what can I stay, we've been blessed and the new year has really ushered us into a new limelight howbeit, we've had our own share of imperfection but we're surging ahead

I Agree, full steem ahead LOL!

First day with my account , new start for me , new start for Steemit. haha

Congrats and thank you Steemit!

I am addicted to checking coin market now, also thanks to Steemit😂

Great post.
From me i woudl like to add that the prize of steem and steem dolars is main reason of huge increase of neew account. I hope that this is not a pump but is hard to tell.

Yay minnowsupport and yay Steemit! We going to take over the world :)

There is a lot of frustration around steem but it is usually because of steemit. Frustration is actually good for steem because it shows that people are aware and will call out bullshit when it happens for example reward pool raping. This can lead to discussions which might yield solutions.

Steemit has really carved out an awesome niche in the crypto world. As it continues to grow, it will undoubtably be a strong player in the crypto revolution. Plus it is super fun being able to discuss topics with other people here on steemit and find new information on exciting projects.

I really like Steemit! happy to see price MOON!))

This is awesome. Of course I see some of the issues people mention, but have just had "thank you" on repeat these last few weeks--it's literally changing my life as a little artist/singer-songwriter who is finding profound support here. With the exchange rate and the generosity of so many users, I am able to commit a lot of time here and really watch things take off.

Thanks for writing this! We are being given an incredible gift in this platform. xx, Kay

I can’t say I’m -more- motivated to get the music video content I’ve been slaving over for two weeks up on here thanks to $7 steem...but it is not hurting.

Steem is literally going to the moon. I feel like I am just dreaming. I can tell that steemit is one of the fast flying coin ever made. Congrats to all of us! :)

Steem has definitely been on a tear. What a way to start 2018. Let's just hope we can find support for the price at current levels.

totally agree with your point. congratulations to all steemians with the achievements made in this platform. there is nothing out there that cold match steem.

Absolutely we all should be thankful. Going by the Blocktivity chart you have reproduced above, among the 12 shown coins, Steem is at 8th position in terms of Market Cap and 2018 has just begun. If that's not really a Happy New Year, then I really don't know what is :)

A great victory congratulations @aggroed

Steem will turn out to be one of the most sought after crypto currencies this year 2018 going by all indicators. The current market value will encourage activities on steemit and attract more new entrants into the platform. Steemit might hit 1 million users by end of 2018

Already happening! Thanks for your nice comment!

Isn't their a hug delay on the sign-up process already?
The pay-to-create an account mechanism might be the achilles heal of Steem in it's current form.

24-48 hours is usual, these days.

Every public blockchain needs a fee-based system to prevent unbounded state growth by potentially malicious actors. Bitcoin charges a tx fee to create a new UTXO.

I agree.
No idea how busy you are and if you are aware of this:
Someone is on a crusade to destroy the STEEM blockcahin.
Just sharing this in case you did not know.
At least you get the opportunity to liquidate your stake before he does.
A fee alone will help just a little, since it is not so hard to reward oneself.

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I didn't know ddos attacks were behind those slow downs. For a while I thought about quitting. Glad I stuck with it steemit is awesome

Wow that's amazing @aggroed! Congratulations @minnowsupport.. woot, woot! Thank you for your awesome support to minnows like me! There's really a lot to celebrate with Steem at $7! Yehey!

Wishing you more blessings this 2018 @aggroed! Happy New Year!♥

Steem platform is growing and flourishing.... May it keep growing like this.

Yeah, we sure won't give up from steem! Steemit grew so fast and its future growth is sure! Here is the statistic chart from

As we can see it is now a 1609th most visited site in the world! And it will only be more popular!



CONGRATULATIONS! BRAVO! THANK YOU STEEMIT COMMUNITY! It is such a VERY kind and helpful Community! This is beyond well deserved! Joining Steemit is one of the VERY BEST things that I did for myself! I'm telling my Family, Friends and Clients how GREAT Steemit is and how GREAT the Steemit Community is! It is truly such a blessing and honor to be a part of the Steemit Community! I assure you that this is just the beginning my Friends! Positive Energy! Light and Love! Great Karma! Blessed 2018 my Friends! :)

Well said my friend!!

Awesome thanks for sharing!!!

these kind of articles inspire you to believe in steem and hold on to it. lovely. thank mate

My gratitude will always remain for Steemit no matter what. Managed to buy my dream bass guitar just because of Steemit. Started from scratch with just my computer, a cheap Android phone and my Nikon D90 camera and I've been able to make a substantial amount working here. For someone like me from the poorest parts of the world (Kathmandu, Nepal) Steemit has been a blessing.
This is the bass I'm talking about, isn't it gorgeous?

wow that is a huge price. Thankyou

We just barely lifted off fellas. The moon is just a stopover. ;)

2018 will great for steem

Thank you so much for the informative post @aggroed you're doing valuable and great work for the community. 2018 is going to be awesome for steemit. Happy new year to you

Congratulation steemit. You might not be perfect (yet) but you make me happy every day!