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RE: Steemit just paid for Christmas!!! Thankyou to everyone!!!

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Love your sharing and as I have a challenged child, I can understand what you have to go through. So happy that Steemit is able to help you and your family. As this is a huge community, I am sure if everyone can give a little of their upvote to your blog, it will help you in the long run. Keep up your positive attitude and keep sharing and posting, we love to hear from you.
May you and your family, have a Blessed, Merry Christmas filled with lots of Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness and good Health.
God Bless


Thank you. Merry Christmas to you as well.
Is your child on the spectrum?
Steemit has made a huge difference. It truly is a blessing to be here.

She has down syndrome, with a medical condition of severe hirschsprung and short gut syndrome. Delayed in speech but her fine and gross motor are good as compared to many of her peers. She is doing well and very proud that she can read but pronunciation needs improving. Thank God that she is doing well but still needs check up every 3 months.
Just need lots of prayers.

I will keep her in my thoughts.