How does it feel to be a fresh grain of corn? – What's your metaphor of Steemit?

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Dear Steemians,

After a long day with loong seconds and a little bit of traumatization to my jaw, after my most awaited appointment at the dentist, my headaches finally started to wear off and I couldn't be more exited to finally be able to be on Steemit. It's funny how reality can keep one away from the next big thing.

After all it's my second day on Steemit and I've already learned so much – more than I could have ever imagined, and on my way up this hill, I started thinking about how to give back to the community for the approx. 0.5 cents I've been blessed with on my first day – I can only say thank you. Although, it's not about the money, as I already mentioned in the last part my newbie introduceyourself post. For me it's more about changing something for the better, to the advantage of the community and being a valuable instrument in a golden orchestra. And just like that, a pile of diverse ideas popped up in my head, one different from the other, so that I started to feel like I was present in one of those red, rolling popcorn machines, with uniquely shaped golden bits inside, ready to be served:


Maybe it's not the best comparison, however you might get what I'm saying.
Everyone here is different, but still the same:

You might say that some are bigger and some are smaller, but I'm thinking about the true value of each Steemian (I hope i'm calling us right). I like to imagine that everyone in the Steemit community is GOLD – and once again, I'm not talking about money, I'm talking about CONTENT. We all together make out a pile of delicious wanna–have (or even wanna–be) crispy, golden popcorn.

You know what makes popcorn great? Sharing it!

I'd be happy to hear your thoughts – What's your metaphor of Steemit?

Wis love,

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