Introducing myself, and the scent of a fresh start

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I'm not even sure how to start this

Maybe I should start with my name – actually greetings first !

Dear Steemers,

Find me on Twitter @meezwhite
Here's the proof it's me :)

I'm Joseph or originally in Romanian called Iosif – taken from the Bible obviously, that's what my parents decided to name me. They didn't give me a second name, which I don't really miss. Anyhow, I currently live in Vienna, Austria, the country that apparently accepted most refugees up to this date. I moved here when I was about ten years old – we were on vacation, and since the school in Romania starts one month later, our mother sent us one month – as preparation – here to school.

My brother and I liked it very much. For me the air smelled differently, good differently and I liked the many public gardens near my grandmother's place. And so our parents asked us, whether we wanted to stay in Austria or go back to Romania. Although I was a child, I knew deeply inside, that this wouldn't be a light change. Inside myself I was reserved at first, thinking for the first time in my life what a change like this could mean, thinking about the family in Romania and all my friends and colleagues and the places I conquered in the settlement where we used to live (I might write a story about those times).

The decision

Yet it sounded so appealing to get to know all these new friends and smell everyday, the scent of a fresh start. I'm not sure what my brother was thinking or feeling in that moment, I haven't asked him yet, anyhow we both decided with our children's mind – and accepted "the offer".

It was very courageous of our parents, to give up everything for their two boys, just so that they can have a better future. Thirteen years later and here we are – me enjoying a beautiful Sunday and my brother on vacation – in Romania. I do feel very thankful towards my parents for making this decision. It's funny that, they asked for our opinion at such a young age, concerning a life–changing decision.

The present

I'm currently studying Digital Media Technology, working as a research assistant the university's research institute, investing my time in my and my friend's company, creating amazing web and mobile apps and working on a traveling startup–app, which I will hopefully have the opportunity to present to you and ask for your personal feedback in the next few months.

What lies ahead

I'm looking forward to finishing a bunch of work, which I'm currently involved in which is quite time consuming. Nevertheless I'm glad I stumbled on Steemit. I'm not really the biggest fan of Facebook. I'm also not the biggest fan of social networks selling my data like it's something to sell by them. I'm also not a fan of the current economy. Plus I've always wanted to try out a cryptocurrency, but they've all seemed soo complicated. I'm looking forward to writing more and bettering my broken English and also I would like to hear from you – people who care and I would like to care for too.

I'm looking forward to being a part of a better community, not necessarily craving money, but a craving change for the better.

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I'm sorry but just pasting the steam logo above your head doesn't mean this is actually you posting from this account.

Here is some information on how to do it properly for the #introduceyourself post:


Oh, newbie start, but thanks, your post helped – upvoted.
I guess I'll post it to my Twitter account and do a drawing. Hope it's not too late.


Yes, unless you've hacked his twitter account. :P

But that would be proof enough for me. Have an upvote. :)


Haha, we'll yes. I might want to prove it with another account like GitHub or Facebook. Although my people on Facebook are not ready for this kind of innovation.
Thanks for the upvote, and for the great post :) it should be made known to more people!

Welcome to Steemit Iosif! I look forward to your content. Your broken English is great!! I get by just fine in Panama with my broken Spanish. Just remember you speak more than one language, what percentage of people can say that?


Hello @hilarski ! Thanks for your welcome :D Haha !
Never thought about that, I always thought that most people also know Broken–English. This post on Quora says more than half, but I've read different answers as well.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to your content as well!