Not a good idea. Best place is off line. Of course if you are only keeping nominal amounts on Steemit then you can choose to risk it, but Google Drive isn't safe enough for money you don't want to loose.

What I find the key benefit of cloud storage is that it makes your life easier and you have access to your important stuff anytime, anywhere without hassle. Isn't that Google offers the most advanced online security? Thought they are the top notch on the field.

The whole point of crypto is that you hold your private keys. Putting them on google may be 6.5/10 safe but not as safe as you can get. Maybe its different with Steem, i'm new to the platform, but with my other crypto private keys i would never store them on the cloud. Usually on a hardware wallet like the Trezor. Another thing I thought of are the recent articles of people being frozen out of their google docs because of some sort of the content of their documents. I just think better safe than sorry.

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