Calling All Steemians, It is time to make a difference in the world!

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Hello once again my fellow Steemians!
I am starting a new project, and I need some serious Steemians that are up to the task! It is called the

One Life At A Time Project

We all want to change the world to make it a better place for all, don't we? I know I do, but I cannot do it by myself. I always wanted to open a homeless shelter ever since I can remember, but I do not have the resources to make that happen currently. But I am driven to make a difference in this world before I leave it! And I have been wracking my brain on just how to do that. So I was thinking what can we do as Steemians that can really make a difference?

There are so many children that go missing every year, never to be heard from again.

If we can help find just one child, and make it possible to get them back home, it would make a huge difference to that child's family. I know that I would go absolutely crazy if it were my child out there, in trouble, and alone. These children need your help, and they need it now.

Are there any Serious Steemians out there up to the task?

What is needed to get this ball rolling you ask?

  • 1-2 Steemians that can provide some good web hosting on their server.
  • 2 Steemians that are good at web design, and graphics for website.
  • 1-2 Steemians that can handle promotion and press releases.
  • 20 Steemians ++ to handle digging up info on the net, newspapers and gathering intel.
  • 1 Steemian that is Excellent with Crypto to handle donations and finances.
  • 2 Steemians or more that could possibly travel if needed.
  • 4 Steemians ++ for writing blog posts, newsletters, website content, and updates.
  • 2 Steemians ++ for making videos for Social Media
  • 2 Steemians ++ for making Memes for Social Media

Take a look at the faces of the missing, and tell me you do not want to help. This is just one list, there are more out there.

Polly Klass Master List

Also check this link for the National Center for Missing Kids:
1 in 6 Missing Being Trafficked

I am asking for an hour or two a week, or more, depending upon what ever you feel comfortable in donating. I know that we all have lives to lead, so the more Steemians that can help the better. I will have a Discord setup by the end of the day for this, so we can communicate. Let's take this wonderful platform of Steemit, and make use of it's full potential.

I am but one person, but together we can make a difference...
One Life At A Time!

So what do you say Steemians?
Got What It Takes to Make a Difference?

Slots Filled So Far:
Financial - @chiefmappster

OLAAT Discord - Join The Discord!

Leave your comments below, then Resteem please, thanks!


We need to keep this post up top and visible, if someone can resteem this one, greatly appreciated, we need more volunteers. :-) And also someone to donate some webhosting, so we can get a website up a.s.a.p. Thanks! :-)

What a wonderful idea! This is a horrible problem that desperately needs fixing!

I am following for further updates. I will try to help you out any way I can!

Thanks @hashclouds much appreciated. :-) Anything you can do would be helpful... I am going to make an extended list of things here shortly and update.


I'm maxed with my own business and a Steem project with Earth Nation to help conscious based self employed beat the struggle.

If you need resources without money this site might help you get some professional talent.

Thanks @greatestjourney I appreciate the info I am checking it out now.


Wow sign me up buddy. I would love to help in any way :)

God bless.


Thanks @chiefmappster much appreciated my friend. :-) If you are up for it, wanna handle the financial aspects, ie setting up a fund for donations and etc? If so that would be awesome. You know more about Steemit and how things work around here. Will need one more for that task too.


Absolutely roger that on it. And we can develop a couple more posts about this so you can pitch it at the Whaletank and get some community funding behind it :)

Awesome! Thanks my friend. :-)

You're welcome my friend :)

I think this is a truly great project and I admire you for wanting to get some physical action going.

I am an energy healer and I've heard some awful truth about the numbers of children that do go missing and what happens to them when they do, and it's really not good at all.

Unfortunately I don't have any of the skills you're looking for, but I do know that some charities are using funds to child traffic and not find the children and I have good discerning skills, so if I can help then I am very happy to.

Thanks @michellecarter :-)

Yes I agree with you, I have heard of some real tragedies that never see the light of day in the MSM, and are never really reported. And also agree with you... there are people/charities using donations in the worst of ways, and not doing anything but lining pockets or worse. That is why I think that we as a community can do it ourselves. I've donated to charities, but you never really know if your donations get used accordingly.

Will also need people to write posts, make videos, make graphics and etc. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. :-)


I'm happy to write posts on these topics and why you're doing what you're doing, and find links and information to sources around this. Do keep me updated, these children do need our help.
Peace, love & blessings

Awesome, thanks @michellecarter I appreciate that a lot. Indeed, there are children out there in need of help, like yesterday. If we can spare a child that misery, and get em home, I am game. If you want, you can write a post mentioning this post, to keep it out in the forefront greatly appreciated.

You're welcome @ inthenow.
I already do energy work on this issue and other linked issues and have shared posts about this on Facebook.
How can I post to link to what you're doing? Just add a link to this post in my article?

Also perhaps you can ask someone with influence to add an option to donate the rewards directly to the charity account, that would make life so much easier for this type of work!
Thanks :)

Hi @michellecarter Yes that would be great. And if you want, do a post or two on Steemit, we need some more people to get this going. And I was thinking on that, maybe we could use a special tag or topic that could possibly divert the rewards to a fund perhaps. Will have to get with @chiefmappster on that too, I am sure he knows a thing or two about such things.

Have a great day, and thanks! :-)

Yes sure I'll do some posts.
I'm apart of EcoTrain and they have a separate account for prize money etc and keep all the resteems in one place and easy to view, so maybe opening up account for the project would be good?

I tried to connect on Discord, but was having issues, because it wanted me to sign up when I'm already signed up? I don't need to have a new user name for each group inside Discord do I?

Hope all is going well with this and have a great day too! :)

I'm with you on this and thank you for all you are doing.

Here is a post I have done, in my style and I've up-voted, followed and re-steemd too.

Awesome @expressing very much appreciated. :-) Great work on that post too btw. Upvoted and resteemed your post. The more attention we draw to this the better. If you are able and want too, we can use some help, plenty to go around, just pick something from the list.

Have a great day. :-)

Thanks @inthenow so pleased you liked it and have resteemed it.
I can do more of what I've done, highlighting different aspects of children going missing.
I think sometimes people might respond better when the information is in rhyme than a whole post of facts to read. Both are needed and compliment each other.

Have a great day too :)

This makes me wonder if someone might be able to create a blockchain solution to finding kids quickly. A sort of "Amber Alert" program that allows tips through the blockchain. Something based on the "Wisdom of the Crowd" concept, but more based in reality than the TV show of the same name.

Even if it just helped to find and compile anonymous tips, I'm sure it could be of use in solving crimes. Any ideas?

This is the trailer that got me thinking about something like this:

Interesting @spacecadet1 It would indeed be an awesome thing, make something like that, directed towards finding the missing. Putting tech to work for something good. And I love the "we gave up privacy to watch cat videos on our phones" so true. Nothing is private in this day and age. Unless you happen to live in a jungle off grid. LOL

That's a very worthy cause!

Thanks @tamaralovelace much appreciated. :-)

Have a great night.