Words of Wisdom from @surpassinggoogle himself! What Terry said to us during the Steem Summit Special Session.

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Success is ours! - Terry

I was one of those lucky ones to meet Terry in person during the Steem Summit last April 22, 2018 held here in Cebu. And we had what we called @surpassinggoogle Special Session. We had a talk for about an hour. Thanks to my quick thinking, I decided to record Terry's words of wisdom using my phone so that I can share his knowledge and inspirational talk to the others who missed him and to everyone else who wanted a share of what we learned from him.

I actually missed the first few minutes but I was able to get most of the important part down. So I've written what he said word for word as much as possible so that I wont't mislead you or have the meaning of his message tampered. The voice recording is around 50 minutes but I will be just sharing the first 20 minutes of it.




"You just have to sit down. Brainstorm something that’s not in existence. I cannot remember something I’ve written in my blog that I researched. And when I used to research, I used to check google to make sure it's not there before I will go for that topic. If its there, even untalented isn’t even in existence. Teardops, I checked. If it is in existence, I would go back and brainstorm. You know this is how you succeed because there is competition. There is so many people, how do you stand out? Like creating an edge and that’s what this table is for. You are creating a movement that is indispensable."

"Be stunty! If I want to build your career, it’s very easy. Very, very easy on steemit. It just takes stunt. What I mean by stunty, it’s just like this. I can take @jassennessaj and make him a celebrity in the Philippines. No, seriously. I have an innovation idea when I was younger and one of it was to turn everyone into a celebrity. If you want to take @jassennesssaj and turn him into a celebrity, it is so easy. Just be stunty. Take him to the road, and the kuya guard, take him there, put like 5000 pesos on his hand, then take him to kuya guard and let him slap kuya guard but leave the 5000 pesos on kuya guard’s face. Then we will video it. I’m just trying to describe stunt. Ok, like someone did something and got on Ellen Show and what did she do? She did it on purpose. She was twerking, she twisted upside down and there was a candle and she fell and caught fire. Her butt caught fire. She got on Ellen show. Stunty. Same thing on steemit."



"I give different messages to girls. If you will notice, even in steemit. When I deal with boys, its different. The girls, the girls are special. I will pamper you from now till tomorrow. Yes! Me? If I have money, I don’t want to say too much but if I had money, I will not touch a girl but I will spoil the girl. You know, I will treat her. I just want her to know that there is life, there is beauty in life. You know that there are boys, the boys especially Filipino boys, you need to wake up! I won’t lie to you. You need to wake up because that’s what we need. Let me just be truthful. We need to wake up because these girls need you .I'm telling you. Take them to shopping. Let me tell you something if you are in another nation, you will lose your girl. I don’t know if you have a girlfriend but if you are in another nation you will lose your girl."



That love has levels.

"Let me tell you something about Love. I'm sorry if I say too much but just take the positive. This is a positive. you take heed to this. Have you heard _Versace On The Floor? Ok, listen to that song. Try to go inside Bruno Mars and see the places he's at. You know compared to when he was singing I want to be a Billionaire, when you listen to that song (Versace on the floor), try to imagine, go inside Bruno Mars and see the place he’s at and see the love, the level of love he is at. That love has levels. If you will not take her to Paris, she will not ask, she will not complain, she will bear with you. But if you take her to Paris, she will be praying for you, hundred times a day. Yes, they deserve it. Look at the punishment when Adam and Eve sinned, Adam had a different punishment and that’s it. That’s life. The stepping up is for the generations yet to come."


Stay humble. Don’t let things enter your head cause that’s where the fall arises.

"If curation is your path. Hone it. Make it perfect. When I as a minnow I have an influence of a whale in my vote. A whale will follow you. You will not know. Most of the best curators are minnows. They are getting high curation rewards. An investor who just wants curation rewards will just follow you silently and then you will be just voting people. You are a minnow but whale because of your influence. It’s the influence that counts. It's not about being minnow or whale. You can have a posting key of a whale but as a minnow, nobody will know. So what are we saying? These things look hard but it's very easy. Just deal with it like life. It's easy. For the most part, develop yourself. The things that we have learned from steemit, I don’t think anyone will falter anymore if you really learn. If you learn cryptocurrency something I never knew, I would never have gone to. I've not a trader but I'm sure you trade. And other people they learn it through steemit. So if you know blockchain, you know its possible to build a something even if its not steem or something. Then you know people. Make your connections count. For example steemgigs. If you see an influencer that has 1 million people, I know I can get such a person. That’s power. That’s how the SP (steem power) is not power, it's human. And that post is so powerful. I don’t want to mention names. But when I was a minnow everything came from my post even outside of steemit. They will go and dig into your post and evaluate your substance. They will dig up your introductory post. They want to see your definition before they see can give you the entire opportunity. There are opportunities but many times you may get just the tip. You may feel you got the entire opportunity but you just got the tip. Many times two conversations is what will make you missed it. You have to know how to converse as well. Show your definition and stuff like that. It's courtesy when westerners say "how are you", that’s courtesy. When someone says "I love you", it may not be that he is dying for you. You have to understand context."

"Stay humble. Don’t let things enter your head cause that’s where the fall arises. And that’s why we talk substance because you change. When you look at steemit, there is no good or bad. In reality, everything is subjective. You can't say you never had all the data. That steemit is just on the scene. There is behind the scene. You never have all the data so you can never police someone. You have no reason to bother about other people’s intention. And that’s the beauty of blockchain. Each person governs themselves. People are not understanding it well as its true beauty. Let's say you want to fight government because they are policing you. But you are policing people on the blockchain because it's not understood; what blockchain really is. I'm in no competition, still in the high road."



Just lay your eggs everywhere.

"Impress yourself! That’s another thing. That should be the first route. You want to read something about yourself and want to bewildered by it. Be stuttered out that you were the one who created that thing. That’s when you are attaining greatness in the real sense. That’s the first thing. You don’t need an audience. The first audience is you. And generations yet that haven’t been born may find your blogs on google and may be fixed. You don’t know how many people you are fixing. Someone may be so depressed or down or looking for solution. You know his iphone got a problem and its impromptu and he really needs it. He checks in google and finds your steemit blog and you saved him. He may be an apple creator or something and contacts you. That’s how the world works. So, your opportunities, you have to present it forever. There's no loss, it's free. Steemit allows you to enter google, to writing google.So what's there? Just lay your eggs everywhere. Just leave it out there. My first opportunity when I was a minnow was outside. It was not involving steemit. And another one again, when they dug all my past. The things I've written before on steemit came into my wall and posted “Oh terry, I like this. Oh Lets discuss”. And we entered a discussion. That’s how it works and those times I was a minnow, its steem was 7 cents. You could not earn anything and you are posting 4 times a day because I just want to exhaust the 4 time limit. There was no delegation. Flags were everyday. They will build a bot and follow you and flag. I am just attaining 70 because of previous flags. There was a time on steemit I was just writing 6 words because I just wanted to break every string, every possible string on the internet because of the flags. And then there was a fork that adjusted it. Cause there had been many forks that brought about delegation. So bid bots were not in existence before."


When you evolve yourself, you would do things you never tried ever.

"There is no need of beating yourself if this is bad or this is good. And many times its not whether something is bad or good that should deter you on doing stuffs. For example, smoking, its not only because it's bad. There are so many other things. There should be so many other barriers than bad, good or morals. "How about the person next to me, How about my self pride? My self worth? How about the kids? How they will see me and how about my parents?". There should be so many barriers or else your defenses will be limited. So on steemit, you really want to move, forget bad and good. The drama, let it be interesting stuff. Let it create your addiction. You want to know what's happening but don’t let it eat up your journey. We take steem to the moon. So if you decide that Steemit will not falter or crumble, it won’t. and it does the same. You know why we have sleepless night? why we are awake? making sure steemit does not crumble. It will not. That’s why I see the power in the people. And that’s the most beautiful thing because you cannot program people. I, for one will try not to make it crumble and you do the same. That’s simple. And if you want the price to rise. Let us bring more people, as many as possible. Forget the earnings. People should join steemit because of you. That’s why I say you are a celebrity. They should follow you because of you. They should say "Yes you are on steemit, I want to be on steemit." Bring your innovation, your business, your school. Evolve yourself. That will always equate money. Always. Because I'm telling you, when you evolve yourself, you would do things you never tried ever.


My favorite quote from Terry:

Suffering must have essence. That’s what teardrops is about. My mom suffered all her life. I don’t know if it had essence but I'm trying to make sure her suffering had essence.

That's all everyone! Hope he has touch your soul in some way. write down your favorite line here and share your thoughts about it.

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I love it! He's one of the most successful steemian here. Of course his words are like Gordon Ramsay when it comes steemit :)

And even though he is already successful he is still very humble, right? He just sets n exampls for all of us!

Well written.. good job @indayclara and congratulations as well. Just ignore those people nga nasuya nimo.. mga BANGA lang to sila.. hehehe

Thanks horus! Ignore nlng jud nako sila. Moving on! Hehe.

I see you paid attention to the life changing messages, one must learn from them, put them in practice and change our existences, good one Terry.

True! Life is a journey. And we must continue to better ourselves to so that we could reach things we never imagined!

Success does not belong to those who are smart and intelligent. Success belongs to those who have dreams and struggle to reach that dream, best articles motivation..

I certainly agree @nasirjroh! Success is indeed for everyone who is willing to take it!

Oh my gosh. While I was reading it, I think I am hearing him saying that to my ears. HAHA :D I think I am having a @surpassinggoogle fever. HAHA :D I love that part when he said,

Let us bring more people, as many as possible. Forget the earnings. People should join steemit because of you. That’s why I say you are a celebrity. They should follow you because of you. They should say "Yes you are on steemit, I want to be on steemit."

Awww. That is just beautiful! :) One day, I wish I'll be able to have that celebrity-like power to invite other people because I am on Steemit. :)

I certainly agree with you! I mean, everything he said was just on point! According to Terry, we are all celebrities! But you can invite people in your own little way. The important thing is to start now!

Yes! :) :) I actually already have 2 of my churchmates on Steemit now and also, my mom! HAHA :D :D They got so intrigued with Steemit because I am always talking about it ALL THE TIME. :D :D

That's great to hear! I want to really succeed here so that I can also influence and inspire others just like what Terry is doing right now!

Same here.. ) He is just an inspiration to everyone! :) By the way, nice to meet you! :)

Nice to meet you too! What's the usernames of your friends and mom? So i can follow them.

HAHA! :D Oh, thanks :) :) My churchmate's usernames are @jillann08 and @acelfaith and my mom, her username is @melvz :) They'd really be so happy to get a new follower. :)

you were sucre here. thank you for the spotting the spottables

Sir @surpassinggoogle , check out this post of mine about mark down that i wrote to help new steemians , it truely educative , you can resteem to help steemians know more about markdown....

This was soo great!!! and the words are just right it touch my heart.

So continue on writing, ok? Dont lose faith. By the way, i was born from butuan city. So agusan is close to my heart! Hope a lot from there are joining.

thank you very much for sharing those. Its a help for those who lose hope. and we also hear those words.

"when you evolve yourself, you would do things you never tried ever". For me thats the best line, because i'm type of a person who doesn't try things because of the word 'SCARED' but when i overcome that word everything becomes so easy. Just do what you love, and love what you do!

Tumpak! I don't think you are scared. I feel like you are an introvert and there are just things that is just not appealing for you to do. But if you are scared, then facing your fears is really the best way to overcome it!

Yes indeed well said te!

I met him too in my dream hahah 😅
Kakabasa ko ng SteemSummit posts nadala sa panaginip ko 😅

Haha. Do not worry. There will still be a lot of opportunities to meet him!

Hi clara!!! This is it, this is what i mean that you need to join steemit kay para imo jud ni cya nga platform.. celebrity na ka kay daghan na masuya nmo. Pero for me happy kaayo ko pra nmo... Live, laugh and love...

Hi te ging! Ato goal dnhi is to influence and inspire. Dili nako maghunahuna anang mga masuya. Hehe. Positive vibes lng!

Grandioso Terry, unas porras para el . jejeje
Saludos y abrazos @indayclara :)

That's truth. One should ensure the hardworking of our lovers to have great impact. One should not labour in pain.

Nice review

It was such an awesome event thanks to those passionated organization! And not to forget, all those happy faces like yours which spread out awesome vibes trough the group! And the sweet surprise at the end, Terry passing by! It was a day not to forget easily!

Hi xsasj! I wasn't able to talk to you at the summit but it was great seeing you there! Atleast someone was as tall as Terry! 😂 too short filipino here!

Hahaha yes It feels great finally not to be the tallest one, while I think my dad is still taller than Terry! I maybe didnt talk tou you, but you look like a very nice person!

You are also lucky @indayclara like others who met that day with sir @surpassinggoogle ☺ I'm happy for you mam. i believe you experience more after meeting with him. God bless you mam.☺ I don't that i can meet him one day or not but my support os always with him.☺

@sushovon002 Thank you so much! No worries, i will always give an update if i am going to meet Terry again!

So kind of you mam 😊 & if you free can visit my blog once. if find any interest please follow me otherwise don't follow.😊 thank you.

thanks for sharing the words of wisdom from @surpassingoogle. lets keep positive.

Your welcome!

Good one
Thank you for this
""suffering must have essence... That's what teardrops is about... My mom suffered all her life; I don't know if it had essence but I am trying to make sure her suffering had essence""
I assure you (@surpassinggoogle) that you dreams will surely become reality, as you are relentless in your efforts.

I like this... "it is not yet over, until it is over... "

Keep soaring high...

Thank you that you appreciate my post! Great to be taught by terry himself!

it's the influence that counts. It doesn't matter if you're a whale or minnow.

Stay humble. Don’t let things enter your head cause that’s where the fall arises

I'll hold on to these words. I can personally relate to the second quote. Thanks @surpassinggoogle

Achievement does not have a place with the individuals who are brilliant and keen. Achievement has a place with the individuals who have dreams and battle to achieve that fantasy, best articles inspiration..

This is true indeed! As long as someone strives to pursue their dreams no matter what then everything is possible!

Followed and upvoted your post...kryptonian @dhencarp

Nakakaingit ka @indayclara nagkita jud mo ni sir Terry suya jud kaayo ko dai.

Maayo unta puhon magka kitaay mi ni sir Terry .

@denver86, do not worry kuya! daghan pang next time! this is only the beginning!

thanks me back madam salamat!

Follow me back brad thanks

Wow! Makasuya lang

If sir terry @surpassinggoogle thinks nga Celebrity na siya dere sa Cebu as in apil na ka ka.celebrity ni sir terry dae claire... daghan kaayo nasuya nimo dae! Apil nako ato. As in ikaw na jud ang pinaka.taas og hair sa team Arden Classic.

Haha. Nganu man sad gud wala mo nangadto? Nagexpect kaayo ko na daghan tga arden mangadto. Murag ako gani nahimo representative ninyo. 😂 dugay na sad ko artista oe.. Artistahin!

Well written article. Great grammar and plus quality content 👍

Thanks @yen80! Why diay wala mo kaattend?

Niuli mi sa among probinsya day, kami ni rey.

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