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RE: How To Write 5 Or More Quality Articles A Week Without Having A Steemit Burn-Out

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Some more excellent advice! Steemians take note, I have followed @inboundinken's previous tips and benefited :-)

Number 1 is a great tip and I have done that this week, the trick is sticking to it!

Number 4 is also a habit I'm into, I use Evernote on my phone and computer, the trick with this one, is to write down absolutely EVERY idea you get. Otherwise it's easy to fall out of the habit.

Number 7, makes so much sense, my problem is, that I'm writing all day, so there comes a time when I have to eat, and then I just slow right down.

Though the effects are less if I eat a high protein, low carb, lunch, like steak and salad.

Number 9. I would go even further, I use a time management app for my phone called Caymex and you can set time slots, say 45 minutes and break slots. I find giving yourself at least a 15 minute break every hour to be very beneficial.

It's funny what you say about the funny videos, because, often while I'm writing, I have urges to watch a stand up, or a Family Guy clip or something, Perhaps that explains it? :-)



Thanks for sharing your insights. Glad the tips work well for you :) it's really important to find the right structure for yourself. I always get the best ideas while driving home from work. Changing environment has also helped me to be more productive, even if it just means moving from the kitchen into another room. ;) thanks for following @cryptogee

👍great tips, thanks for sharing @inboundinken

I would rather say that making yourself a deadline, isn't something smart.
If you have no idea about steemit article, then there is no need to do this.
It is better thing to wait some time to invent something great , than doing a weak post.

This is exactly what myself and other new contributors needed to help keep us on the right track. +1 upvoted

All this is way to "technical" for me . I write when I feel it . That simple ....

#5 seems like a very important one too!

Does writing all day tire you out? That sounds kind of exhausting. I go through various stages of thinking what I wrote is complete shit, and then thinking "actually, this is OK," and changing my mind about it repeatedly and overthinking it. Lol.

I have you all covered with a piece that goes in-depth on the content creation side of things.

Might be a bit of a heavy read for some.

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