5 Tips to fight the creative crisis in Steemit. [ENG]

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Hello Steemians!

As it is said in art: the creative crisis is that feeling in which it seems that all creativity has been lost, the person believes that he no longer has the inspiration to create something new so he sinks into an abyss of nothingness, and not does nothing. This is normal, and will always happen when working in an area where we must be creative constantly, and in Steemit can also happen. But how do I get out of that abyss? or How do I avoid falling into it?

I'm going to share some of my tricks to keep steadfast in Steemit, at the same time it's important for growth in Steemit.

So take notes!




It is a lie that ideas fall from nothing and is something I learned in art, while we are doing nothing, nothing will cross our mind, then, if we want to produce something new either in Steemit or in another space we have to force the ''inspiration''.


In the day to day of a person several things happen, sometimes these things are engines that can be used as ''inspiration'', an idea for this would be to take note of everything that we find interesting, write small sentences that can be exploited further.


Today I heard a song that made me feel happy.

270f.png In my notes: 270f.png

1 Music that can make people happy.
2 Music genres that work to lift the mood.
3 The music that I listen to can influence my day.

Then later I could make a glossary about each one of the sentences that occurred to me, so that many ideas come from the concept of music. So I would be building the idea for an upcoming publication on my blog.


There are no excuses to say that you are not inspired.



As I mentioned before, all the people that are constantly creating content either for Steemit or another place, we need to write down everything, many times we forget the best ideas, so I recommend the use of an annotation notebook, or the notebook of our cell phone

Sin título-2.png

The advantages of doing this are that when the feeling of the creative crisis appears we can enter to check our notebook and have a lot of ideas for the construction of a writing, a video, a piece of art, etc.

It is also a good method to maintain the order of our ideas.



It sounds a bit redundant but I think it is necessary to mention it, the best publications are those that we usually write about a subject that we handle perfectly, about something we like too much, about something that really causes us to write.

Write about what you want and do not let yourself be influenced by anything or anyone about what topic you should take!


Yeah, it is true some topics usually have some power in this platform but Hey! Remember that those who have written on this subject and have received a great reward because:

1) They handle the theme perfectly.
2) They are writing with their heart about something they like.

The people in Steemit immediately notice how much effort you have put into your publications, whether you have written something with passion or with the sole conviction of making money, you do not want your publication to be forced and unnatural.



The breaks are necessary, but the constancy is very important in Steemit. Taking some time to rest and think about new ideas is a good thing. The users also realize how often a person updates their blog, so it is important to keep the record.

The contests and challenges not only can keep your blog constantly updated, but it also creates connections with other users, and it is often fun to do so, getting to know other people and getting more involved with the community is definitely very important for Steemit's growth. .


So do not be afraid to change topics from time to time, it is necessary that your followers know a little more about you, about your tastes and there is no better way to do it than participating in activities that can demonstrate a bit of your life beyond what what you write in Steemit.



Creating a routine in Steemit helps establish days to dedicate to the blog, the days to rest and recharge batteries of creativity.

For me, this is one of the best methods to carry out any activity, create a calendar that helps me meet my goals, both with physical training, as with the university and especially in life in general.


When we establish a routine we get used to it and find it difficult to get out of it, that is why it is important in the field of work to create routines and discipline. It will also give us a sense of inner peace, we are the ones who establish our rules, we must have the will and the necessary discipline to not betray ourselves.

Always remember that Steemit is a space for creativity and freedom of thought, but there must also be discipline and perseverance.


Thanks for be here!
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©2018 María Zerpa


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Hello @ilhuna, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

This is an excellent post, because I agree with it, I guess :). I like your starting point--nothing comes from nothing. That's true of writing and everything else in life. Even if you're in a funk and don't feel like engaging with the world, get up, go out, walk. Do something.

As far as writing goes, specifically, I agree with several of your other points. Write what you like. Don't force it. That doesn't mean you can't try something new--by all means try something new, but it has to be something that grabs your interest. And then just jot down words, if paragraphs don't come. From small seeds great things may grow.

I'm kind of a slow writer--I research and plan long pieces, but in between I try to put up light, smaller blogs just to keep the dynamic going. And always I try to engage with the community, because that's what Steemit is, a community. Glad I came across your post as I was browsing.


I never considered me as a writer, but then I started to write a lot for my art essays, I think that helped me to manage some way to achieving the writing skill, and yes is something useful for everything, just that we have to find the methods for making it easier for ourselves, some of us are slow, others just can write super fast.

And I totally agree with your opinion that we can try to write about something different, but I was referring to the fact that some persons write about something without knowing very well or just because they think that is going to make them get attention, you know, some topics rules around this community and if the case is that we want to do something different we must do a good research!!

Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you stepped here. Hugscora peque.png


Nice to meet you :)

true information i like it


Thank you !!

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