Steemit, again, did something hastily, without much warning, that should have been slowly rolled out in two steps.

The have put Adverts on

But, for "security" reasons, the put the wallet on another site.

So, they have probably locked many people away from their STEEM, and have made the site worse than ever. And, they haven't even told us who gets the Ad revenue, or even if it is pay-per-click or pay-per-impression.

Very poor implementation Steemit

The steemit post about it:

Yeah, I've read it. Very unimpressed. Explains why wallet was moved. Because of ads. Look I'm not a product and truly detest the changes steemit had made. HF 11 and before steemit was legit. Now it's "shit sandwhich." I can and will host somewhere else. Screw this.

Yes, "shit sandwhich"... at minimum.

Supposedly has been working hard since the last hardfork... and all that i have seen happen is, they made the bar at the top move... and have added advertisements.

I could have done each of those in a day of programming.

So, what are they really doing?
Well, all that i know that they are doing is running the biggest most used STEEM server.

Am still battling with retrieving my posting key. So many changes all at once apparently

Steemit is becoming like all the other crappy "social" networks. Empress, download your keys in pdf form.


I'm done here, experience is ruined.

I'll have time to do so tomorrow. I really hope you stick around though, let's watch and wait