Some future plans & proposal for steemit development

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Just a short announcement based on information from my friend @rme -

A million dollar blockchain based web 3.0 social media, networking & blogging project will be launched by 2024 which includes -

  1. A decentralized web 3.0 blockchain social media, networking & blogging project based on Steemit main chain project with extended features
  2. Steemit side chain reward distribution project
  3. A multichain DAO project for developers & contributors of steemit & tron ecosystem
  4. An opensource NFT project based on Steem blockchain
  5. DEFI project on steem blockchain (specially for Steemit investors)

Our intension is to making steemit is a good option for investment, not only for free blogging..

Hints: project backing fund :

  1. From me 50%
  2. From @rme 25%
  3. Crowdfunding 25%

A few words with far-reaching significance. If this really happens, it would be a sensation!

Yes Mr @hungry-griffin, This is very interesting information from You about A million dollar web 3.0 based social media, networking & blogging project will be launched in 2024 on Steemit. This project will be great for Steemit progress and Steem growth. I hope this project goes well and is successful.
Greetings from me

This is exciting news!

As an active witness, we are also developing a blog based on steemit( Hope our joint efforts can make steem more valuable.

Undoubtedly, this is a great initiative for the Steemit platform, 3.0 based social media, networking and blogging projects will change everyone's ideas, investors will be more attracted. We know that some excellent initiative ideas on desired topics have already been published by @rme and Aamar Bengali blog community. We are looking forward to those great times on the Steemit platform, the love is on.

Wow, that's great news for us. I hope @rme and @hungry-griffin can make steem great again.. as it was before 2020.

Probably going to be in a better position than that time.

Through these initiatives Stimit will regain its former form. And as a result new investors will come. And the arrival of investors on a platform means staying one step ahead in this technology era. Thank you very much @rme dada & @hungry-griffin.

Let's make steem great again. 😍

hii Rahul00 ..... This is very interesting information from you about a million dollar web 3.0 based social media, networking and blogging project that will launch on Steemit within 2 years

Great news. I would like to see all these projects on Steemit sooner.
I am sure that all investments in the project will bring good profits to all investors, and the Steem token will return to its price of $5-7, as it was 5 years ago!
Good luck!

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Funding is good because the amount is huge. Someone saying they will still invest in moving this platform forward is truly commendable. I hope and trust that you and @rme Dada will bring this platform back to its former glory. We all agree with Dada and you @hungry-griffin. Because such platforms require big investors and developers .Looking at these things,looking at these planning , I already envision this platform in a great place. And I believe this dream will definitely come true.

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