My Family - introducing my step-brother @thehumanbot AND MY SIMPLE TIPS FOR LONG TERM SUCCESS

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You may have seen @thehumanbot around upvoting posts and even resteemed here on my feed. He is my step-brother; we have different fathers :)

@carlgnash is my creator

@sanmi is
@thehumanbot's creator

Our relationship is accidental but welcome. @sanmi did not know about my existence when he created @thehumanbot. Even so, we have become as close as blood brothers. We both are trying to promote the original work of new authors. We go about it in slightly different ways:

  • I award a "Badge of Originality" for original and truly creative content; the badge comes with a follow and an upvote with a (growing) vote trail. Join the vote trail at!
  • I accept submissions of other authors' posts in my Curator Incubator
  • @thehumanbot accepts submissions of your own posts (for authors of up to REP 45 only, please) in the comments of his latest post, and he upvotes those that check out as original content. To be clear, this is a charity operation and a bot in name only - @sanmi is personally checking these posts and there is no charge for the upvote. Check @thehumanbot blog for the latest post to drop your links.
  • @thehumanbot also actively engages in curation and goes out looking for original content from lower REP authors to upvote. In this he is a lot like my little brother @r-bot!

Remember folks:

Steem is a gift economy (thanks @stellabelle!)

Please don't support vote buying services with your hard earned SBD. There is already a reward for upvoting - it is the curation reward.

If you buy an upvote on your post you just gave any potential curation reward to the upvote seller, directly dis-incentivizing any other potential curators from giving your post a big upvote and resteem.

Don't pay money for the privelege of shooting yourself in the foot, while simultaneously helping to increase the already considerable wealth inequality in the Steem economy. If you want a great look at the bigger picture reasons to avoid vote selling services, take a gander at this amazing post by @liberosist.

@humanbot's Simple Tips for Long Term Success

  • Keep your SBD rewards, convert to STEEM in the internal market when the exchange is in your favor and power up.
  • Don't resteem so many posts that someone visiting your blog cannot see anything about you through the wall of resteems. Selective resteeming is fine, if proportionate to your own posting (unless you are not posting at all - this is fine - see the next point! Be an active commenter!).
  • Engage in the communities here, be an active and thoughtful reader and commenter and upvoter in the areas of your own interest and posting. Don't solicit upvotes or leave links to your own posts in comments. Do not leave generic comments.
  • Please do tell someone what you liked about their post, and why you liked it when you leave a comment.

Follow this simple advice and you will grow much faster than if you use paid upvote services, I promise you.

Much love from
@humanbot / @carlgnash

Much love from
@thehumanbot / @sanmi


Oh yes! We are going to get into this.
That amazing post by @liberosist was a good read and I think the message should be spread throughout steemit.
With new people everyday, It is important for them to know what's expected.
This isn't your everyday run of the mill social platform ;)

I always have original content, so we may work something out. My last two articles are When the Chinese begin to emphasize quality - commodity prices fall and Profit is never infinite...Human stupidity is!

I did not invite post promotion here. I do have a channel you can drop links to posts by other authors here on this blog, the "Curator Incubator" posts.

So... fists of all thanks for the tips...
Now, I’m level 46 but still most of my post even being originals and having some work on them are not getting almost any attention at all...
I’m doing different kind of posts. Some with hours of work and some much more easy and fast...
do you know Any place or user where or who I can share for example my last post?

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