First Rap Video on STEEMIT "INTRODUCE YOURSELF" Hugo The Poet

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

Hey, Steemsters

Hugo The Poet here. I was delighted with the results of my text Steem-troduction post, and I couldn't wait to get stuck in and create some more blog/vlog type posts for you guys.

But I kind of felt I had to wait, and do a proper introduction to my art style for this platform, before beginning to hit you guys up with my albums/back catalogue of videos, and my random thoughts in text form.

So, I had some slivers of time - and stayed up waaaaay too late several nights on the trot - to make this song and video. It's a little rap about me as an artist, and the little that I know about Steem, Steemit, and what makes this social media platform different, and so freaking special.

I really hope you guys enjoy it!

Here's the YouTube link if you prefer (D.Tube seems slow to load... for anyone else?)

Now that this is out, I'm going to commit to regularly blogging and vlogging on this Steemit/D.Tube channel, re-releasing my existing content, as well as launching my future material here before everywhere else online (except Patreon - I'll still preview release it there first of all!)

Thanks so much for your very kind welcome so far. Looking forward to creating more content for you legends.

Much love and (imo the most crucial commodity in human existence)... PEACE!
Hugo The Poet

▶️ DTube

Very nice.
It shows the power of #steem is for something.
Beat is great and I found a way now to say #steem
S T double E to the M.
Keep on steemin'

ha! nice, man! good way for noobs like me to remember the spelling!

Wonderful video .. well done
Your influence on the community will be through your work regardless of your personality
awesome words thank you for the advices‏..

thanks, sir! much appreciated

To all you discovering Hugo for the first time, I'm proud to not only be a fan but a friend of Hugo. If you liked this, you have no idea what lies in store for you.
If your soul craves intellectual stimulation in the form of rap, you won't be able to get enough of his back catalog. which you can buy here in a non-decentralized way at I suggest starting with the Illusions mixtape and The Glorious Revolution which are unprecedented but don't miss his Science Friction, Unarmed Forces or Medici EPs.
Let these games bring nutrition to your brains.
And because no one else outed him as the formerly the star of Juice Rap News 2009-2015, which is another 35 brilliant performances of timeless current events as characters such as Robert Foster, Terrence Moonseed and General Baxter.
Elevate this dude. We need him!

Ah, brother Ben! Thanks for the super kind words! Much love good sir! Great to know that you're here in this space too! xx

Wonderful video, you kill it. Keep it up

Dude rap about voluntaryism, I wish to see what you can talk about this topic! Great topic! :D

Can you link me to a good article explaining it? Thanks!

We seek governance without government (no double standards or special protections for some) and rules without rulers. Voluntaryists believe in the NAP (Non-aggression Principle) or "Golden Rule" as some call it. You treat others as you would want to be treated, and you never use violence other than in defense. Everything is voluntary and consensual, or it is unethical.

big fan of that Golden Rule. What are examples of this system put into practice? What does it have to say about the existence of nations and national borders? are they an example of defense?

The existence of traditional nations is the antithesis of voluntaryism, as traditional governments are inherently involuntary. Any system of governance that is entirely voluntary can't really be called a government.

I'm sure you've heard of "anarcho-capitalists" before. Ancaps and Voluntaryists are one and the same; Voluntaryist is just a less edgy word and has gained a lot more traction. National borders cannot exist without nations, and nations cannot exist voluntarily. Private property borders, however, would exist and would be able to be defended.

@adamkokesh has a lot of videos on DTube and YouTube covering the ideas of Voluntaryism and is running for the Libertarian Nomination for President in 2020 on the sole platform of dissolving the Federal Government. If you'd like to learn more about voluntaryism, his videos are a great start.

He's trolling people. Even if he got elected, which is a joke by itself, the Office of the President has no authority to dissolve the federal government.

Rulers setup nation states on purpose to maintain their power as an oligarchy. There is no example of a voluntaryist state because no such thing would or should ever exist. Perhaps there will be something similar to a trade free zone or a "city state" for voluntaryists, but it would all be private and without special protections or double standards for some over others.

thank you nice topic

Great intro!! This is so epic!!! Looking forward to seeing what you bring out next.

Thanks! Feeling good about this platform, for sure. Steem on, indeed!

Fucking awesome mate .. what more can I say!

Ah, thanks so much! Mad appreciate you checking it out!

Oh heck yeah @hugothepoet!! That is one way to intro yourself to the Steemians.. woot!! This platform have no idea about the talents & incredible creations you have instore for them! Soo looking forward to seeing you do so well here! Big love, xx

ha ha thanks, Maryse, you legend. Much love to you and youses. looking forward to seeing you soon xxx

Very cool! Welcome to SteemIt. I gave you an upvote and a resteem.

ah, bam! Thanks! That's a huge deal to resteem something, I'm learning. So, huge appreciation! H

Great message, Hugo. Love the lyrics!
Now put some Swagger on it ;)
Greetings from Berlin

ha ha ha! pretty much swag-free zone over here, bro! Much love to Berlin from Melberlin!

Do your thing, Hugo! Respect.
But don't copy & paste Jay-Z anymore, your content is better than that...
So allow yourself to reintroduce the "reintroduce" lyrics ;)

ha ha well, man, I pretty often put in references to other rap lyrics that I like - try and recontextualise whole songs, even. There's a Kanye one in this very song too. So I can't promise there won't be more JayZ... cos he's one of my all-time heroes! But, I appreciate the candour, and I hope you'll always hit me back with more critiques

Your content is worth the attention & it
will be my pleasure ;)
Looking forward to whats next, maybe
i scratch your lyrics one day... who knows ;)
Have a blessed day

Now that's what I call a proper introduction !
Good luck finding your place here on Steemit hugothepoet

Thanks, friend! it steems to be going pretty good so far. I dig it!

Welcome to steemit!

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ok, cool! I'm gonna need to study this to understand what it means - but I appreciate it for sure! cheers!

It's a bot that you can safely ignore.

Welcome to Steemit Hugo! Sweet vid ✅💯🔥👊😎

thanks! Cool name!! love it

Welcome to Steemit @hugothepeot.

From @Samexycool #Steemjet SF 7.

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Omg!!! You rock!! ♥️
Welcome abroad! I'm feeling honoured to have you on steemit! 😊

Thanks! I like the look of your content! I'm going to enjoy checking out your travels - and vicariously seeing the world!

Thank you so much! Welcome in the team! 😃

Steem, S T double E to the M yo :) Nice work hugo!

Thanks, man! Are you a cyclist? Much respect!

Hm, no I´m just wearing this windblocker jacket nearly every day bro ;)

cool intro bro !!! you are amazing

ah, thanks, that's very kind! "Who owns the futureX?? YOU DO!!"

You are good, I like that

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Spasiba!! Thanks so much!

HOLY fäårq bro!!!!
That was so deadly!!!!
Hands down the best intro video I’ve ever seen!
And it’s a Steem intro anthem no less!!!??
I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t catch the attention of a whale or two!
Ess Tee double Ee to the Em!
Resteemed. Love it!
@meno check out my friend Hugo (who I’ve been harassing on facecrack to the Steemit dark side)

Here's hoping for some whale attention! I see some of the upvotes so far carry some serious weight currency-wise... are they whales?
Much love bro.

I'll DM you on Discord, bro.

Welcome to Steemit @hugothepoet
For your kind information keep safe your master password.
For cryptocurrency news follow @jyotirmay & Do Upvote.
Join discord -
See you again

This is a unique style I haven't seen in a long while, I resteemed, upvoted, followed you. Finally I tweet it. Awesome flow, thumbs up

THANK you for your kind words and sharing! Means a lot to me!

You're the man of the moment. It is okay buddy

Dude that was really cool! Financial freedom to the end for sure! Glad you’re here. This rocks! Love the enthusiasm and truth you dropped these beats with! YEAH! Welcome 😊

Thanks! feels good to be here. you guys the permaculture people? You are the first channel I'm subscribed to on DTube

haha yeah we're the permaculture people! i saw you'd followed! (there's a bot called ginabot who tells me these things ;)) are you on discord yet? Glad to be connected and excited to see what you create!

nice! Yeah, I'm on Discord! same user name as here. Can't say I fully get it yet!
Hey, do you know Formidable Vegetable Sound System? I did a track with them a while back for Bill Mollison (RIP). Hope you like it. I'll post it on DTube as well soon

Hi, Hugo...very impressed. Awesoooome..Enjoy your time in Steemit.

so far, so awesome! thanks, man!

Awesome! You have such a cool introduction. Great job @hugothepoet.

Glad you dug it, sir!

Nice to meet you. Life imitates art. This platform is a brilliant start needed to bring art back to the hands of people who care. Not this bullshit we see in mainstream that's brainwashing everyone. Real artists are needed here not controlled ones, that's all mainstream has to offer. I look forward to following your work in the future.

Thanks so much for tuning in! Well, yeah, I'm impressed with this platform so far. I think most artists would do very well here, and I'm encouraging all my friends to get involved, for exactly the reasons you say.

We are definitely on the same page. I also encourage people to come here as much as I can. It's a perfect platform for artists.

Very, very nice mate!

I caught it way back when @ausbitbank secured this account for you and checked some of your stuff on YouTube, but I'm so blessed to see you show up here! Excellent song too, you rocked it!

ah, bam! thanks so much! good to finally be engaging properly with this epic platform

ah, thanks so much! stoked you dug it!

This is awesome! So unique - I love it. I also did something a little different for my introduction that you might like to try as well. Check out #twelvequestions

nice! I like that format, man. Have a good one!

First rap video on steemit . Very well Mr @hugothepoet and thanks for sharing with us .

That was awsome! A star in the making. I love rappers. I love eminem. You sing like him too. Simple setup you for these but very effective almost like a pro! I'll resteemit ok?

Please do, sir! as for being a star in the making - I'm very much over the hill... but there's some steem in the old engine yet! And thanks for mentioning Em - one of the all-time greats of the artform!

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I checked it, man. Gaming's not really my thing. But I wish you the best with it!

Great lyrcis, we are feeling the vibe, S-T-E-E-M , congrats and Saludos from M-E-X-I-C-O!!

muchas gracias! Viva Mexico!

Well that was pretty fuckin epic wasn't it?

Ha ha! Thanks so much. Really glad you dug it!

You ought to get Paid a lot more then you've got now.
I liked it.

Hey, thanks, man! I'm pretty happy with this straight off the bat. If I can get anything like this for future posts, it'll be a major victory.

Wow that style and words congratulations

ha - thanks so much, my friend!

Wow. That was terrific! I was happy to see it and recognize the work that went into developing the idea. Great job! I upvoted 100%.

I just joined myself and my only blog post so far also is an introduceyourself tag. Check it out! Not a rapper but definitely inspired by the community here.

cool - like the sound of your project. I respect the entrepreneurial types! all the best with it

Hahaha! Very nice! Epic! Reminded me of DOPE D.O.D.
Very epic intro!
SUP my name is Reinis!

ooh - will have to check out your suggetion! ...

Just did


ohhh yeah. boom. killing it. Love this so much. Super cool man. Great job.

thanks, Sergio! Boom!

bam thanks, bro!

now that was inspirational and encouraging as I was rappin my own version along with yours...

Amazing video, wish you the best.

Wow bro, u got above two hundred for an introduction post. When I grow up I'd love to be like you

Ayyyy, love it Hugo!! please keep em coming!!

Incredible video .. Well completed
Your influence at the community can be via your work irrespective of your persona
Fantastic phrases thanks for the advices‏

Thank you for your advice
I really never know this much about steemit
thanks for your creative expression. Love the video

Ngiyakwemukela! I just said WELCOME in isiZulu, one of South Africa's 11 official languages :-)

I hope that you find this platform as nurturing, entertaining and amazing as I have! I have grown as a blogger, writer and personality because of it and I wish even more for you! I will be keeping an eye on your feed.

Have a LEKKER time! For more about South Africa @travelsa
(Lekker = understood in all 11 languages as Good/Nice!)

This was actually really good! I'll use it to introduce peeps to steemit :)

It is a cool rap. I like hiphop music. I thought that it would be interesting for Japanese steemian to introduce themselves by rap.

I resteemed thsi article. Thank you.

Well done, and welcome to the community!

Not a big fan of rap though, but i need to commend the creativity behind this song and the video. The energy, the lyric and the delivery is super awesome. Believe me i think you might actually spit some bars than Eminem lol. More content bro. HugotheLyricist. I'm a big fan thou

Steem ST EE to M!!! I love it @hugothepoet. You've got some dope flow in your arsenal. I really love that you're not trying. Just giving it! Shoutout homez. Thanks for keeping it real stunner!!

Nice piece, bro.

That's awesome how you tailored your video to the post. You've got a pretty nice shed! @hugothepoet

In one word: "Revolutionary!" You kinda reminds me of Eminem. But, of course your rap is original. Love the colorful steemworks and flashes (get it? STEEM-works, ha ha!). Keep up the good work, @hugothepoet. Thumb-up, bro -- Peace, out!

#55_Dreams Come True.jpg

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Me alegra ver nuevos usuarios en la etiqueta #introduceyourself

Nice work mate!

Welcome to Steemit!!!

Bienvenido a Steemit Compañero!

Bless up @hugothepoet! dope intro post btw! we've kicked off a Hip Hop Blockchain initiative.. check out @hhtb :)

doooood that was siiiiick!

Man i loved the rap...completely dope ... make some more raps about cryptocurrencies (request)

WOW!!! I missed your intro post, but WELCOME TO STEEM!! You are the BOMB!!!!!!! Loved the song!!! (going to check you out on youtube now cause I totally recognize your voice and I need to know whyyyy!!).

That was so badass. Yeah, dtube can be a bit of a coont at times (hope I don't get lynched for saying that) but DLive has never failed me once! You don't have to be live, it's a regular uploading site as well as live.

ah, great tip! thanks! So, is there any sacrifice of quality or anything using DLive? Less/More spread? anything else to know? Really appreciate your help!

It is like dtube, you sign in the same way, when you have loaded your video and post it, it goes directly here to your blog.

A lot of people switch it up and use dlive sometimes, and dtube other times. Other people are loyal to one or the other, so it's completely up to you what you choose to do. Both have a lot of steem power and upvote content creators that use their apps.

Also I found where I know you...I had never seen under the disguises before! Wow, a real celebrity of the truth community is here, we are so lucky to have you with us. Thank you for this gift. The song really rocks I've been sharing it everywhere.

Thanks so much for sharing, and this DLive advice! Much appreciated. Happy to be here with you guys! H

Yes, Dlive is the go, and definitely my preference, but seeings as dTube upvoted you so handsomely stick with them (as frustrating as they can be) as they’ll likely keep doing that for a while. Just make sure your YouTube link is included just the way you’ve done it.

You can upload this to Dlive as well, but maybe wait until this post has been paid out. Dlive also give great rewards for content creators that they like.

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