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We have already seen steemit helping poor people, making ill people healthy too.

But can we see steemit helping publishers, who were not successful here but instead they have a lot of friends which they can tell about it?

That is the reason i think that steemit affiliate system would be simply great.
There should be a way to advertise it to our friends, and get a little profit from it, for example 3% of the money made on upvotes from the account referred.

It would be a great thing in my opinion, not only for people who may earn on it, but also for steemit and it's community: it would help to spread the word !

It is like adveristing campaining made on streets on billboard am i right? But everybody can do that, and not everybody have money to pay for billboard at the street!

Steemit is getting bigger and bigger very fast, in a matter of days. I wonder how fast it would be with affiliate system? I would say that price of SBD would go to the sky in a weeks!

If we can make steemit developers to implement referral system over here, this would increase chance to get something here with doing hard work!

What is steemit community thinking about that idea?


I would like to see that im able to refer my buddies over here, they would be happy to have second source of income, and i also would take some profits out of it! It is a great idea i think :D
But it is all up to developers , and saying the truth: i would not expect to really see this here :(

this reality could be to far to reach

Keep up reports going ;)

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