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Steemit network is already very big- we will have 100,000 users in no time, we are getting really close to this number.
However we need to remember, about upgrading it- adding some improvements, sharing our ideas over here, to move forward.

That is why i would like to talk about Steemit Android App- i've heard that we already have steemit on iOS but i think, that all android users will be very grateful for such an opportunity.

Currently, im looking for some info, if somebody is working on it. If im not going to find anything: I will launch it.
I have already some people ready to do it, they are very experienced in making apps on android, however they won't accomplish it without support of steemit community.

Can somebody support my idea please?
I would love to make my own steemit android app :)


Guys if the app is launched officially by steemit team, then it will be notified either through twitter or in this website itself. Please Do not install scam apps from Play store and handover your passwords until and unless you have official confirmation. Anyways, i support you to make the app in coordination with Steemit team!

I would love for you to make a steemit android app, that would be awesome! Best of luck! Followed you!

This is needed! What do you need to get this done professionally?

Late to the party. Or am i? Any updates as it`s a great idea?

I have written a blog post on how to create a mobile app for android and ios for steemit in 5 minutes here :

Please checkout the blog post, follow, share and help others.

I would prefer an official app but I'll support your efforts. :-)

Is this still the case?

This is a great idea and I'm surprised no-one has thought of it yet. Then again, I suppose we are a young and growing community so I say go ahead, I'm a keen android user and would love this app to become a reality.

Need an app asap.

Not what you are searching, but a steemit android app. Hope you enjoy it.

How are your efforts going on? I've been looking for any good app that supports steemit, but didn't find any well rated.

The solution is starting a github page and having the whole community contribute.

There is not an app for steemit yet?

I would love for you to make a steemit android app, that would be awesome! Best of luck!

The android mobile app does exist and the image you chose is the exact one from that post...

I read the comments on google play, and most people say it is trash..

Don't install unknown softwares or apps on your phone or computer. I will share one of my experience on how i got cheated by one scam software. I have installed one software for earning free cryptocoins. i didn't opened the software,but still it was running in background(Later I have seen this from Task Manager) . So i have copied one of wallet address for transferring coins from one wallet to other. While pasting I have not concentrated on the copied wallet address, the scam software pasted its wallet address in place of mine. Unfortunately I lost all my hard earned money through free faucets. I checked several times and not even one time my wallet address copied. finally i uninstalled the software and came to know that all the shit happening because of that scam software. So guys! be aware of such scam apps and softwares

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