Mining Steem currency

in #steemit6 years ago

Is it worth to mine Steem?

Im ready to invest some funds, i have very small amount of money for upgrading my hardware, however im able right now to start it.
But i would like to know if it is a good idea: maybe i should mine some other altcoin?

Is there any kind of steem pool, or i mine alone?


Steem is solo mined only, there are no pools and the design is such that it makes it pointless to have a pool for mining.

If you are looking on how to sart mining you can check my guide here, should get you up and running:

You should however wait two more days before starting as there is a hardfork coming in roughly 48 hours that will implement some changes regarding mining (fix an issue).

mining STEEM now is not possible anymore.

Can I mine STEEM?
No. Proof of work mining has been removed from Steem.

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