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I love steemit and i'm thrilled to share with you my "steemit t-shirt" i recently designed...

i call my design, "we're all connected"... because i've been inspired by this wonderful community... i'm still really new and learning how to contribute + connect here plus learning bit by bit just what 'block chain' technology is all about... so, i hope my 'holy doodle' art shows some of that connection we all share here....... personally, being a part gives me hope we can all work together to support each other... creating our own economy... and i love the thought of "doodling my vibrational currency".... :o)


• i'm excited to share my 'holy doodle' art with you... and, if you're interested, my design is available online as shirts, tanks, stickers, mugs + more, etc., at here's the link...

I found out about steemit through a blogger i follow @mattmonarch - and was inspired to join on April 25th and my account was approved on May 9th - it took 2 weeks (if folk were wondering)... i actually had a hard time finding out just how long it was taking for new members to be approved... i also enjoyed some youtube videos by @jerrybanfield and others...

While waiting during those two weeks to be approved, i had a lot of fun nosing around the steemit site and was quite impressed with the diverse quality content and the established community i saw here... and was excited to get started... being patient and trusting that my account would be approved was a bit of a challenge during those two weeks...

i especially liked that folk support each other here.... and so was inspired to create one of my 'holy doodle's' and make it into a t-shirt design too...

So, i hope you like it and i welcome your feedback too...
with brightest blessings, have a grrreat day!!!
weaver x (((o)))

• here's the redbubble link...

• "we're all connected" steemit t-shirt by weaver © 2018, all rights reserved -

• buy me a coffee... :o)

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