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RE: What Will Happen With The Steemit Rewards After SBD Gets Back To $1?

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

If it goes to $1, then i am going to buy atleast 1000 SBD with a hope that it may again go to at-least $5, which seems possible now. If many people thinks the same then it will ultimately push the SBD prices higher if it reaches $1. And good thing about SBD is that it has no upper limits and the lower limit is set to $1, so investing in SBD's at $1 would be the safest bet.


yeah am agree with you dude lets see what happn

If it will be pegged to 1$, then it won't go up, no matter how much SBDs we are going to buy. I guess it will be something like USDT...

You might be able to do this. Makes sense even... I just hope you'll invest some of your time/money/energy into the long game too.

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