Steemit Meetup Tonight at the Panama Blockchain Embassy.

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Tonight We Have the Second Steemit Meetup of Three.


Last week @AnaHIlarski @JGA @Josue07 @Jesusledezma @reig3790 and I helped a group of over 30 people learn about Steemit.

This week we will begin the process of helping new users set up accounts.

Join us at 6pm at the Panama Blockchain Embassy in Balboa Boutiques on Avenida Balboa.

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You will always be one of my Favorite Steemians Randy. Who knows maybe I will need to leave the US one day and move to Panama............


Bring it on, the more Crypto folks here the better. The beer runs cold and the coffee hot.


Will join soon... :)


The temperature runs hot too. Leave your winter clothes at home!

You do a great job for Steemit. It is very important to explain everything to the newcomer, that would not lose interest. Thanks for the exchange.

Steemit gonna be the first platform readily accepted by mainstream... it's going to be the foundation of many projects catering mainstream audience ... Thank you @hilarski for introducing this platform to more and more people.

Nice steem group. We have something similar in my state. Have fun!

though i am not there but every met up i feel there, hope you will find for something special for thee steemit.

Hello @hilarski, you and your team are going to different country to learn about steem? You mai include and Moldova in your list? Or how moldavian can know more about steem community?


I wish @Cobran maybe in the future.


Thank you very much for your mission, and I hope at one day @steem will be No.1 in the world! Good look.


Hey, so you are from Moldova? Are there many many people from Moldova here?


Yes, I am from Moldova, I don't know how much using @steemit but about bitcoin know I think more that 15%.


Yes, I am from Moldova, I don't know how much using @steemit but about bitcoin know I think more that 15%.

Wow! This is good. Am a newbie, really wish am there. Just follow & upvote ur post . Plz check my posts

Congratulations dear friend @hilarski for what you are doing for the benefit of our platform
I wish you all many successes !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did you see the post from @AnaHilarski yesterday? We would love for you to make a quick Steemit success video for her presentation at


I just saw the presentation of @anahilarski, the proposal is very interesting, I will try to prepare something, I am very shy in front of the camera, I will see if I can overcome it and to do so I will contribute something, thank you very much for the invitation

Excellent work, I have attended 3 meetup in my country, and now together with two friendly users and thanks to the Cervantes project we will do one to help a small community outside of the city of Maracaibo. Follow the successes and congratulations for such a wonderful job. Regards ;)

Excellent development project of Panama Steemit meetup organized. Huge thanks for all @hilarski.
Best wishes and waiting to see new joiners.

Hey @hilarski, Is this that new looking shopping center where the tea leaf and coffee bean is? I will try and come.

Hi @hilarski, I live in Panama too =). If there are any new meetups scheduled, I would love to join! Will keep an eye out for announcements =)

This excellent block Qin brilliant future
And you have a very good working friends. Thank you for sharing this special moment

It's a very excellent technique
Many confuse the role of the virtual currency and Block Qin's technology, which rewards shareholders by verifying the network by giving them after completing verification tasks in a virtual currency that may be bitcoin or any other virtual currency.
Block Qin's technology, known as the Bitcoin transaction log, helps maintain tampering lists in ever-growing data records and allows secure exchange of valuable materials such as funds, stocks or data access rights. Unlike conventional trading systems, there is no need for a broker or central registration system to follow the movement of exchange, but all parties are dealing directly with each other.


What the hell does this have to do with my post?

This is really excellent
The pictures must have been so in the tender crap I loved this so much steemit is the future maidservant


I am so confused.

Really wonderful idea @hilarski great post I wish that I could be there

Thanks for sharing great post

very nice post sir i am vry happy to see...
you helping user .. very good team work keep it up..
@hilarski #thankyou from all the crypto users..

very well post dear friend @hilarski
I love you and your steem grup
thank you for this post

@hilarski, That's great to see. Best blockchain providing work arrangement by all of you in Panama. It's nice location and glorious enjoyable place with beer and some spicy meals. Photo clicks bringing me steemit meetup in Panama. Absolutely brilliant succeed work. Huge thanks for arrangement.

Excellent crypto event .it is great . thanks for sharing
Good post and have a great day.

Very uselful for newbies. A lot of tbings like this nees to be done soon, Steemit deserve a great exposure starting with 2018. Nice photos btw:)


Its an amazing thing to increase the user base and spread awareness among the local people, connect and interact with them. We have also started doing in India, and have been receiving amazing response.

Awesome work by the Hilarskys. Keep on your good work to the community and pushing the crypto mass adoption.

That is so great to teach others, have fun!

Nice post, thanks for sharing

That’s great.... I am new comer ....Your post is very helpful to us...thanks ...I think you will do great work for steemit...

Wow this seems awesome great meetup :D

This is excellent. I wish we had this sort of meetups back in SL.

Fabilous post,
and content and I flw you plz flw me .

congratulation to man!

Was a pleasure to share it with you! This is very good for Panama ;)
See you in a next time

I heartiest wish to you for success steemit meetup in Panama Embassy. Waiting to hear more valuable contents about blockchain when you discuss all. Thanks for update us @hilarski.

Sounds pretty interesting !Keep up the good work !

great job boys... welldone

Hey! @brandyb and I are headed to Panama next week. One of my dear friends lives in Panama City but we'll be bouncing all over the country for 12 days. Would love to do a meetup if you're available.

Thanks for helping the newbies Randy!

So nice of you to help a group of over 30 people learn about Steemit. I would have liked to attend the meetup.

I wish I could go to one of those meetings or be a part of it.
You guys are doing great job, and I would love to join you guys in Panama for your meeting, it would have been awesome, but can't afford it now, maybe next time.
Love what you guys are doing and btw. lover your shirt @hilarski

Good work. Helping people understand and use steemit brings value in for all of us.

Did you suggest people sign up for steemit before the Meetup so they'd have an account created already when they came?

You do a great job for Steemit. It is very important to explain everything to the newcomer, that would not lose interest...

genial sígueme, voy a publicar buena música para energizar el espíritu y cosas interesantes, ustedes están haciendo un excelente trabajo en Panama.

Great post, love hanging with the whales!
Have an awesome day!

Wow great work friend. Your work has been glorified our community in every way. Wish you a very successful event friend.