Steemit is a Social Media Platform First and Blockchain Second.

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"Here's the heart of the matter: The essence of social media is knowing your audiences and engaging them in something they love!"

I absolutely love the Steemit platform but sometimes we forget that this is a social media platform first and foremost. Without the social aspect of this platform it would be pretty boring frankly.

There are many reasons to love Steemit.

  1. We can make Crypto Currency here.
  2. We can dominate Google search.
  3. We can build a personal brand.
  4. Our content actually has comments.
  5. Most of all we have a community of people who love the platform.

I was asked, "Randy how come I am not succeeding on Steemit? "

I prefer to be frank when people ask me questions like this. It took me just a few minutes to diagnose why the user was not performing well.

A. Not following other users.
B. Not commenting on other users content.
C. Not Upvoting comments by users on their posts.
D. Not formatting posts.
E. Not using multiple types of media in their post.
F. Just plain old not being part of the community.
G. Not creating content regularly.

The recipe for success on any social media platform is essentially the same. The one big difference is that there is money involved on Steemit. If you can look past the money and treat it like a typical social media platform you will do well.

This means engage, connect and create.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Can you please explain to me how we can dominate google search? Serious question not trying to be smart.


Format properly, include multiple media types, SEO images and use proper H1,H2 and H3 tags.


Could you expand on the proper use of the H tags?


I do my best to source any photos/info I find using google. Are you saying this will increase Steem post presence on Google Searches therefore dominate google search? I will admit I am not actively searching google to find Steem posts, but I have never come across a Steem Post while searching.


@cryptoctopus had a great post recently about improving SEO for a website using Steemit.
In a nutshell, rel="noopener" > rel="no follow"


Google is search engine only not a social platform, Google's algorithm is too much smart and Google show what he wants in first page....


For some reason, if I dial Steem in Google, he takes out Steam. So the search engine is not too fond of Steem :(

Steemit definitely encourages engagement and participation in a unique way that I think has amazing merit. I think if the platform itself can see some improvements to get us on par with the likes of a facebook in terms of functionality, steemit will overtake them all!

Your post is like gold to me. Thenks for sharing!

Thanks for the tips. I regret not becoming very active within the community since I had registered in 2016. STEEM has much more potential as an altcoin that I had originally thought and I will become much more invested into it.


Its my second month here and I'm already loving it :)


keep going pal the sky is the limit


Thats what I like to hear!


how often do you steem

Short and sweet!
Its obvious u understand steemit well and I am sure many will benefit from you sharing your knowledge and experience.


well said lets keep steeming its agreat thing


Yes it is!

I agree, Steemit is so much more than just an outlet for a cryto, it's a wonderful growing community! Thanks for your great posts!

Hahaha just reading your title again and I was thinking....
Really Steemit IS a blockchain first, as it is Steemit that is BUILT upon the BLOCKCHAIN. Yet at the same time what is the fun or where are the payouts without the PEOPLE who are HERE because of the SOCIAL MEDIA aspect that is what we EXPERIENCE as Steemit. For many here on Steemit they don't even know what the blochain is...They just know if they post and comment they can make $$$$ hahahahaha so yes ur right in your point which is that if you want to succeed here on Steemti you must Know its a social media platform and u must have a good comprehension of the social vibe of this community. It is the social media aspect that gives Steemit its failure or success, its LIFE.
Another cool note, my up vote put the post at $22.22! Great number!


Thank you @Quinneaker I appreciate everything you do on this platform. Soon the numbers of people who actually understand what a blockchain is will be tiny compared to the masses.


That means a lot to me. Thanks for the recognition and I hope to continue to help the steemit community and economy!
Been loving ur posts. Keep up the good work!


what determines the number of people who will see your post.....can following the highest nomber of people help


Following people in and of it self will NOT help you get views. Though it IS possible that when you follow someone you will get a follow in return. But even then u still have to get the up vote.
So what that means is the ONLY solution is to produce QUALITY content, content people feel like "this is valuable and deserves my up vote" otherwise you will not really have any success.
So find what ur best at, know the most about and put together comprehensive posts.

@hilarski thank you su much brother
You are right, because the lazy nature must be removed away from the stemian self

It is a great social media platform. I love the comments also. So many websites now do not have real people commenting on content. I'm thinking I missed out on the early start of steemit. Like many others and wish I would have done more when it launched but it keeps getting better and better so maybe we are still in early enough to become whales one day! Thanks for the awesome posts @hilarski.

If you can look past the money and treat it like a typical social media platform you will do well.

Very well said Randy. Couldn't have said it any better! :] RESTEEMED!

It's frustrating when people use good words but at the end they don't even actually read o reply to your comment.
Keep it real guys!


its true man lets keep real


I think that the real way to make more money in the end is to really link with the people read and comment posts you really like.
People are not stupid they understand if you commented just for the money and most of the time they dont upvote your post or your comment! Hahahaha lols missing the real basic in doing money, OTHER PEOPLE!

Thanks for great advise. it's very usefull for me.
Thank you

You're right the whole thing falls apart if there's no community. Steem would be worth $0 and it would not be on the exchanges if it lacked a sincere community that it's built upon.

I've seen several people wonder recently why they aren't succeeding and I always notice that they don't upvote or reply to their comments. I love seeing the same names commenting on my content again and again because it means that I'm truly building an audience with them...... an audience that I can interact with and engage on a meaningful level.

It is true that there is definitely a different form of etiquette which needed here, it is a community and the strategies which work on other sites are not really working here. Although you do see some people trying to pull that stuff off. The only real strategy is true engagement. Thanks for the good post Randy! PS I hope the weather is nicer in Panama than windy cold New Zealand today!


It is rainy season but it is my favorite time of the year. The temperature is quite comfortable. Someday I would love to visit your country!


It is always the rainy season here :) Yeah same, I hope to visit Panama, my partner and I have been talking about doing Central America next year, hope we can make it a reality.

Hello, I'm a new member in steemit. Your sharing is very benefit for newly person. Thanks for sharing. I'm following you and up.

Ive noticed steemit post's popping up much more now when I google search bitcoin and altcoins. The content is definitely spreading on the web now. Good advice for users, hard work can beat natural talent in becoming successful. Just need persistence!

You have very valid points here,
however from my observation, that because it is a block chain, it stays forever. When people tend to put social media first, I mean a lot of the majority, not everyone tend to think twice before they post.
Look at the twitter wars and the other major social media wars out there. You can probably take back what you posted by deleting it, but here, after 7 days, what you said, pretty much stays forever, transparently

Other social media platform still has privacy, because we are creating crypto currency, a.k.a printing money , nothing can be private here, not even our transactions.

So when we look into this platform we have to think in a totally different perspective; it is neither one side of definition, there is no which is first and second, but both of your points weighs equally heavy, making this platform unique in its own way.

That, will be my take.


Though, I think that in a world of such transparency, where somebody's entire past can be searched, we'll hopefully learn that people change and be more forgiving as a result.


I hope so too. But it is more of those's past that could be used for malice, if you know what I mean. So whatever we put out, we must be ready to hold responsible. I try to remind myself daily whenever I post or comment anything.

This is an amazing platform and opportunity.


@cryptopie got you a $0.01 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@cryptopie got you a $0.01 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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Success is earned on the platform, that's usually what I tell people!

Thanks for posting this Randy. I've been reading a lot of Steemit posts. Also been commenting, as I think that's a great way to connect with people here.

Steemit's platform is on a whole new level. I'm new here but already love and enjoy the community. Randy, thanks for your post. I'm learning so much.

People need to put in the work but they tend to get frustrated and be like this dude LOL


Hey, that was me at work last week!! ;)


Seems like everyday for me haha :)



Since I know steemit, I've started leaving some of the social media behind, because in our work steemit is appreciated

The secret sauce is rewarding content creators and not censoring them.

Steemit does both. is like Twitter without the censorship.
onG.Social does both, paying with multiple cryptocurrencies and running on both the ethereum and waves blockchains.

I wrote a post about these newly emerging free media platforms here...

Your post is very good
Motivate me in steemit
Thank you for sharing..good luck.

you are spot on well said

Your post is very interest

Yes that's the formula. Now let's keep on blogging and commenting.

That what i thinking @

Well written and so true. I'm still learning. It makes me wonder what will happen to Wordpress blogs once this really takes off. 🤔

Great post my friend!

Thanks for the great quality posts :)

Well, I think there is a vicious circle here, I don't get enough votes because my REP is not high enough and I can't increase my REP because I don't get enough votes. So I am stuck with raising one level every month, which is too slow, I comment, I upvote I post 2 or 3 times a day but I just don't get the votes. So all I can do is be patient.

Great post. Thank you for sharing. I will add that for succeeding on Steemit it also takes time, like anything else and yes, Steemit is awesome.

Very useful and pratical advice. It is defintely the engagement that drives people to come to this platfrom repeatedly. The earnings are only the icing on the cake.

So much truth to all this! There are so many reasons to love Steemit and even more reasons why you're not succeeding on this platform.
Lovely evening to you!

Thanks for the advice. It will help me a lot :)

This post has inspired me. Thank you.

All great points! I have recently been discovering just how important engaging the community through commenting really is. You really feel part of what's going on with others, and before you know it, you find yourself upvoting not just fellow Steemians, but friends. Then someone will pay you a surprise visit with a generous upvote, and you realize: they are visiting you because they read your comment somewhere. Great post!

This is great info for newbies like us, I'm really grateful for this, Im gonna keep exploring your blog. Thanks for sharing man, you just earned a follower/reader here.

This is good advice for everyone.
"Randy how come I am not succeeding on Steemit?"
Your answer is great. I do all of the things you said but I'm still not doing good enough. Maybe I need to do it more. Thanks for the advice. :D

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Yes exactly. i agree with your thoughts

some nice points you mentioned building a brand that would be great.

Better stay with a network that appreciate every little effort you put up...Gives you great ideas to change your life...this has always being my message to the Ghanaians l find home everyday with the hope of helping them on board cos this is nothing but the best..creating,staying and having fun is all you get here on glad its my home now..upvoted!!!!!!cheers

This guy gets it ... :)

Didn't get this?
"Not following other users."
How following other can get us a success on Steemit?
And the most important point you made in this post is
"We can dominate Google search."

My approach to cryptos is fundamentals, and an active user base is part of that. I'm new to Steem, but I like what I'm seeing. Engagement has real reward here beyond the social ones.

This post is a Goldmine !!!

Follow me

Good !!! Waw

These are great tips and suggestions that e should all learn to abide by.
Steemit is an amazing platform and coupled with it is its superb community who welcome you can make you feel loved.
Thank you and let all of us be grateful for being on the journey to a more prosperous steemit.
Steem On!

I maintain steemit is as much a social media platform as reddit is. Maybe a bit more because there are fewer users and many people know each other, like a small town version of reddit. Maybe a bit less because we don't even have private messages, let alone real profiles (like common in social media).

Now, I'm not a fan of facebook & co. In fact I haven't maintained any social media accounts for over a decade because I just don't get any value from sharing and liking buzzfeed articles and selfies.

I'm just saying this is not that, and that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Nice content mate! Even im trying to adjust here.. steemit is a great community to connect n share.

So far, the FB has more opportunities for communication. There are groups of interests. If Steeм made such groups, or communities, then communication would boil, and people began to move here with the FB.

Afigitelny blog! I want to be friends with you !!

I think, we need a Happy Medium! Not to be Intrusive, as in Social Media.

At the same time to participate in Community life and to publish quality content, that is interesting to you yourself.

And then everything will work out!!

In steemit we can not walk alone. As you say I strongly agree. Many people just give up, but they do not know how the system works.

I can't wait until I have more steem power so my votes actually mean something. The biggest reason I write here is because people actually read my stuff. lol

Hello @hilarski. An exquisite advice from a master himself. You have summed up almost everything in just a few lines. Your diagnosis of the quitioner's problem statement is bang on!! Indeed it's a platform where one can earn, but it is a social media platform where give and take is the policy which works. Engaging, communicating, upvoting, commenting on others content, appearing, cretiquing are some of the essential traits that one must possess. A useful and nice post✍️👍. Peace ✌️

Steemit is a social media with the advantages of the blockchain technology, censorship resistant and fully independent of corporate interests because it has its own currency, great post mate!

great reminder why we are all here. I've met so many great new silver collectors and investors on here. The #steemsilvergold community is great.

Brother Excellent every day we should strive