Steemit Creative Commons Videos for the Community.

6 days ago
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I Put Together a Few More Videos for All to Enjoy and Use.

Download Youtube Videos with Just a Link Here.

But Wait There is More.

Take a moment and listen to Phil Collins Epic Hit, "In the Air Tonight".

Thanks for taking the moment to watch the videos I have included this bonus gif of Mike Tyson punching out Alan to the song, "In the Air Tonight".

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  ·  6 days ago

I love the first one.

  ·  6 days ago

Appreciate these mate. Always takes time and effort. :) I have downloaded some previously and I will look to use them in the future when I do a new video series exclusive for steemit. Cheers.

  ·  6 days ago

I am glad someone is using them ; )

  ·  5 days ago

Very nice job once again @hilarski! Thanks for sharing them with us. I can both having a very different target and definitely fitting their use within their respective realms of influences. Thanks! Namaste :)

  ·  5 days ago

nice song :smile:

  ·  5 days ago

Barry! These are just great. Thank you for making them, so that we can too.

  ·  4 days ago

Very nicely done! Really impressive.

  ·  6 days ago

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Steemit Creative Commons Videos for the Community.
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