Handling Trolls on Steemit Crushes Every Other Social Media Platform.

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We Constantly Hear About Trolling on Social Media.

If you are a veteran of social media you probably have seen some of the trolling that happens. These trolls come in all types. Most of the time they provide zero value to the conversation. Their aim is to insight an angry response from the author of the post or within the comments themselves.

Types of Trolls and Bullies-

  • The Political wannabe Pundit.
  • The Religious Zealot.
  • The Know it All Troll.
  • The Grammar Nazi.
  • The Online Marketing Police.
  • The Jealous Troll.
  • The Sexist Bully.
  • The Attention Seeker.
  • The Thrill of the Hunt Troll.
  • The Failed in Life Troll.

Steemit Has a Genius Remedy to Trolls!

Simply hit the flag button if a comment is not appropriate. If enough people feel the same way the comment or even posts will be hidden due to low ratings. This also works for spam. If enough people flag the content the users account is worthless and their comments and posts will no longer show up.

I love how we can police our own platform. We don't have the problems like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus where the corporate interests trump the will of the users. Too many accounts are being banned simply because they have different opinions. Here on Steemit we conduct ourselves in a more friendly manner because we as humans know there is an army of users that can crush us for misbehaving.


If you abuse the Flag button then you are no better than the trolls. I personally believe flagging should only be used in extreme circumstances. I have been on Steemit for almost a year and have only used it 5-6 times. If someone is spamming my posts I give them a warning first. Also the more SteemPower an account has the more value a Flag can have, just like an Upvote.

Being an AssHole Doesn't Pay on Steemit!!

Thank You @MyNameisBrian for the Gif. Please Follow Him.

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That's why Steemit will beat most of the social medias out there. The only thing that worries me if this positive thing doesn't turn out to be a negative one while we might enter a position where couple of frustrated SP rich people start to flag positve comments. This would become a "censorship" scenario but with more sense authors this should be easy to avoid.


Bernie Sanders comes to mind. Don't piss him off or he'll flag you into negative numbers.
Flaggin is wrong. It should be taken out of the code.


But a few whales have gone into a little bit of a drama war with each other, so now we see a little bit less flagging. Even those at the top are greatly affected.


flaggin is wrong.
it should be removed.


last thing we need are bernie sanders typos...


dangerous as a baby with a gattling gun.
remove flaggin from the code.


I agree


I agree with this so much!


it sux!




Having had a youtube channel for a few years, I can tell you that there is probably the biggest amount of trolling there than any other platform. There is literally Troll wars that last years and people cry on video. It gets pretty ridiculous at times. I am really happy that it is under control here.


And that's why you need to censor the FUCK out of comments. I just block as many people as I can who are trying to run a negative environment. Screw that, you don't need those people


hahaha negative environment. this was funny to me I hope it should be lol


Well censorship is one thing, and being able to control an environment for the better of all those watching/viewing content is another. I mean technically they're the same but it's like all about the experience, you know? You want to make it as good as you can for everybody involved.


Absolutely true. Those paid commenters or "unlikers" are paid for by companies and they target especially everything that is "alternative" or against the establishment. But I trust in the YouTube watchers, I think they can distringuish good from bad.

I only had to use it once in the comment area so far, dude was posting tons of links all the time lol


Yup, that is how I use it as well. If the warning doesn't work the hammer comes down.


I'm using the hell out of it... all of the "follow me" and "upvote me" trolls are getting nailed!



I always warn people who spam my content with generic comments. I tell them I really won´t flag them but if a dolphin having a bad day sees that they can flag them to hell. So if they want followers and votes they should engage in a meaningful thread or comment something that adds value to the content or the person. This was a good post mate, congrats.

I don't use the flag options that much been when I do, it's usual a half dozen accounts making "test" post lol That stuff got old quick!

Lets keep this culture strong!

Well stated.

Your post makes a nice bookend for @dwinblood's post yesterday about the mute button.

I like the restraint that most people show here, there is a surprising number of people on this platform who discuss rather than go Nuclear at the drop of a hat.

This is really good for steemians community. We need a steemians police against bullies! We already know what a bullies can do, just look at twitter. I hope steemit will be here for a long long long time and be free of trollers

Really interesting article!

I've been on the internet for almost 10 years now, and I learned how to deal with trolls, by simply ignoring them. I realized a long time ago that trolls (or at least some of them) are just a bunch of frustrated kids that can't actually do any good, so they just do bad for no reason.

In the early days, sometimes, trolling was funny, because people knew how to troll others in funny ways and even you as a victim would've been amused.

These days however every kid that does something bad to annoy others calls himself a troll. It's sad.

I'm happy about the way Steemit is doing things tho, allowing people to flag the trolls and maybe make them leave the websites.

Congratulations for your post and best of luck!

I always say be yourself, but if you are being an asshole,, maybe you better just keep your mouth shut haha... Good post!

Interesting topic hilarski steem team are very smart

lol @ "The failed in life troll" .. Seriously, some of the troll comments I've seen on my videos are SO amusing! The people shoot themselves in the foot. I don't even need to burn them, for they do it in their own responses. You can just feel the misery and dissapointment from them

It is amaazing how some features work so well on steemit in a natural way. Its effortless for our community to flush out the trolls!

Good post. I only used the flag once. On a fake account. Someone was pertending to be someone they were not.

As someone new to the platform I find it interesting how Steemit handles it and hope the ones with high Steem Power don't abuse the authority if their flag vote has the most impact =>
Example: 10+ people with high power could potentialy shut down any account by flaging it?

Here are some more Troll types:
The Spoiler
The White Knight
The Self-Feeding Troll
The Lame Teenager
The Stalker

Thanks for all of this good info


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This is some of the features that really made me get in love with steemit, in other social media trolls are immediately pumped up with every response, here they are immediately hidden...
Trolling is some of the things that push me away from Facebook and twitter, and this new platform have found the perfect way to handle them, i cant imagine how frustrated this trolls must feel whenever they try to make their trolling here and suddenly get all flagged and get no more responses LOL...

I totally agree. Flags should be used sparingly, only in extreme cases and never to silence a commenter merely because he disagrees with your point of view. Good post

Steemit remedy to trolls is pretty good!

Thats what i love about steemit, We Steemains can control it almost it seems like.

thanks for this hilarski..it is same as cyberbullying

Steemit has a better system in eliminating trolls compared to other platforms.
With Steem the only people who can actually have a huge effect with a flag is people who already are big with a lot of influence who are thought to be trusted.


The problem is that 1. They're only thought to be trusted. 2. The more money you have, the more STEEM you can buy and the more you can power up and the more influence you can have, even when it comes to flagging! Looks like at the end of the day money talks here like everywhere else!

I didn't even know about all this types of trolls haha!))
But yea flag should be used only if there is no other way to explain to a person how to behave.

Trolls are going to be an endangered species thanks to SteemIt :)

I've used my whip on the Sexist Bully type...

I did't know there were different types of trolls and bullies!

I didn't know about this flag stuff....thanks!!!


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Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

It's because there is a financial penalty for trolling. Sort of like a community fine, except it takes the form of being ostracised from the money, while everyone else is getting some. A very powerful motivator (as whoever invented the concept of fines discovered many thousand years ago).

I've had to warn a few people about spamming comments etc. Usually they don't do it again, but I'll resort to flagging if necessary

trolling has no sense it only spread hate

Just don't feed the trolls XD

I've been getting a lot of "upvote" and "follow me" trolls. From what I can see most of them seem to come from India and they hit me with comments (If you want to call "Great post follow me" a comment) before I get back to my feed. They are either really fast readers or they hover around the "New" feed watching for new posts! (I suspect the latter)


This happens when a platform has money involved. Tsu was terrible in this respect now may of those types of users are finding their way here. If it was not for that I think I might of enjoyed that platform more. RIP Tsu.


I didn't get to spend a lot of time there. I was writing on Triond.com and Tsu sent me an invite. I got to make 4-5 friends and then it was gone! I kind of liked their format... I didn't get to use it long enough to make anything.

Steemit is great against trolls! This social network was created by visionary geniuses

Steemit will certainly grow a lot and will exceed Fakebook

Great post! Congratulations. Upvote and resteem :)

I like it Randy. Community policing is the way to go because when 99% of Steemit users keep things positive this majority will simply allow trolls to find another network to do their low energy, fear-based, angry stuff. Efficient and effective, right?


That is what the founders intended I believe. Sure, it gets abused sometimes because some people love the sense of power but overall the community is pretty laid back.

The way steemit handles the troll using the flag button,it has proven to be great than other social media where trolls are everywhere.

Yes u are crct but it's difficult for newbies here to get high sp.... And soon steemit may be bought by Facebook like Whatapp and Instagram 😂😂


It is only difficult if they don't engage, produce content, follow and support other users.

But without a central authority, who will control the trolls? ;-)

Now I understand why people on Steem are so friendly and polite. In LJ and in FB it is much more difficult to avoid trolls.

Sorry to be a pedant, but 'failed in life troll' is not a division of trolls but actually covers them all.
I hope all the fanboy-ass-hats stay on Reddit

I observed one troll not few days ago. He qualifies for the last five categories on the list. That's right! All five!
And racist too, kind of.

I have written a post about how he harassed one of the most notable bloggers on Steemit.

When he found out I wrote a post, he kind of started spamming my comments as well as all the comments of the people that commented on my post.
He kept on arguing believing what he was doing was right and playing the victim and accusing certain people of cyber-bullying when he failed to acknowledge that he himself was wrong in spite of so many people telling him.
He argued non-stop!

It's great that we can flag such stupid comments on Steemit. Love the support!
Have a wonderful day :)

Hi, i noticed that here on steemit i can enjoy reading without trolls around. Its great!

I personally believe flagging should only be used in extreme circumstances.

I disagree with that! Yes, flagging below 0 should be used with moderation but flagging content that we believe rank too high is a top feature of Steem and should be used more often.

Anyway there is somewhat of a consensus that the Flag should be turned back into a downvote button.

Good post, the flag feature is extremly useful and it is important to use it wisely and under the right circumstances

Flagging is not free though! It costs voting power. Besides, I've seen many abuse the flag button here. I tend to not flag anyone even those I disagree with because I'm all for freedom of speech, even for trolls!


I primarily use it for spamming. I have never flagged a post just comments.


Fair enough. I came across a user here @noganoo who's been abused by a few powerful people who keep flagging every single post he puts out and none of them get paid. It's ridiculous... I probably would have left the platform by now if I was him/her.


I don't get involved in flag wars. I prefer to be a Switzerland or Panama and watch from the sidelines.


That's one of the reasons I don't flag anyone because I don't wanna get into flag wars either! :]]]


It would be good if you understood his history here before proclaiming that he is being "abused."

That's what I love about steemit, everyone is so pleasant to each other, it's awesome. Cheers

@hilarski thanks for sharing :D

You forgot one, the Paid Troll! These are the worst by far because they are literally earning their living to push political agendas (HASBARA comes to mind).

It's great on Steemit that we are able to see the kinds of comments that everyone makes, so it's so easy to just go and look to see if the person is an actual paid troll, not that I've found one here yet, but I can see their comments and know if they are just copy/pasting the same comment onto everyone's posts about the issue they are fighting.

Great post BTW! I've never had to flag anyone here yet since September, goes to show the kindness and consideration of the Steemians I have met so far. xo

Reasons why Steemit is the best social media :) thanks for sharing #keepsteemin

Trolling should not be a part of any platform,i totally agree Steemit is far better till now hope it stays like this.

I agree, flagging should be used for only extreme cases. If it's iffy, I don't flag. Nice post bud. I like how the users are in control here.

I saw a guy jump all over a nice person's post last week and seriously insult her because she was writing about animal medicine cards. It was heavy. And he continued even though others told him to stop. Be careful on this full moon tonite; the crazies will be crazier.

You seem to not understand what a troll is.
also what about the "Flaggot" trolls? People that flag stuff but cant even say why besides using some vague term that can be used for anything like you are trying to do here with calling everything trolling.

trolling is the act of saying something you don't agree with in order to get a response out of another person. I don't think a single thing you are calling a troll is actually trolling. if anything this pro censorship post is a pathetic attempt at trolling people you flag and try to censor.

you say

Being an AssHole Doesn't Pay on Steemit!!

but you are being n asshole by flagging people when all you need to do is use the mute button and it is paying you well.

is me having a differing opinion then you going to get called trolling now and are you going to flag me?

The people flagging others for vague reasons and trying to justifiy it is pathetic. whatever though, you think you are dealing with trolls but you aren't, they just go make another account ad start over. you accomplish nothing except attempting to censo someone for "reasons" and not even good ones at that.

iIf a whale deciedes to abuse the flag and censor something there is nothing anyone can do about it as whales cant be held accountable for their actions.

everything is called trolling, so censor everything?

please anyone here who will like to share advice and opinion on sex education? there is a move we plan to make and we will appreciate advice, opinion and instructions. please feel free to share your view on this

thank you

100% agree. Being an asshole doesn't pay on steemit. ONe of the best things about Steemit is the lack of trolls. It makes for great open dialogue. Great post as usual.

I love that about steem. It rewards people who are putting in effort and will weed out the trolls over time.

great advice. I can't believe some of the trolls I've have come across in our days on social media.
Just today while doing a free giveaway, we got attacked for how we chose the winner with a random number generator. There's just no way to avoid it.

This appears to be a rehash of this older article Randy. More original content please Sir!

I believe steemit is a better community than others. If someone trolls then they are flagged and their reputation is decreased :D plus we are getting paid here. amazing :)

please anyone here who will like to share advice and opinion on sex education? there is a move we plan to make and we will appreciate advice, opinion and instructions. please feel free to share your view on this

thank you

Excellent. Give the power to the people to cast out trolls and idiots. Delegating that ability to users eliminates a mediator and allows us to settle our own quarrels. #NoCensorship

Thanx bro for telling this. I did not know about this feature of flagging. People should be careful here about spamming and commenting.

Follow me> follow You ! cool post cheers bro! greetings from Pl :)

I have heard of some whales abusing the flag button, although I think it may have subsided because I've seen fewer posts about the alleged flag abuser.

The flagging idea is definitely great, but it really reflects the saying "with great power, come a great responsibility"!


I wonder if there is a consideration of upvotes by high steem power individuals vs flags by high steem powered individuals on the same post? ... To prevent false flagging

The comments here are just as entertaining as the actual post.

I just updated my own mental "trolls & bullies" database, so thank you very much for this great article.

Here's another type of troll (or is it shill?), the one that write "intelligent" and "meaningful" comments to discredit an "alternative" remedy or treatment. The best one I found so far:

"You must drink your milk for calcium! Carrots don't have calcium!" I asked him who's paying him ....

There are also a lot of paid commenters that the pharmaceutical industry employs, so I watch out for them.

Who else is paying for such commenters? I don't know yet ....