99 developers on Hive but only 20 IQ

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I had no doubt that those people had nearly 20IQ all together,

  • first they made a decision without talking with the smart people on Steem (SF22.2)
  • second they acted and reacted like kids when Justin tried to calm down the entire war
  • third they decided to leave the chain when their asses were in risk
  • fourth they choosed to blacklist users for the airdrop on arbirtrary criterias
  • fifth they are still using Steem to make their propaganda and to spam our chain, so they are eaten the soup where they spit
  • sixth they choosed an existent name for their chain like it's really hard to type a name on google to search it.

Just sad for all the users who got fooled by this movement and this mafia with 0 experience in business...


  1. They refused to take a bribe from Justin Sun as many others remaining did.

Which pretty much explains this post of yours.

Good luck on Steem. I guess you can fall back into old habits with full support now.

Btw, it appears the hive team has done more in 5 weeks than Steemit did in 4yrs. Don’t be so worried.. I’m sure Justin will pay you well 👍🏼

Take a bribe? Do you have any proof?
You are wrong, we just decided to not leave, I personnaly never spoke with any new Steemit or Tron members after the changes... so how could I have been bribed?

Can you explain me what they did? Except forking all the existent resources and finding a name for their chain. But oh wait this name is already copyrighted :D

Thanks, I wish you also the best!

What contempt! you send charges without any evidence. Reading you, I wonder if it is stupidity, nastiness or a financial bias.

Bring evidence when you accuse. In the absence of evidence present facts. You are shabble

Why? There is no evidence in the original post.. I thought it was just - “throw out stupid shit” day.

I was just following that concept. 🤷‍♀️

It is true that in the original post, there is no evidence. But he exposes facts there. These facts combined represent a body of evidence.

I know, it must be difficult for you, you are asked to argue instead of paying yourself for shitty jobs.

5 weeks? .... like if they couldn't do shit in 4 years. They just decided to chill, because why not. Only started moving their asses when the lower brain started to kick in. Greed.

Steemit did in 4yr

Do you even Github? Stop trying hard to look smart it's really bad. Just do what you always know how to do, PR and playing with your tongue. Leave the real shit to people with more than one neuron.

Go to your hive, you have eggs to lay.

Yes? How smart and good are they?
Because they didn't do it on Steemit. Because as far as I know, have they been the managers of Steemit during those 4 years?

Yes. So?

Are you saying that they have done more than themselves?
That does not make sense. U know..

Absolutely ridiculous comment.

That if. Comment voted by your followers. Those who lick your ass.
Know why? Because you are a woman.

Like many of the women's publications within Steemit. Voted exclusively because you are women and you have a beautiful body and beautiful pictures.

Does that make you proud? Congratulations!
Congratulations on supporting and spreading defamation of women with pride.

Not sure about some of your points but the link, if true, is interesting.

Which point don't you agree on? I would be glad to give you details about each of them.

About the link, it was so obvious, that was the first thing to do, this name is copyrighted and using it will cause troubles...

Well, from the top:

  • There are plenty of smart people involved with Hive
  • Acting like kids is subjective, and one could say that about some of Sun's words and actions
  • 'Asses at risk', what do you mean?
  • 'Arbitrary criteria' - the accounts voting Sun's witnesses, not arbitrary. Not saying I agree with this move entirely but the criteria is pretty clear
  • I have seen a lot of spam posts since 2016
  • I'm no expert in this field but suspect this mining company, with no blockchain of their own, has no case at all

Smart people would have checked and googled the name they choosed for their project. Or let forget that and let presume that there are still some smart people, I guess we are not talking about people who made bidbots and abused of the reward pool right? Because for me making money does not necessarily mean to be smart.
Let say some are smart but obviously not the majority of them. Otherwise they would have listened what other people said and take it into consideration. I personaly felt betrayed when I was the first one to think about all of them, including witnesses, devs and users. They choosed to make everything on their own without any communication with us, me and some other devs who are fully commited to steem since years. And hopefully I/We will show to all of them that they made a misstake by doing so.

Yeah it's kind a bit subjective and maybe on this you are right, even if the old mafia started it, both sides did it too.

"Asses at risk", sorry for my english, I meant that some of the old top witnesses and biggest abusers/milkers of this chain and even of the SPS system felt like they were going to have hard times and see their profits going down :)
Don't tell me it was because of centralization or censorship, those people were already centralizing Steem and voting only for their buddies. And they were also the first to censor post with downvotes, or to promote them with upvotes, being the only entity who can censor you on the chain and on all UI's since most of apps use downvotes to hide contents. So I feel like it's all about money. Money is great but the respect and the transparency worth more.

Making a meeting with few people to vote on who deserves or not the tokens, is it what you call objective? For me it's arbitrary, and since steemchiller is in the list it's even fucked up. Nearly none of them did what this guy made for Steem. And I don't know him at all nor I have any relation with him. Same for some other guys who only tried to calm down the situation and got punished for it. And what about not dropping tokens to poloniex users too? Is that also objective? What those users did to them, except using an exchange who is owned by Justin... They got excluded even without choosing a side. WTF :)

The spam in the past is different than the spam which is being made actually, it's all about "leave steem and go on hive". And everyone is feeling a pressure to make a decision... While they should be able to take their own decision without a comment on each of their post. Why I decided to stay on Steem, except being betrayed? I don't want anyone to put a pressure on me nor my team to make a decision. I received a ton of insult and unplesant messages from hive people... But in contrary to other people that are trying to take benefit of both sides, I made my decision before the hardfork and stated clearly my point of view.

I'm not an expert too but those people seems to have not taken this lightly. Hopefully its like manniman said and they will not have any problem... But since Franck Holmes in invested in the project, I guess they havent made the half of the work.

Well thanks for your time :) I guess I'm also a bit subjective in my talks but it's hard to put aside my feels. That's also why I made this post.

Once again your actions do not aline with your text. You're pulling out of every STEEM/HIVE Chain? To fail with your own chain, again?

20200323 17_05_54Tx fe60b14d.. _ Steem Block 41777854 _ Steem.png

And now at the very End let me tell you this enlightening Words. You have NO - 0 - Less then any - Idea of what your talking about!

There's no such thing as a protected HIVE Blockchain Brand:

Dream on buddy... bzzzzz Manni

Please don't be so dumb (or malicious to try to fool people)
Look the entire history and come back to tell what I made :)


One of my team member who is not in cryptofield asked me to do something with his steem, so when the price increased I sold her steem (around 7000 SAT each)

She can now buy the double or triple easily :)

And yes I will be pulling out all Hive that I own. I don't trust it, I don't trust people who freeze assets or make a blacklist of users that can not receive tokens because they proxied their votes on someone else. They even dare to blacklist steemchiller who made a big work and never got paid or abused like the others did... but yeah you are right :D I have no idea of what I m talking about :)

My own chain is ready since a long time no worry about this, and it will be used to be complementary with Steem soon!

Edit: you know nothing about trademarks, there are different way to register a brand, and having it unregistered in deustchland does not mean that it's not registered somewhere else.

It makes you able to use the brand here until the initial Brand claims it by a court decision (in years), the same goes for a lot of different other countries. No protection means no protection. You can't just lawyer that one through now, you need extensive court judgment fist. Yeah... I'm kinda deep in that topic and my guess is that the original HIVE will not go for those costs, neither would they benefit in any way of doing that.

And the register is not limited to germany, the web service hosted by Deutschland - choose your fav. one and repeat the search. The thing is, you're still bluffing, maybe don't do that.

@manniman nique ta mère en fait

you too buddy

Join the fun:

Since STEEM Cleaners and Cheetah are banned by your Führer xD

You are a recent steem user. You haven't experienced everything we've seen on this platform for 4 years. False announcements. Votes between friends etc etc ...

I'm not a fan of junstin sun and I don't know him. But freezing private funds is contrary to the foundations of steem and any concept of cryptocurrency.

So ok, you're going to make posts at 2 dollars for a while going in the direction of those who will soon exploit you.

Remember this discussion in a few weeks or months.

and know that I'm not embittered, I won what I had to earn with steem. I got 100 dollars sometimes with a photo ... you don't talk to a beginner or someone who has an interest in tron

Steem Cleaners and Cheetah? That's only two garbage bots. Like hundreds of them more.

Because the option of inserting a canonical URL within the publications was never created.

That would have been a billion times better, surely easier to create, and a billion times more positive for Steemit and for creators who work seriously with Steemit.

But no one thought of creating that. Truth.

You know why?

Because they have never been interested. Because developers have only looked for its benefits.

It is much more interesting to create bots that make money for themselves, than to create a simple option that works magic in the true creators who decided to use Steemit.

Do you know what a canonical URL is?

Do you know that there are other ways to check duplicate content?

Do you know that it would be much better to directly hide it?

Do you know why those bots give votes instead of hide?

Do you know who created them?

Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...........................

On this point, honesty should induce you to tell yourself that choosing HIVE would have led to problems in the future. A simple google search could have helped to see it.

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