10 Reasons Why Steemit is Ideal for Bloggers/Vloggers

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#1 Break Away from SEO

If you’re sick of playing the SEO game in the hopes of ranking well in google searches, a game that seems to be never ending, consider posting your writing/photography/videos on Steemit.
With a couple appropriate tags for your post, your work can be seen and spread by the audience within the platform.
You can also choose to promote your post with as little or as much money as you’d like to pay to ensure it gets even more exposure.

#2 Concentrated Audience

Steemit is a platform where all types of people congregate and exchange ideas and inspiration. The people who use steemit are there to participate in the community. It’s a one-stop shop to reach people who want to know what you’re posting on a particular topic. You don’t have to venture into random chatrooms and start fake conversations just to plug a link to your blog post. Steemit makes exchanging ideas and information much more real and genuine.

#3 Enthusiastic Community

You can quickly gain a decent and loyal following if you are consistent and actively engage in the community. You don’t need millions of views to make money from advertisers or sponsors, the organic support from your audience will provide your payouts. The platform is still growing and is eager to discover new sources of entertainment and information. You can be that new source.

#4 Established Bloggers/Social Media Personalities Get Support

If you’ve already done the work to establish yourself as a successful blogger or social media personality, your presence will be warmly welcomed on Steemit. The Steemit community is eager to welcome and support reputable individuals who can supply the website with their material and introduce their fans to Steemit in exchange for another wave of supporters from Steemit and of course, healthy payouts.

#5 Get Paid After 7 Days

This payout time encourages the constant production of new material.
Who doesn’t like the idea of knowing for certain that if your post gets upvotes, you will be paid only 7 days later?

#6 Connect Better with Your Audience

What’s really special about Steemit specifically for bloggers, is the fact that you can develop a much more in-depth relationship with your audience by checking out their own Steemit profile and offering your support right back to them either through follows, upvotes, commenting or re-steeming their posts so you can help them achieve greater exposure by utilizing your reach on the platform.

#7 Steemians Unite at Steemfest

Once a year Steemit holds an official Steemfest bonanza where all of those people you’ve met online have the chance to meet in person, face to face and become real friends. The first ever Steemfest was held last year in November in Amsterdam and speaking from experience, it was amazing. Superbly organized, the people were eager to meet and interact, all who attended were sure to take every advantage of this meet up. Steemfest strengthens the community in ways that connecting remotely just can’t achieve.

#8 Great for Networking

Much like I highlighted talking about Steemfest, Steemit is a great way to network with people who are just as ambitious as you to seek out new and innovative ways to get things done. We are all- for the most part- open-minded pioneers at this point. If you’re looking to learn more or teach others or work together to achieve what you’ve got your eyes set on, chances are you can meet the people who will collaborate with you on Steemit.

#9 Blockchain Permanence

Imagine this, you’re hosting your own blog and for whatever the circumstance, you can no longer manage to keep it. Imagine all of your hard work writing, editing, and providing the photos and graphis that you were so proud to have published online. Imagine all of that hard work being deleted forever, never to be discovered by anyone else who may have really benefitted from coming across your material.
Because Steemit is a blockchain based social network, your work will never be deleted. You will always be able to reference a blog post, or re-read an old travel experience, view your photos with the effortlessness of posting your material on Steemit, and without the cost and effort of hosting your own website.

#10 Get Paid in Steem

Steemit pays you in it’s digital currency called Steem. Although there has been some controversy for this coin and many people thought Steem and Steemit would wither away never to be heard of again, both the user base and the coin are making a comeback. With new users flooding into Steemit and the price of Steem gaining a healthy rise despite the now turbulent volatility in all of crypto right now, the long term assessment for Steem looks good. The reason I think will be thanks to the Network Effect. Steem is attached to Steemit, a social networking website that is continuing to grow, thus the longevity that the Network Effect will have on this platform is very promising.

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I'm excited to see this post hit over $1,000 when the price of Steem returns to normal ;) You're killing it on here, and you're a great motivator for the newbies. Thanks for making the community darling for everyone, Heidi :)


Hey @avilsd and @heiditravels! Here's a similar post (in Romanian) about the benefits of blogging on Steemit. It's gotten over 1600 views and a lot of great feedback. It would be great if you guys could support it.



Very inspiring indeed, @avilsd! I think Steem is one of my favorite cryptos because of the community behind it. I've already met so many people who hold a positive vision for the future and are taking small actions towards making it happen. Here's to a shared world of abundance for all Steemians! Thank you @heiditravels. :)


It's not really a Steemit Killer.. :P It's an interesting project to check out, of course, but Steemit's already well established and is only further growing! :)


thanks @avilsd, just one more request. we could like to know your comments on our response to Ripple's comment about Blockchain too slow for banks > https://steemit.com/steemit/@blockrush/blockchain-too-slow-for-banks-ripple-blockrush

Great post. I was neither a blogger nor vlogger...until joining steem. Now I find myself looking for new topics and things to write about. It feels good to contribute as opposed to just receiving content. Good luck to everyone!


I agree. It's very inspiring to be writing for an audience about topics I care about. I never did that til now.


I was thinking exactly the same thing. You do not have to win a popularity contest on this platform to make money. Just be honest.
BTW I think I may have spotted a couple of these so-called whales who seem to me to be gaming the system? I will investigate further.
I think Steemit is something really special. I blogged for a little bit a few years ago and have been vlogging for just a few months. I totally agree with the point of this article. It seems that the more you work online the worse things get. This network is 100% different to anything I have ever been involved in.


Thank you for sharing I just followed you and upvoting your post. I look 👀 forward to watching you become a great success here on Steemit🤓🙌🏾, re-Steem this post below on your page for a chance to win 100 Steem dollars , it will also help you earn the most out of steemit



Inspiring indeed, I'm kicking myself in the foot for taking a late leap into cryptocurrency but hey better late than never. I'm super inspired now :)

I have to say that I do find Steemit quite difficult to navigate!

Steemit is a nice platform for give and take, everyone with different background and knowledge contributed together, by posting nice content, leaving valuable comment to direct communicate. I think the keyword is respect, respect the author, respect all contributor here and you will be fine.

+I would add:
11 - You are still early adopter here. You can be well established when the real wave will come. :-)
Steemit really is Field of Dreams :-)

I like this Bear catching fish ... and we want development!
Good luck to all of us and prosperity! Thanks for your advice!


WOWWWW, this sounds great. SIGN ME UP!!!

Oh Wait lol....another great post @heiditravels cheers :)

Right on! This is only the begining of something big!

Steemit.com is an amazing tool for growth of this new world!
Bringing people together in an unheard unprecedented kind of way.

Hi Heidi,
Big fan of your content - Your Crypto knowledge is amazing.
The videos are simple & easy to understand.
Not a Bloggers/Vloggers yet but watch this space.

Not sure if I should be ashamed or honored to be in that many pictures of last years steemfest, hahaha! @firepower


I've posted a screenshot from this on old social media sometime ago to remind myself that we gotto take this to the next level and to tell everyone to Join Steemit! hahaha!



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cool video :D

Sorry to hijack this post but I really love your videos. Now that Amanda has moved on you should consider doing a weekly dash update(funded from he masternode said) I think you would do a great job

Good advice 👍🏼

Good to have highly motivated female bloggers here.♥

This post was very helpful for me. Thank you so much for sharing it.

I have just followed you. I would appreciate it if you followed me back 😊

I fully agree to this! :) Steemit is the way to share great stories without remaining unnoticed!

@heiditravels , you said it all!!! point by point, you nailed it . As a new member, I use most of your tips to promote steemit to my contacts and have signed up many people. Steemit is great because of people like you using their talent to add value for our common success. I will certainly plan to attend the steemit fest. Thanks a lot , upvoted.

Also See my blog post for a link to collect free crypto, a one time opportunity.

This video should be shared around (on other sites) so more people join this good site, as I will try to do

Good post. I have never blogged. I am not on vlogger i just joined steem. Now I find myself looking for new intresting topics and things to write about and share them with people and to the community. It feels good to help. Good luck

Yeah Steem is cool platform for getting income by creating content that you love. On that though I also like ONG.social which takes the idea of user controlled social media to the next level. They also have their own crypto currency there. And I love the idea that blockchain is used for all this... I see a new brave and better world a head!


Seems like Ong.social also benefits the creators. Pretty interesting stuff I will look into it.


Come on Anteroh - my friend, post your introduction post :D

Very good article.
The analysis is in place.

wow this is really helpful thankyou

you said it all bro
great post

These are great reasons for switching to Steemit! I'm a fairly new blogger myself and have already gotten a decent following because of the quality of my content and how well I engage with others. I actually put thought into my comments and make sure to read everything. Not to mention how great of a community it is! There's so many positive people on Steemit that it just puts you in a better mood. As long as we keep this going, it'll be the best place to be on social media. Thanks for sharing :)

So I get paid seven days after I publish a post but what happens if I receive upvotes after those seven days. Will I get paid for that aswell? Sorry for the newbie question :-)


Unfortunately those upvotes won't be converted into a payout for you. That's something I wish would be addressed in the upcoming hardforks as they work to improve the site. They used to implement a two-payout system where you'd be paid 24hours after you post and then again a month later.

Don't apologize for asking questions!


Thank you!

Great article! I didn't realized much you can benefit from using this platform. I'm asking friends and family to ditch FB and move over to Steemit.

shows how much facebook and twitter and .... exploit their community

Yeah I really love that we don't have to focus on SEO. This allows us to be free on the content we produce. And I also had some bad experience with hosting my own blog a few years ago. I couldn't manage it anymore and lost all the work I've put into it.

really loves your blog.
Iwants to travel with you.

Great article

All great reasons @heiditravels

Very good post, very good!

I love steamit too for where can you go talk about what you love and get paid. I believe this is going to replace Fackebook and You tube as it continues to grow.

This is a good post for Steemit. I think another reason to join Steemit and blog is people like blogging, social networking and cryptocurrencies and want to be involved with them. Steemit membership adds on the bonus of paying members, and regular payments. We all like Steemit. Thanks. I upvoted and retweeted.

All very truthful and helpful points to be shared with the community!

Great post :)

I have a question beauty : steemit give us dollars ok .... but how he earn that money ?


Nice , i just upvoted and resteemit

Great stuff, I look forward to reading your other posts.!

Great article! Resteemed.
I think many new user will be disappointed though as no one upvotes their stuff. These users need a whole other post: the basics in blogging, and a post which explains you'll never find success overnight.
Idea for me what to write about :D

I am new to Steemit and still learning all the ropes. I love this community and everyone is so friendly. You have made some good points.

This is now the platform I will be using​ as I work on creating new content. I don't see myself use any of the 20 plus URL I own at this time. Steemit has shown​ me the way.

Great post. I just recently started vlogging on steemit and I am finding the platform to be very exciting and warm... i mean welcoming? ... i mean... nvm (^_^)

And for this you get my follow (^_^)

Maybe don't believe it but you are a reason for me to be in steemit.com

I found out about Steemit just as I was contemplating starting a blog, and at first I was very skeptical, but then I had a few "hit" posts, and understood the potetential.

I still haven't nearly done all that I can on this site!

I am pretty sold on steemit. I am envisioning so many other uses for blockchain because of this platform!

Great post and really inspiering :0) so true. Thx for sharing. Resteemed

Great post!Upvoted and followed!

All excellent benefits. The one that really is important is the blockchain holding your posts permanently. It can be expensive and time consuming to host your content and keep it alive forever. Also it creates an incentive to create high quality content from the beginning.

Only upvote for the hot chick in the picture.

Great reading @heiditravels ;) I dived into crypto just couple months ago and became Steemian only couple days ago and it is all really absorbing... The Future is coming...

You get it right. Steemit is the future.

I have joined the community recently and I found your tips really useful. Thank you :)

Steemit is simply amazing

Ok, this is PERFECT!!!! I have been vlogging about our adventure from the hells of suburbia to our Homestead for almost a year now. YouTube has changed the game many times in just this last year.

I am done! I'll use them as my hosting until Steemit comes out with a video player. But I am no longer playing the YouTube game.

Steemit is the FUTURE!!

Thank you for this amazing post!

Great article! Very good advice too! BTW, you are really pretty.

You can check out @ENAZWAHSDARB for the best Entrepreneurial content! If you appreciate what you see, you can leave a follow! :)

I'm new to both Steemit and to blogging in general so this was a really helpful post for me to come across.

I've spent the past few years aimlessly travelling around and struggling to find a creative outlet so it's great to be introduced to a site with a real community feel where, at least it seems, that people can engage, share ideas and experience and help each other out simultaneously. Thank you!


Those reason are really well explained and that's why I upvote and follow you :D

This is a great write-up, @heiditravels. And I agree with all of it. Before Steemit, so many folks who were consistently posting content but had to jump through all these hurdles.

On this platform, there isn't really a lot of hurdles to jump through.

Thanks for posting this. Up'd, resteemed, and followed!


thanks for good post! I'm a beginner here but I'm super excited to write and share what I'm interested in with Steemit friends ! 😊

Really good reasons. And if You are a daily creator every single day is pay day ❤😂

Great post! It's a good breakdown of the reasons that make Steemit so interesting. I just joined a few days and still trying to figure out how it all works exactly. Posts like this help a lot :)

I am still new to Steemit, but I agree with you completely! Also, thanks for the links to extra tools. Followed!

Dammit. Nice! I've finally found you. I left before this follow/unfollow option was available. Now that I'm back I forgot your name and I've been searching for you for ages. I used to love watching your travel updates. They were so fantastically artistically represented! Hoping for some of those to come back :)

Not a stalker, promise! ;)

Awesome article @heiditravels. That's so cool that the community had a meet up in Amsterdam sounds like a lot of fun!

Thank you for such a great video and post. Very helpful and inspirational.

I wasn't a blogger before but since getting involve in crypto currencies and now steemit I feel like I want to get involved and share my Interests with others in the community. I've even written my first few blogs =)

I totally agree with the #4 It is a great place where bloggers can share their work and to be honest I didn't have any idea about Steemfest! That's cool!!

I'm a newbie and this was very helpfull. Thank you!

It makes me self conscious to vlog sometimes but i upload it anyways

Really like your crisp, engaging content. Yes, Steem needs ambassadors like you! Yay for being an early adopter.

Good tips Heidi thanks!

Thank you for such a wonderful post! I am still rather new but I love this platform and I have kinda become scarily addicted - lol! Steemfest sounds SO cool, definitely on my bucket list now - I mean who wouldn't want to go to Amsterdam. I am following you now - look forward to reading more from you :)

Can't wait for the remaining 8 reasons. Steemit presents much more opportunities.

Hey Heidi,

The idea of getting away from the SEO battle and into a ready made community is both appealing and scary at the same time.

Putting in the work to properly rank in SEO terms is tough, but you are there for the entire world to see online.

While you have a ready made community within Steemit, it is still just that. Within Steemit.

This is the only thing that worries me a little when it comes to the traditional blog vs a Steemit blog.


Remember, both Ethereum and EOS are attempting to create a world computer. Eventually, and it could happen rather quickly, something will succeed in this endeavor, and apps and sites like Steemit will run on a blockchain OS.


A world computer lol. You mean like the internet? ;)

Haha, naa but seriously I understand where you're coming from and the upside for what seems like a 'closed community' now, is massive.


The internet is a bunch of individual computers linked together, all running their own OSes.

EOS is supposed to be a blockchain OS that would create one big computer with numerous benefits over legacy systems.

Ethereum is frequently mentioned when using the term "world computer", but I think EOS should have a better implementation provided it's coded correctly. And based on Steem, I think Dan may pull it off.

Steemit is different from others, just post it we can reap the benefits of our post results, and we do not need to think about SEO issues and so forth. A very good post. always success

dont forget Upvote me n Follback me...peacefull

The reason for join in Steemit, freedom, good money and create a wonderful community, nice Post, blessing for you from Colombia.

And it's amazing how your concentrated audience repeatedly comes back to congregate, and are engaged on the same level as the blogger, being fellow bloggers themselves. @bluerthangreen just wrote an interesting piece on being a "Steemit Evangelist" I could see these two articles working together to really bring in a lot of new people. You can see it here if you're interested.

Great post. I wish I found this site earlier. I'm just one week old and getting addicted.

Thanks for the clear & concise list of reasons why steemit is awesome. After over a decade after graduating with a degree in creative writing, finding a community like steemit has inspired & spurred me on to get serious about living a writer's life again, looking for inspriation in every day life. (It also helps that my kids are a little older now). I'm so enjoying it!

i love all your posts
You are inspiring me alot to travel like you.
I will definetly going to travel the world with steempower one day .
That day is really comming soon.
love you.


Good! Hopefully your travels will begin sooner rather than later ;) Wishing you all the best @welcomesteemians!

This was very good, nice job!

This definitely needs to be resteemed. :)
Very informative post indeed. I myself haven't blogged before, but steem makes it very easy to jumpstart your blogchain.
(no pun intended. x'D)
Great community, awesome platform, what more can i say?
Im proud to be a Steemian! Cheers!!!! ( ^^)o自自o(^^ )

Amazin place to be. Have been on Steemit for few weeks and already love it. I also love the fact that there are no sneaky salesman and online marketers, as well as spammers here!

Great reasons!

Great post. You some it up well.

now its just 10 reasons, but as time goes by it would be a million reasons why steemit..Steemit is the best!!! Steemit forever...

Although I started blogging several years ago, I stopped for quite some time and recently got back into it... and I could not agree with you more! I was thrilled to find this platform! It just simply makes so much more sense.

When I look at how tirelessly people "self-promote" their blogs on social media for the sake of clicks that are hardly worth a few pennies... it is quite disconcerting to be honest.

It kind of makes you look at the whole scenario and ask youreself "how could I possibly make a living out of this" - but looking at #Steemit as a blogging platform, it seems totally achievable!! I just need to learn how to use it effectively, as I am relatively new... but so far so good.

Thanks for the article, it was very helpful! :)

Really grateful post. The best points in my opinion is that the community is very friendly and you don't need to have SEO to reach your blog. Keep up the good posts, liked this one!


Yes, the community is what got me hooked, so many happy enthusiastic people!

Good one, @heiditravels. Resteeming this to 8700+ followers.


I saw this post from your resteem haha

Great points, especially the one on Blockchain permanence. Never really thought of that. I've been blogging before Steemit so I can agree on the SEO game. Always waiting for some Google love. :(

great post, im new here so this was helpful, resteemed ❤

Great post, thanks for sharing ;D

Just started on steemit and already loving it here with a decent number of followers in a week... So Id say its a cool place to be at. . .
Thanks for the helpful post.... Following !

Thank you for a nice publication